Baby, it's cold in here

Salve, sodales. I am hoping that I can get some counsel as to the best way for my maga to solve a particularly thorny issue.

My maga, a Bjornaer with a swan heartbeast (and the stereotypical Ignem deficiency) has fallen in love with a magus who has an Ignem form monstrosity: he is ice cold, and at times his environment becomes rather chilly. The feeling is mutual, and they are soon to be all but living together.

However, his being so constantly (literally) frigid is somewhat uncomfortable for her. She wants to make a ring that will keep her warm when she's with him, or at all times for that matter.

Her current character sheet can be found here, if anyone wants to read along. The traits that will be applied to all the enchantments are Int +4 and Magic Theory 5 (her specialty, Regiones, wouldn't apply), she will be working in an Aura of 5, and her laboratory has a General Quality of +1 and a Specialization of +1 in Creo.

Ideally, she would like to create the item in one season as a Lesser Enchantment, although her Magic Theory is sufficient that she could open a gold ring if she had to.

The obvious choice would be CrIg, base 2 ("Heat an object to be warm to the touch), R: Touch (+1), D: Sun (+2), T: Individual, for a final Effect Level of 5. It would be usable twice a day (+1), Environmental Trigger to go off at sunrise and sunset (+3), for a final Enchantment Level of 9. Her LT is Int 4 + MT 5 + Cr 6 + Ig 0 + Aura 5 + Lab 2 = 22, halved for the Deficiency is 11. Problem for her, although this would have the benefit of being basically always on, and offer her protection against practically any cold, whether from him or from nature.

The first thing that I thought of was MuCo, base 2 ("Change someone to give them a minor ability") to give them either immunity or mundane resistance to cold. R: Touch (+1), D: Sun (+2), T: Individual, for a final Effect Level of 5. It would be usable twice a day (+1), Environmental Trigger to go off at sunrise and sunset (+3), for a final Enchantment Level of 9. Her LT is Int 4 + MT 5 + Mu 6 + Co 5 + Aura 5 + Lab 1 = 26, easily doable. In fact, she could increase the duration to Moon (+3) and do away with the Environmental Trigger and make it usable once a day, which would raise the Effect Level and Enchantment Level to 10.

Then I thought of ReAu, base 4 ("Ward someone against a type of normal weather phenomenon"), R: Touch (+1), D: Sun (+2), T: Individual, for a final Effect Level of 15. It would be usable twice a day (+1), Environmental Trigger to go off at sunrise and sunset (+3), for a final Enchantment Level of 19. Her LT is Int 4 + MT 5 + Re 5 + Au 3 + Aura 5 + Lab 1 = 23, which would be right out.

So, what think you, my esteemed colleagues? Would the Muto Corpus effect be the way to go? (And, if so, would/should it have an outwardly visible effect on her?) Or is there another, better way to go about this that I've not seen yet?

Have you considered hiring a Verditius to create the device for her?
Either of the first 2 option would cost a very reasonable 3 pawns and could undoubtable be created specifically for her.

Option 2 could probably work (depending on just how cold his touch is) but would almost certainly cause a physical change.

Two quick considerations: beware of Warping from being constantly under a mystical effect, and keep in mind that others can make magical items for you.

This is the item I'd make! It solves the warping problem, and it can be made by Cygna as a lesser enchantment costing a single pawn of Vis (her lab total being Int 4 + Muto 6 + Aquam 0 + Magic Theory 5 + Aura 5 + Lab 1=21).

Cygna's ointment
MuAq 10 (Base 4: Change a liquid into a very unnatural liquid, +1 Conc, +5 levels maintains Concentration)

Cygna's is a mystical ointment that clings to the user's skin (regardless of baths) and keeps it smooth, rosy, fragrant and pleasantly warm (even when touching ice!) -- giving the user a bonus of +1 to +3 to appropriate "beauty" and/or "comfort" rolls. It's actually the ointment itself that has these magical properties, being supernaturally warm, fragrant etc. rather than directly affecting the user (so Range is Personal rather than Touch -- think of it as the sheerest of garments, remembering Marilyn Monroe's famous Chanel n.5 line).

The ointment is extremely delicate -- it must be kept sealed in its original vase, which can be opened at most once a day or the ointment will lose its properties forever (this is the 1/use day limit). Once extracted from its vase, it must be applied immediately; however, once applied, it retains its effect almost indefinitely as long as the user delicately massages her skin a few moments at dawn and dusk (this is the requirement for the Item maintains Concentration). Also, very much like a bottle of vinegar can be kept ever full by regularly topping it with wine, a vase of Cygna's ointment can be kept full indefinitely by regularly adding pure spring water and certain aromatic essences; this must be done sparingly, lest again the ointment lose its potency (mechanically, this "refilling" allows at most one Individual worth of "active" ointment at any one time, satisfying the Target limitation on the magic).

Thinking Bjornaer love, there may be a solution in a story, which initiates Cygna to Sensory Magic.

This initiation would allow a little spell very much in touch :wink: with Cygna.

CrIg 5 Feathers of the Lover
R: Per, D: Sun, T:Texture
Makes those the caster touches with her feathers warm to to the touch.
(Base 2, Sun +2, Texture +1)

The monstrous magus needs to lower his magic resistance for this, of course. But I guess he will.


On second thoughts: a plain, unromantic CrIg 5 R:Touch, D: Sun, T: Ind spell to make the Target (i. e. monstrous magus) warm to the touch (Base 2, Touch +1, Sun +2) can easily be commissioned as a lab text, from which even Cygna as is could learn it. [Indeed Cygna in a Lab with Aura 5 and Lab Boni for Quality +1 and for Creo +1 can invent the spell herself within a season. I couldn't see that while writing, but noticed it now.]
And if Cygna herself needs to feel warm, a robe enchanted with a CrIg 4 R: Per, D: Sun, T: Ind effect to make the robe, not its wearer, warm to the touch (Base 2, Sun +2) will do very well, and avoid warping her - as was discussed in a thread about Redcap coats some time ago. But casting the standard CrIg 5 above onto the robe regularly would do as well.

I'd take option 1. note that the spell is range personal so it wouldn't target your maga just the item that you've enchanted. Make a nice cloak that can always be warm and you're set. Furthermore I wouldn't do the environmental trigger, just turn it on when you want it. The lower level might not help but you'd have the advantage of it not being always on.

It looks like Cygna in her lab could - despite the Ignem Deficiency - make the CrIg 4 (R: Per, D: Sun, T:Ind) cloak / robe with 2 uses per day in a season as a minor enchanted device, too.


Don't forget the +3 (Serfs parma) to lab total for putting a constant effect in a ring.

Might nudge the results up a point even after the deficiency.

Now maybe a better idea might be to craft a ring that your maga IS good at making and gift it to the other magus, while he, with his better ignem score creates a ring for her to keep her warm.

Much easier all round and much more romantic.

Unfortunately, he has Vulnerable Magic (HoH: MC, pp. 87-88), so that his magic is automatically dispelled by Cygna's touch. Which is problematic for them, on so many levels.