Board Upgrade

Hi all,

The board will be down on Monday, July 18, so I can update the software. The time window is from 10 am (CST) to 1 pm. Hopefully, everything will go smoothly. Thanks.

-Wendy the Webmaster

Good Idea.

remind me I have to do it too on my board ^^.

Well. That didn't go as well as I had planned. The board is updated but we need to work on the Mods. So, I am scheduling another board down period for Wednesday, July 20 from 10 am to 1pm CST. Sorry guys.

-Wendy the webmaster

For some reason I'm not seeing any icons for reply, quote/reply, report, edit. If I click at the right spot is behaves correctly but I don't see anything.

This seems to be a general (or atleast more widespread) problem - Tugdal is not alone.

The buttons are still there (for me, anyway) in Internet Explorer (version 9.0.8112.16421), but not for Mozilla Firefox (5.0, yahoo 1.8), which are the only two that I have on my system. But, like Tugdual said, they're still there, merely invisible, and if I move my cursor where the buttons would be I get the little hand and I can click and it would do what it's supposed to do.

agreed - I'm running Firefox 5.0, and following Peregrine's hint, I slowly tracked my mouse across the top of the post, and Lo! I get a cursor shape change, and after a pause a tooltip - a sure sign of a clickable item, even a button.
Clicking in the blank space where I get the tooltip "Reply with quote", gets me here, editing, with quote...

Sigh... the wonders of modern web standards...

Idem here :frowning:

Exar, whose forum has no mod, happily.

Sigh... ok, so I hate mods at this point. I found the code that was messing with the icons in Firefox and that should be fixed. But I still need to try to get the RSS working. Hopefully, this won't break anything new.

Ok, Well due to other backup issues taking priority I am going to have to delay this til Friday. If anyone has any suggestions on a GOOD RSS Mod, please post em here. I so far have tried 3 different ones and all they do it break the forums. Sigh.

In the meantime, even in Firefox, if you hover the mouse pointer over the spot where a button is supposed to appear, the regular popup (e.g., "Reply with quote") will come up, and you can click there.


OMG!!! I think it is done. So all the mods are updated and the style is fixed with the new additions from the update. Sooo.. if anyone see anything weird let me know.


If you are feeding off of the "rss.php" file, please note that that mod is no longer supported in this version of the code, so the file has been replaced with a general all forums feed.

If you want specific forums you need to refer to the new "feed.php" which uses the built in features from the new board update.

Sorry, guys, I don't write this software, I only try to maintain it. Good Luck.

-Wendy Wyman

I'm not sure this has to do with the upgrade but it seems when I press the "View first unread post" icon in a forum it doesn't seem to register and doesn't go to the first unread post. It seems it goes to the first unread as of before the update.

And the search function seems to be broken in Firefox. I search for "Grue" and "Cygna" in Firefox, it tells me no matches found...In IE it finds them fine.

Ok, Well... I finally got the icons working for the new ATOM feed so you can start using that feature. There is one at the top and one on each forum, that is all the functionality that the board supports at the moment.

I will look into the search thing... not sure about why browsers should make a difference on a sql call but who knows.

As far as the first read, give the database a day or two to check up after the upgrade as there was several database changes.



Yay! Icons!

Search works for me, using Firefox 5

Works for me now, too...but then, I've turned off my computer since I posted that issue shrug

Nice to see everything back to normal... and better. :wink:

I have FF, and the board Search box works fine. 100%, afaict. (including "Grue" and "Cygna", altho' the only page where both are found is this one.)

Could this global annoucement be erased or unstickied? It is lightly boring to have it while it doesn't give any additional news :slight_smile:.