Hiems and Cygna

I was going to say "that's what I get for not checking the guidelines pdf before posting," but that's not on there yet. MoH is a pretty new supplement.

Anyway, that does make it a lot more reasonable, and the not doing her parma until the ring takes effect works, I think. Or, if it's after sunrise or sunset, suppressing her Parma later, when it's safer, and doing the command sequence, should work also. Or give it D: Concentration (reducing the Spell Level by one magnitude) and having the item maintain concentration. Reduces the Spell Level by a magnitude, but adds 5 to the Enchantment Level, so that's kind of a wash.

So, Cygna's seasonal plans are (1) do the Friendly Voices tailored for Hiems, then (2) enchant the ring to keep her warm when she's with the one she loves.

To be fair, that's a guideline from the MRB. Level 2:Heat an object to be warm to the touch.
Magi of Hermes, only "creates" a guideline for ReTe item movement, clarifying or expanding on the ReCo guidelines.

Ah, okay. That makes sense. And I've made spells that had a person as an object in such cases before. I'm blaming it on working 0400-1330 on the grill.

So, I was thinking about Hiems's Form Monstrosity this morning, about how his skin is ice-cold and how his environment becomes icy (have we been playing it that way all along, or just kind of ignoring that part?), and of course my mind went straight into the gutter: [color=black]does Cygna's tongue get stuck to his pole when she licks it?

Realized this morning that Cygna won't be able to pull this off for quite a while, yet: she has Deficient Ignem. Her current CrIg lab total is 20, halved to 10. The enchantment level is 9, so she'll be gaining a point a season toward enchanting it. If she can get her LT up to 36, she can do it in one season.

uff. Maybe she can make a deal with Viscaria or Ra'am or somebody to do it for her. Maybe if she does the anime eyes, that'll work?

Or go with my original MuCo or ReAu avenues.

This was part of my write up for the whole thing. At minimum, his body is cold to the touch and all. And the more his PeIg grows, the more "wide" the effect become. So, at first, it may take a while for him to stay long enough in a room for it to be colder than the outside (air cooling), while, as an old magus, a few hours might be enough to encase an entire tower in winter.

And LOL!!! Answer: [color=black]No, since it ain't metal

So, with his current (near as I can tell) Perdo 11 and Ignem 9, when they spend the night together, by morning she would be chilly, but like "need to close the window" cold and not "Holy moley, I can't feel my fingers!" cold? So, it looks like she still has plenty of time to work on her remedy, get her Ignem up...which should also provide a Form bonus against his coldness, right?

Yes it should. As per the night, you see, when it's winter, you get into bed and it's dreadfully cold, only to warm up due to your body heat? It must be something like this. Not actually dangerous, but quite uncomfortable.

((Going back a bit.))
Heims and Cygna go back to Dragon's Rest and procure passage to Barcelona. From there, they head overland to Laguna, trying to meet up with Norbert.
After a week of trying to locate Laguna... Heims and Cygna are helplessly lost, as if the directions Viscaria provided don't lead to where she thinks they lead. They aren't so lost that they can't get back to a main road, and head back to Barcelona or return home to Phoenix and dispatch a letter to Viscaria for more additional assistance.

Alternatively, Cygna could fly back to Lapis Crudus in about a week, in her swan form, but that would require a separation. However, it will be a week there, a week + time back to Phoenix, unless Heims stays put (probably would prefer to go back to Phoenix. And then turning around and heading back to Laguna. Probably between three and four weeks of total time spent, in my estimation.

On the one hand, Cygna reasons, being lost gives her more time to get to know Hiems better. On the other hand, they only have so long before Norbert could (conceivably) be killed in a Wizards' War. Once it sinks in that the directions and map she got from Viscaria make no sense, Cygna will be practically in tears.

[color=red]"I've let her down!" she sobs. [color=red]"And now her prick of a pater is going to be killed, because we can't find him in time!"

She thinks it might be best to head to the covenant in Barcelona and see if they can't get directions to Laguna Senentia, and just pray that they get there in time.

It's probably a 20 day round trip to Barcelona and back.
I'm probably going to have to do a time chart and start plotting these three threads to see when they intersect...that's going to be a lot of fun. :smiley:

((Like this?))

Knight-sense tingling!

Hiems is pained to see his love cry and feel like this. His chevalrous instincts taking over, he quickly puts his arm over her, and pulls her close. After she has cried a little
No. Don't say this. We did our best, and no one would ever reproach you to fail, given improper directions.
Anyway, we can't go on like this. We're going nowhere, and wasting time. So you are right, we should head back to barcelona. Hopefully, we can do this quickly enough. Don't despair, Katerina, we haven't failed yet! And he'll kiss her, a light, tender kiss. And kiss her again, a little longer. And again. And... No, this is not the time for this! :laughing:

JL, you forgot Hiems has his Legion Flight ring! The two of them can fly back to barcelona! :smiley:

A man and a swan flying across Spain. Nah. Nothing to see there. That seems to be a bad idea to me...

Swan seems (relatively) normal, especially when seen from the ground. Hiems, on the other hand, will probably need a PeIm spont cast on him. Cygna has no chance (barring a couple of 1s and something) to get one off on him. Hiems has a chance ((Sta 2 + Pe 11 + Im 5 = 16 + die roll, halved is probably 10, vs. a target of Base PeIm 4 ("Destroy an object's ability to affect sight"), R: Personal, D: Sun (+2), T: Individual, for a final level of 10)). As long as Cygna doesn't touch him, he might be fine.

He already has such a spell. "Sidestep the sight", a personnal range Veil of Invisibility.

Someone should of thought of flying sooner. :stuck_out_tongue: They were too busy being in love. :laughing:

The base on that ring is not descriptive of "quickly" but I'm going to gauge that it is probably 15 miles per hour (~24 kph), which in the mythic paradigm is quite quick, but not as fast as Cygna can fly. This makes some sense (to me) in that it leaves the Auram spells superior for flight speed. And it's still a heck of a lot faster than walking.

[strike]As far as how the ring really works, it's not without problems. First use gets the person airborn at a certain speed, but once desired altitude is achieved, then a course correction to level out flight and direction is needed, so take off takes two uses. Further, touchdown requires at least one use, to slow down and aim for the ground, so three uses need to be reserved for take off and landing, IMO. Of course, one could choose to not make the suggested course corrections at take off and landing, but that's a personal choice.[/strike]

The trip to Barcelona takes two days of flight (about 6 hours each day, Cygna could probably fly it all in one, but require a day of rest afterwards, so time stays the same). In the evening of the first night she ends the trip at a body of water and feeds for about an hour or two, leaving Heims to make camp. Sound reasonable? Second night finds them arriving to Barcelona Mercere House in the afternoon...

Cygna smiles wickedly as Hiems reluctantly breaks the kiss, then looks up and down the road to make sure they're alone. She then grabs him by the hand, whispers [color=red]"Come with me," and pulls him behind a nearby tree. She kisses him deeply as she pushes him against the tree, breaks the kiss with a bawdy grin, then drops to her knees, pulling his robes over her head, and gives him a quick yadda yadda yadda.

Someone figured that Cygna, flying solo, can hit about 35mph/55 kph for short bursts of speed, but it's normally about 20/30 for sustained flight (accounting for both exertion and crosswinds).

As long as carrying Cygna's clothes, or putting them in his pack, doesn't trigger his Vulnerable Magic, he should be fine. Once they decide on this course of action, Cygna will slowly and deliberately disrobe, fold her clothes carefully, hand them to him to do whatever, and kiss him quickly before taking her Heartbeast form. Preferably near a creek, pond, or something so she can take off. ((Swans apparently need a permanent body of water to take off and land. Landing, I'm not sure if, since she had a human mind, she can try to land on dry land with a stress Dex roll or something, or if she would have to become human while landing, which may require a Heartbeast roll to do it right without doing herself an injury)).

Cygna will try to fly close enough to Hiems to be able to talk to him while they travel, but being very careful not to touch him (since, I'm assuming, she's figured out that her touch causes any of his magic to be dispelled)...which, since he's got the Sidestep the Sight up, could be a problem. She's almost afraid to ask, but she does have that Friendly Voices spell she could cast on him, with Sun duration. Down side is that it's level 30, which would give him a Warping point. She would like to cast it, so they can remain in contact for the duration of the day, but she would understand if he doesn't.

Vulnerable Magic needs to transform... And the power of Heims and Cygna's love does make it transform.

Cygna and Heims touching is no longer uncommon. Make it happen, or I'll make it happen. You've been warned, people. :stuck_out_tongue:

I usually take "quickly" as being as fast as a fast horse, whatever that is.

I very much disagree about the Auram flight spell being necessarily better at it, I see it as a clever workaround, but, well, this is purely a PoW, and neither your nor mine is backed up in any way by the rules (they only state the speed of the auram spell). So whatever.

For the ring, it works with concentration duration, which usually means that you can vary and control its effects on the fly. It is applied through the rules whenever you need variable control of something instead of maintaining the same effect over and over again, such as with The Unseen Porter
Otherwise, it means that, if using Rise of the Feathery Body on a grog so that he can go up and, say, look out for the countryside, you can't bring him down, unless you rise to his height and cast a second, "descend" spell while still concentrating on your own.
Likewise, you have to apply that very same ruling to Wings of the Soaring Wind. It means that a magus using the spell, and not an item, must cast it once to go up, cast a second instance of the spell while still concentrating on the first to fly horizontally, and then manage a final casting to land.

I am under the impression that you don't understand what happened here.

The "uncommon circumstances" isn't "being touched by cygna" or whatever. It is "being burned". The love bit was suggested as an addon, nothing more, nothing less.
Let me quote myself

You know that warping sucks? If they travel for 6 days, that's 6 warping points!!!

If she can spont a lvl 10 spell, she can cast a Sun duration spell at touch range to form words into his mind (base 3), unless JL rules that it means something like it's the same sentence being repeated over and over again, or it just stays stuck in his mind for a day*
And he can cast a MuCo spell base 2 (minor ability) for sun duration, so that he can speak loud enough for her to hear despite the wind/speed

  • Actually, no, I just see that The Far Speaking Voice allows 2 minutes of speech, and this is a touch range, sun duration version of that spell.