Hiems and Cygna

DEO would work the same way that PeCo spells would work, as in it wouldn't be a lasting damage. It could weaken the demon for a round, but it would never be able to be killed by one of Heim's DEO's, or even a combination of his DEO's and another magus's if his casting would bring the total high enough to kill the demon. Does that make sense?

Yes...in fact, that's kind of how I figured it would work. Be a nice tag team maneuver. Have the guy with Harmless Magic and a heinous DEO come in and reduce the demon's Might Score and Might Pool to 0 each, but not destroying him outright due to the Harmless aspect. Then the apprentice with a Level 5 DEO comes along and basically taps him on the forehead, making him keel over for all eternity.

It would be fun, but for another build, more terram-based. There, it would just suck big time.

That's not what JL is saying

Anyway, I'm fine with the flaw being as originally envisionned (it is IMO both uncommon and appropriate), it's just the "love" part that sucks now (and has cost Hiems a lot, as I envisionned him as having put quite a lot of Circle spells in his tower, so it may well have crumbled if it was sustained by his magic)
Given that it can perfectly be put as largely psychological anyway... I can see him getting rid of it in... About 6-7 years, I guess :laughing:

Yes and no. The Demon can be damaged and eventually defeated by the apprentice. Any DEO damage he does isn't healed, but Heim's DEO damage would be healed every round. So until the apprentice has done ALL the damage that can be done to the demon, it's not dying. Heims more powerful DEO that is healed every round can make the apprentice's DEO effective, if slow.

Ooooo...yeah, that hadn't occurred to me. So, I guess he'll be staying at Cygna's place in the regio-side manor quite a bit, rather than Cygna crashing at his tower. Once she figures out what happens, she'll be afraid to go near it. It will hurt, but she won't risk his life and safety.

He is still a Form Monstrosity. Any place he spends too much time in is going to get turned into ice.

Oh yeah 8)
So that means he'll need a place to crash, spend time... AND they'll need places to be together when they want to.
This'll make things difficult, and he'll be a little further appart from his children, and see himself as a freak.
Awesome: Even in couple and all, he still manages to stay reclusive and all :laughing: I've outdone myself there :laughing:

I suddenly see Cygna needing a [strike]wedding[/strike] ring that protects her against extreme cold. Oddly enough, there's nothing in the ReIg or CrIg guidelines that even comes close. There is, under ReAu, a "Ward someone against a type of normal weather phenomenon" and a "Ward someone against a type of severe weather phenomenon" (base 4 and 5, respectively). R: Touch (+1), D: Sun (+2), T: Individual brings the Effect Level up to 15 or 20. Effect Frequency: 2x/ day (+1), Environmental Trigger (+3) brings the Enchantment Level up to 18 or 23. If it's triggered by sunset and sunrise, does it take effect in that window when a person is doing their Parma, or will she need to add Penetration?

As it stands now, her ReAu lab total is Int 4 + Magic Theory 5 + Re 5 + Au 3 + Aura 5 = 22...best case scenario, it would take her five seasons to make it...six if you include the season to open the item for enchantment (or find someone to do it for her). :cry:

From Magi of Hermes, Maris of Tytalus's Foul Weather's Bane
Comfort of the Weary Traveller
CrIgBase 2 , +2 Sun +1 Touch, +1 2/day +3 Environmental trigger: sunrise/sunset

Warms the wearer, shielding him from winter's harshest weather.
You can instill it with penetration, or allow it to activate and then raise Parma...

I was going to say "that's what I get for not checking the guidelines pdf before posting," but that's not on there yet. MoH is a pretty new supplement.

Anyway, that does make it a lot more reasonable, and the not doing her parma until the ring takes effect works, I think. Or, if it's after sunrise or sunset, suppressing her Parma later, when it's safer, and doing the command sequence, should work also. Or give it D: Concentration (reducing the Spell Level by one magnitude) and having the item maintain concentration. Reduces the Spell Level by a magnitude, but adds 5 to the Enchantment Level, so that's kind of a wash.

So, Cygna's seasonal plans are (1) do the Friendly Voices tailored for Hiems, then (2) enchant the ring to keep her warm when she's with the one she loves.

To be fair, that's a guideline from the MRB. Level 2:Heat an object to be warm to the touch.
Magi of Hermes, only "creates" a guideline for ReTe item movement, clarifying or expanding on the ReCo guidelines.

Ah, okay. That makes sense. And I've made spells that had a person as an object in such cases before. I'm blaming it on working 0400-1330 on the grill.

So, I was thinking about Hiems's Form Monstrosity this morning, about how his skin is ice-cold and how his environment becomes icy (have we been playing it that way all along, or just kind of ignoring that part?), and of course my mind went straight into the gutter: [color=black]does Cygna's tongue get stuck to his pole when she licks it?

Realized this morning that Cygna won't be able to pull this off for quite a while, yet: she has Deficient Ignem. Her current CrIg lab total is 20, halved to 10. The enchantment level is 9, so she'll be gaining a point a season toward enchanting it. If she can get her LT up to 36, she can do it in one season.

uff. Maybe she can make a deal with Viscaria or Ra'am or somebody to do it for her. Maybe if she does the anime eyes, that'll work?

Or go with my original MuCo or ReAu avenues.

This was part of my write up for the whole thing. At minimum, his body is cold to the touch and all. And the more his PeIg grows, the more "wide" the effect become. So, at first, it may take a while for him to stay long enough in a room for it to be colder than the outside (air cooling), while, as an old magus, a few hours might be enough to encase an entire tower in winter.

And LOL!!! Answer: [color=black]No, since it ain't metal

So, with his current (near as I can tell) Perdo 11 and Ignem 9, when they spend the night together, by morning she would be chilly, but like "need to close the window" cold and not "Holy moley, I can't feel my fingers!" cold? So, it looks like she still has plenty of time to work on her remedy, get her Ignem up...which should also provide a Form bonus against his coldness, right?

Yes it should. As per the night, you see, when it's winter, you get into bed and it's dreadfully cold, only to warm up due to your body heat? It must be something like this. Not actually dangerous, but quite uncomfortable.

((Going back a bit.))
Heims and Cygna go back to Dragon's Rest and procure passage to Barcelona. From there, they head overland to Laguna, trying to meet up with Norbert.
After a week of trying to locate Laguna... Heims and Cygna are helplessly lost, as if the directions Viscaria provided don't lead to where she thinks they lead. They aren't so lost that they can't get back to a main road, and head back to Barcelona or return home to Phoenix and dispatch a letter to Viscaria for more additional assistance.

Alternatively, Cygna could fly back to Lapis Crudus in about a week, in her swan form, but that would require a separation. However, it will be a week there, a week + time back to Phoenix, unless Heims stays put (probably would prefer to go back to Phoenix. And then turning around and heading back to Laguna. Probably between three and four weeks of total time spent, in my estimation.

On the one hand, Cygna reasons, being lost gives her more time to get to know Hiems better. On the other hand, they only have so long before Norbert could (conceivably) be killed in a Wizards' War. Once it sinks in that the directions and map she got from Viscaria make no sense, Cygna will be practically in tears.

[color=red]"I've let her down!" she sobs. [color=red]"And now her prick of a pater is going to be killed, because we can't find him in time!"

She thinks it might be best to head to the covenant in Barcelona and see if they can't get directions to Laguna Senentia, and just pray that they get there in time.

It's probably a 20 day round trip to Barcelona and back.
I'm probably going to have to do a time chart and start plotting these three threads to see when they intersect...that's going to be a lot of fun. :smiley:

((Like this?))