At the covenant

[color=blue]Well he had to put his head to the ground to find the smell again and then recognice the smell again. I guessed that the dogs "smell memory" disappered with the change. Your essential nature isn't a dog after all.

All right. Being a little strange is not so bad for a magus after all... :slight_smile:

=> Ardath:
"[i]Indeed. There was some magic at work on the land, making the paths twist and change, and surrounding us with mist. We then heard animal shouts coming to us, and prepared for battle. However, these were not ordinary animal we saw, but rather strange mist-shapes of beast.
This man, horst, was wounded, seemingly by one of these. However, since these proved to be just illusions, I suspect some foul play at work.

Whatever truly happened, it seems we're not welcome here.[/i]"

[color=red]Forgot something, I'll be back shortly.
Goes out

Well, i suppose Yannick arrives shortly after Ardath has left the dinner table...

Yannick sits down to eat, and answers Frederics questions.
[color=red]No need to worry, Frederic, we will find the culprit within a few days.

When he recognizes the smell of the attacker on the young man, he knows he must act quickly.
He leaves the table as the young man leaves and catches up with him outside the room.

[color=red]Hello... young man, can I have a word with you...
He shakes his hand and touches him by the shoulder ([color=blue]casting Revealed Flaws Of Mortal Flesh in the process, casting total is 15+ for a lvl10 spell)

If the young man has some sort of sicknes or other ailment:
[color=red]Could it be you sometimes have a feeling that...
(then he explains a couple of symptoms, that the man would feel)

If not:
[color=red]You have probably seen me at the table. My name is Yannick.
I can feel that you bear some sort of sickness. Say, does that hurt ?[color=blue](spont PeCo, to hurt a little where I touch him with my finger. No fatigue spent. Casting-total: 10+die divided by 5, dont want to do real harm...)
[color=red]Hm. And this? And here? . [color=blue](casting again...)
[color=red]Oh. I thought so... Shaking his head.

[color=red]Oh, you know, I'm a magus after all, I have an eye for these things.
Now, this is not to be taken lightly. You should rest tomorrow, and have a warm beer with honey before you go to sleep tonight.
Say, whom have you been dealing with today? I might better see if they are sick, too...

[color=blue]With your magic you find out that the man has a tooth ache and spontaneously remind him of it, perhaps even explain that it could be a severe disease. After scaring the man he tells you that he has been spending sometime in the kitchen area, he has his sweetheart there. She is a beautiful blonde woman.

[color=red]Good. Now you should go to your quarters and rest.
Do you think she is still in the kitchen, whats her name?[color=green]
[color=red]Yes? I'll see if she is alright, and have her prepare the beer for you.
pats the man on the shoulder
[color=blue](shiver of the lycantrophe, just in case...)
[color=red]No, you don't need to worry, I got to know it soon enough. I can take care of that.

Yannick sends the man back to his quarters. As soon as he is out of sight, he gets back to Frederic, quickly informing him. Then he heads for the kitchen to have a word with the woman...

I guess that'd be my cue, as Ardath, too, head for the kitchen :imp:

The magi enter the covenants kitchen area, it is a square room with a large cooking fire in the centre of the room. Inside it are three women and two men. The two men are sitting at an table and eating and the women are working in the kitchen. In the opposite direction of the room stands the much sought after lady and working at an bench with her face toward the door. All of the covenfolk within the camber notices the magi when they enter the room.

[color=blue]No signs of lyctantropy where noticed with the man.

Ardath claps her hands, quietly casting an [color=blue]Aura of Ennobled Presence.

She then swiftly walks toward the girl, wanting to put her dagger on the girl's throath if she doesn't turn before ardath's on her.
If she does, ardath just uses the surprise effect, both psychological (who'd suspect a magus AND a woman to do such a thing?) and physical (this happens fast and without warning) to put her fist in the girl's face.

In both cases, her first words are, in an angry voice [color=red]Who are you?

(Side thoughts: This could have been handled way better, but... Well, being ambushed and having your servants wounded does this to people sometimes)

All of the covenfolk are turned towards the magi.

The young woman holds a hand over her pretty but punced face and with tears in her eyes she stutters out her name. [color=red]I am Hedwig a mere kitchen maid in your service madam.

The rest of the covenfolk a seemingly baffled by both the sight of a woman hitting an other woman in the face and by sight of one of their master giving a mere kitchen maid corporal punishment.

[color=blue]is this girl the girl that took Frederick underwear?

Besides Yannick and me, where are the other magi? Still at the dinner table?

Fredericks is probably at the dining table or on his way to the kitchen while the other is out on a quest for books. Yes she is the underwear thief but Frederick is the only one who can draw that conclusion unless he has a habit of telling his fellow magi about pretty woman who might have stolen his underwear. :wink:

Ardath to the covenfolk:
[color=red]You can leave us now. Warn the grogs, however: Until further notice, this woman isn't to leave the covenant. If she tries, they're to kill her without warning. And tell Hans to come here.

To Hedwig:
[color=red]Well, pleased to meet you, hedwig. We're gonna be the best of friends, I bet. Now, we'll just wait for frederick, and find us a nice and cozy place to talk.

[color=indigo]#$%*+&!So much for my sweet-talking and SUBTLE threats plans...
All right, Plan B: good Cop^H^H^H magus, bad magus.

[color=red]Oh, Ardath was that necessary?
Wiping the blood of Hedwigs face (checking the scent, and discreetly keeping some of the blood):
[color=red]You know, we've been attacked by some weird animal-shaped mist lately, and this got most of us a little edgy. I beg your pardon for this... incident... let me see this... [color=blue](revealed flaws of the mortal flesh. Is the nose broken? Anything else worth knowing?)
fetches a wet piece of cloth to cool the nose: [color=red]Here, this will help.
Now, obviously both of us followed some leads and, strangely enough, both of us ended up here. Would you care to find an explanation of how you became involved in these schemes?

Ardath, bad cop :laughing:
[color=red]Oh yes, entertain us, I'm curious :smiling_imp: And i must say I always loved fairy tales

[color=red]I didn’t mean to harm anyone, the girl starts to sob and have trouble looking the magi in the eyes. [color=red]I only did it because the evil man told me to, she blurt out. [color=red]He wanted me to run some errands or he would harm my brother, and none of the things he asked me of made sense. She sobs even more heavily and continues, [color=red]He wanted me to seduce one of you masters and he wanted me to steal all sort of strange items, or he would hurt me and my brother. Hedwig produces one small article of Yannicks favourite clothing and continues speaking.[color=red] He wanted me to deliver this to place outside the covenants grounds tonight. The girls face is showing a mix of fear, innocence and fist fighting injuries. :wink:

Ardath (Yes, the name and avatar works!!! :smiley:)
[color=red]Well, you should have taken this matter to us. We shall verify your sayings, and if you speak truth, everything's gonna be alright. As I told, we're gonna be the best of friends :wink:
Now, if you could just wait, my sodales and I need to discuss our options. Until then, you shall remain under the protection of Hans. Better to stay hidden until then: Showing yourself might give infos to this "evil man".

What can you tell us about him? What does he looks like? What are his powers? How did he planned to hurt you and your brother? How did he capture your brother? Did he gave you something?

[color=red]My brother lives in a village some distance from here and he has inherited my father’s farm. She says, her voice still filled with tears. [color=red]I don’t know who he is or what he looks like, his face has always been covered in shadow. Once he made my brother sick and he could do it again, he must be one of the werewolves. I bet he deals with the devil at nights and drink the blood of babies. She is interrupted by Hans entering the room. [color=blue]I assumed that Hans where sent for.

[color=red]I was told that you had sent for me, Hans speak with his deep tones voice the man is huge and his bulging muscle-bound body seems to dwarf anyone or anything in the room. He turns toward Ardath and asks, [color=red]Where should we keep her until you masters discuss her fate? As Hans speaks the words the young woman looks more frightened as if she would fear to be locked into a room with Hans or fearing that some sentence should be passed over her.