Book on the Realm of the Fae

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I am sorry if this has been brought up before, but I have been away from the Ars Magica Forum for a while now!!:frowning:

Well anyway I was wondering when the book on the Realm of the Fae might be released??

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City and Guilds will be the last Ars book for 2006, next month. The current release schedule for 2007 is: Ancient Magic, Houses of Hermes: Societas, Realms of Power: Magic. and Normandy Tribunal. Of these, Ancient Magic is the only firm one. I'd guess we're looking at 2008 at the earliest.

It's gonna be long enough that if the subject interests you, check out the 4th Edition Faerie Stories

And/or Faeries, 1st Ed:

And or A Midsummer's Night Dream adventure:

I also think that 2008 is the best bet. Until now Atlas has published a Realm of Power book every year, so it seems somewhat safe to expect them to continue that course and since RoP: Magic seems scheduled for next year 2008 seems highly reasonable.

I have the different earlier faerie-books as well and I can only recommend you to follow angafea's links. I think those books could give you plenty of inspiration for stories - there's also heaps of non-Ars books that might do the same - but concerning rules and more generel ideas I think we'll all have to wait for the arrival of RoP: Faerie since many of the 5th ed. books have presented new takes compared to earlier editions.

I'm looking forward to the new book whenever it comes out.

The new books possess an order, clarity, and much more consistent world (both in terms of rules and setting) than the previous books.

Faire Stores was a taste of 5th edition and I like it a lot.

Fairies is good, but will likely become obsolete when the new book arrives.

Midsummer Nights Dream is probably the best of the Four Seasons books. 'Best' being a relative term in this case. Sorry, I love Ars but the Four Seasons are. Eh.

For what it's worth, I think most of the fairy material in Ars has been plauged by Tolkienesque anachronisms, but what hasn't. I think 'historic' fairies are rather original compared to what we've been exposed to via AD&D and it's clones. I'm really hoping that Ars continues to set itself apart from the competition by avoiding standard roleplaying fae and doing something that is true to Ars and 'history'.

The next few supplements are mentioned in this thread: [url]]

It looks as if Realms of Power: Magic will be the next Realms book (though as David points out, it hasn't been officially announced). So I would not expect a Faeries book until 2008, unless something changes....

I would point out there is some good material on the Faerie Realm in Houses of Hermes: Mystery Cults (House Merinita).

Amen Tuura. Amen!!

Once more - kudos to Atlas and kudos to all great authors!

Thanks for all that info guys... I already have all of the other Ars Books that mention the Fae.

But I did forget about the Faire Stores book, so I better go & get that one!

I am mainly after all I can get on the Fae, as our group is heavily set in Arcadia... it kind of happens when you end up marring a Fae Princess!!:stuck_out_tongue:

But thanks again, so I'll just have to wait till 2008, but if anyone comes across any good books regarding the Fae, even if it is for another system, I would love to hear from you, as you can get good ideas from everywhere!

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