bath weddings

in an uncle john's bathroom reader I saw that they had bathtub wedding in meadeival time(they used little boats to get the food for the wedding feast to & from the patrons of said feast.(interesting no?)
how would you fine people use this as the basis of a adventure?

...that's the strangest question I've ever heard for Ars Magica.
And believe me, I've asked some strange ones.

Maybe a little more detail on this 'Bathtub Wedding' of yours. Or what the crap an 'Uncle John's Bathroom Reader' is.

Perhaps take a little more time and double check spelling, grammar, punctuation, and capitalization for easy reading.

And I'm sure we'll be able to help!

Well - it is certainly not the first idea to have been spawned from good ol' uncle John's bathroom reader.... :confused:

Whether its canon or not I'm not sure, but I think it is plainly what it says: the litterature that Abe's uncle John keeps in the bathroom... :smiling_imp:

Resistance IS futile! :laughing: :laughing:

uncle john's bathroom reader curse

Could be the name of a Rego Mentem spell that force the target to go into a public place and do someting :blush:

Really Abe, i would answer gladly your question if it was more precise. Let's say that our last game was base on the wedding of a companion in the troupe. But i really don't get the uncle john thing


Uncle John's Bathroom Reader :unamused:

My sentiments exactly

The Wife of Bath's Prologue and Tale
Not in period of course , but the themes might be useful.

Interesting tease, but it's not self-explanatory, Abe, not enough to really go on.

If you're not sure you can explain it, then maybe the title of the book? An area, or specific period?

I'm not sure "bathtubs" were period (at least ones that a person could float in!), so I'm wondering if somehow you misread it, or it's slang for some other activity? Maybe (as a blind guess) a "washtub" wedding? (Neither phrase appears relevantly in a Google search.)

Perhaps a [color=blue]bathtub wedding is related to an activity like Cottaging.
(This is a Wiki article , but some readers may find the subject matter offensive)

Ravenscroft, I don't know why I ever bother to take you off of Ignore.

"Cottaging" has far more to do with your avatar than with bathtubs, washtubs, weddings, and/or medieval times.

My avatar is Austin St. John , the original [color=red]Red Power Ranger.
Having something non-medieval was an indication of my hedge-wizard status , as a private in-joke to myself.
That you choose to read something more into it is more indicative of your perceptions than it is my motives.
If this avatar is somehow offensive to anyone , please show me where it violates the use terms.

I posted a warning , and i only put references like this in an Abe thread.
They are meant to make about as much sense as anything he posts.

If someone with no knowledge of gaming can post inanities for whatever reason ,
i will feel free to do so in those same threads.

I much prefer lynchings to weddings...

Lynching unlettered peasants that haven't read the good book, ver5 is always my favorite...

Or ver 4, for that matter.... even if it is free and readily available.



uncle jhons bathroom reader series is a subtitle to a group of books meant to be read in the bathroom,but can be read anywere you want.(I often get them from my local liabaries.)

Good, informative. Any more details on this wedding thing?

Try doing a Google search on the exact phrase "bathtub wedding" and see what sort of results you get.

Here's the UJBR website:

Still trying to find some reference to whatever A's talking about.

Abe- any idea which Reader it was? "Plunge into History", perhaps? (Right hand column, about half way down)

thew one with the title extrordinary facts & bizzare infromation

Well, I think you'll have to find the book again and quote a little more to us before we can respond. No luck finding any reference to that stuff on the web, not with what little we have to go on so far.

Grab the book (borrow it if not in your possession), and quote the significant parts so we can get a better idea of exactly what this is all about.

Or maybe just elaborate your thoughts on the story hook you found when reading the bathub wedding thing. It would really help if you want our opinion on the quality/potential/story idea of the wedding.

adventure seed-deamons invade & make all the liquids at the weading unholy & give all the cleric leaparcy(i.e. make there hands fall off.)

I've seen that one repeatedly...

The poor guy thinks he's getting a good woman, and after the marriage he discovers that he has married a demoness, and that the Inlaws are Satan's torturers...

You have to do better than that...