Atys ex Flambeau

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Atys ex Flambeau is a combat magus believing that the magi in the African Tribunal should take a more domineering position, as these covenants are the front line of defense for the Order of Hermes. The drying up of vis sources in European Tribunals (eg Normandy) spells ruin for the Order without expansion.

He believes that securing Africa should be relatively easy by securing the ability to produce water and otherwise controlling the environment around the covenant -- from there the populace will see the both the benevolence and the superiority of the Order. So, the Berbers and Arabs should simply become willing partners. If not, he is ready to aggressively subjugate them, through superior diplomatic, strategic, and tactical moves enhanced by magic.

He is a firm believer in trade between the African Tribunal and the others, as the African Tribunal can leverage 1) its relative vis-richness in trade for books and other necessities and 2) provide support to other Tribunals facing external threats, such as the Mongols.

He does believe in the code, including not to interfere with mundanes, but is willing to bend it more often than most European magi. The expansion of the Order is too important.

Compassionate +1 (Does see the Order as a benevolent force, though that has its limits)
Arrogant +2 (Not going to be understanding when the locals do not fall in line)
Calculating +2 (Expansion in Africa and beyond will happen. We just need patience.)

A few notes: There is no more Normandy Tribunal, there is a tribunal of France (which merged most of the Tribunal of Normandy with Provence) and a Lothringian tribunal.
At this point the Mongols have withdrawn from Rus and are fighting exclusively (from Europe's view) in the Levant where they face a European Arab alliance and things are not going well for the Mongols.
Overall the character still works, but I thought yo should have better awareness of world events in 1290.

Nice beginnings!

How do you see Atys joining Al Kufra?

Oh, so that happened.

Whoops, I was looking at a map from 1260, not 1290, I think. Where the Mongols had made inroads into modern Turkey and were on the doorstep of the Byzantine Empire/Theban Tribunal. I figured that would have concerned the Order of Hermes -- or at least Atys.

@silveroak Is there a place where saga events are summarized? (I am referring more to the creation of the Lothringian Tribunal). No worries if not. I was just going to use it as possible inspiration for why Atys would end up in Al Kufra. Though maybe the hook lies in the creation of the Lothringian Tribunal...

@Bartomeus I'll post when I have decided on a possible introduction (ETA later this weekend).

And the Rhine Tribunal borders are the same as in 1220?

I was looking at a map from 1260, not 1290

Wait a sec... weren't the Mongols still there in 1290? (I as looking at a map from 1260, but maps of 1290 look similar)

The mongols were defeated in 1260, at the same time their Khan died, resulting in them not immediately retaliating since they were embroiled in a civil war over succession. They continued to launch attacks on the Levant until 1299 but never retook the territory.
The Rhine Tribunal was reduced by the creation of the Lothringian tribunal, but regained that territory in what was taken from Novgorod. Also the Theban tribunal was divided between the Transylvanian and Roman Tribunals. Essentially all of these occurred as a cascade of deals centered around the division of the Theban tribunal and the creation of the African tribunal in 1228, though both the division of Thebes and dissolution of Provence followed secular events in terms of conquest.

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I am assuming that you made this all up for the saga and this is not documented anywhere. So the African Tribunal is over 60 years old. Got it.

I will get first draft of character up today or tomorrow.

Actually, I looked up the part about the Mongols, they are in fact going through a schism period etc.

Also I should mention that the order is getting quite worried about the inquisition, which led to a modification of the oath regarding mundane interference, which now requires either interference or non-interference in order to best preserve the order, covenant, and soldales. Details vary significantly by tribunal.

Good to know... Atys probably likes that modification.
Is Africa more or less liberal about its interpretation? I figured that it is more liberal, given Between Sand and Sea's description about lack of politics in the Maghreb. But that is 1220 and pre-African Tribunal.

Whoops, I meant, "all this minus the Mongols bit."

africa is hanging on by it's fingernails- not in terms of resources but in terms of the fact that there are currently only three covenants- one outside Morrocco, one outside Alexandria, and the "Haven" Covenant in the mountains of central Africa (Modern day Libya, The Haruj lava flows- but with less water)

I wrote a little flavor text to bring out a little bit more motivation behind my choices of flaws. Atys has visions and one vision of a Phoenix brought him to the desert. He believes that this is where he needs to be in order to best help the Order against its enemies (the darkness). Feel free to skip down to the table for flaws. Virtues coming soon...

"My calling came in a dream. I was walking, at first aimlessly, away from the magi squabbling in their towers while darkness encroached. A phoenix appeared and it lit the path forward. I walked over mountains, I walked through cities. It followed me the whole way.
I did not tire. Suddenly, I realized that I was burning. I turned to the phoenix and scremed at it, 'You are my protector. Why do you hurt me?' But it was gone. I was screaming at the sun and my eyes were watering. The heat was from the the desert. As I scanned my new environs, the phoenix was gone. But now the darkness was free to approach again."


Flaws Level Type Points Notes Plot point
Deficient Form (Animal) Minor Hermetic 1 I see animals in my visions. I should leave them alone.
Driven (Expanding the Order) Major Personality 3 The preservation and expansion of the Order transcends all else.
Overconfident Minor Personality 1 I am a magus backed by visions. I will succeed.
Susceptibility to the Divine Minor Hermetic 1 I recognize that I must always submit to God
Visions Minor Story 1 I base major decisions on interpreting my dreams.
Restiction (Cannot affect birds) Major Hermetic 3 Birds are guides. One led me to Al Kufra. They are messengers and I cannot affect them.
Total 10

These look good.

Atys has always prided himself on his ability to learn quickly, especially from books. He is careful in combat and attempts to be precise. The School of Apromor fit his style of calculated combat while allowing him to take advantage of his magical versatility from his Elementalist learnings.

Virtues Level Type Points Notes Plot point
Book Learner Minor General 1
Cautious Sorceror Minor Hermetic 1
Cautious with Finesse Minor General 1
Common Sense Minor General 1
Educated Minor General 1
Elemental Magic Major Hermetic 3
The Gift Minor Supernatural 0
Hermetic Magus Minor Social 0
Improved Characteristics Minor General 1
Puissant Perdo Minor Hermetic 0 Free for Apromor School
School of Apromor Minor Social 0 Free for Flambeau
Skilled Parens Minor Hermetc 1
Total 10