booklet for Characters


Because of the dispersal of my players' character sheets
i have developed a booklet, available here :
The pages are ordered so that you only need to print it in duplex,
staple in the middle, and fold the pages.

Reviews and comments are welcome.


PS : the Wizard's Grimoire will follow soon...Just need to translate it...

Wow, excellent work Honorius!!

I would very much love to discuss with you the methods you used to achieve the illuminated borders (and perhaps where you got those borders and fonts too).

I am working on other player aids at the moment and have had a similar idea for illuminated borders and pages but with only Word and MSPaint its a slow process.

Perhaps we could discuss process and such via PM?



Thanks BoXer

for the borders, they come from here : and from Atlas and are really old borders from medieval books.
And the fonts come from

I used OpenOffice Draw and The Gimp to create the booklet. OODraw is really a perfect tool to make such thing, because you design each page as you wish. The Gimp was just used to create the border.

Ah thanks for the tips. I have never used Open Office, will it work with Win2K Pro?

As for the fonts, yes I have downloaded many medieval cap and script fonts from dafont, which particular ones did you use for the cover page?

As for suggestions, I do not that you have a number of lined pages without any heading which I presume to be for notes. Perhaps you might use 1 or 2 of these pages for Lab details (improvement, virtues, flaws)?

Perhaps when I get a chance I'll do the labour of turning your pdf into a fillable form for easier online record keeping.

yes, OOO will work on win2K. There are somme differences with Office of course, but in a few hours, it's ok...

On the first page, fonts are JSLBlackletter and Rose Caps

I introduced the lab details in the Wizard's Grimoire (coming soon :wink:). So, for a companion, you have just to use this booklet, and for the Wizard, you use the booklet + the Wizard's Grimoire booklet

I didn't thought of using it as a fillable form...Good idea...

Ah excellent idea to put the lab details with the Grimoire instead.

Yes I love the simplicity of being able to fill out my records on my machine, then all that needs doing is to print out the updated sheets from one session to the next. The only tedious thing is putting text boxes on every line and space (or check boxes where appropriate) and then possibly formatting said boxes as calculated fields for the weapons tables or sections that pertain to changeable scores (like casting formulas, Lab total etc.)

Some would do it using Adobe Designer but I have found that route to be far more complicated and prone to bugs than just doing it one text field at a time.

Thanks again!

Lovely work. Thanks for posting! Please post the Grimoire version when you get the chance.

The full site is beautiful.... any plans to post it in English?

Thanks firth5. And thanks for the site...I don't know if i will find one day the time and the courage to translate everything in english. I think i will take some part of this site to put them in a new site, a collaborative one (still in french for the moment, sorry...). For the moment, i'll try to work on background problems : creatures, NPC, places of magic, etc.

So i just finished to translate the Grimoire. it's here :

You could also find a grog sheet, here : Yes i know, the cover was not really a necessity :wink:

have fun...

Again wonderful job Honorius!

The only suggestions I have would be these:

  1. I would rename the section entitled "Twilight" to "Warping" and edit the column entitled "Effects" to read "Twilight Effects".

  2. Cut out some of the extra Magical Devices notes pages and just use the Enchanted Device sheets I already created and had put up here for free distribution :wink: ...

  1. Maybe edit in some pages into your Character Booklet to cover Decrepitude Points (Entitled: Aging) much as you have done for Warping in the Grimoire.

Otherwise, thumbs up and another hearty thanks for all your wonderful work! :slight_smile:

you did the item sheets ? I saw them...Great job too...I just have problems after expanding the zip : i just have red or blue or yellow or green pages...not black ones...You decided me to publish this booklet...:wink:

I take all your suggestions...

Hmm thats very strange. Ah but then you are on a mac right? I dont know anything about Macs or Mac conversion requirements, I did them on PC so maybe thats the problem. There are quite alot of coloured segments to the sheets (header, borders, font colour, watermark) so maybe its confusing your Mac, I dont know.

Oh I know i encouraged you to publish the Grimoire and its fantastic, just suggested you might not need the Items description pages to cut the overall file size down a bit. Its not really important, extra notes space is always welcome in my view.

Agreed with boxer, publish it!!! :smiley:

Very nice.

Also, the space for items is good from my point of view. I have already created a half dozen lesser enchantments (about 10 years game time) and the space to detail the lab texts is good.

Thank you


@Boxer :
I have difficulties to create the item pages like you did.
In fact, i don't have a lot of space. In a page, i can put the description of the item, and the description of a single effet, only with the AM5 core book rules. In the booklet, this page could be on the left. On the right page, i can add other effects and Verditius rules, or leave it blank : people should use it for other effects and other rules, or use them for other lab texts. But for 10 enchanted items, I need 10 pages, and eventually 10 blank pages. It's not a lot of items, but it's a lot of pages. And if the user needs to add pages, it's difficult once the booklet is stapled.
So, for the moment, i think i will leave the Grimoire booklet like this, with modifications to Twilight page and Crepuscule Page...If i find a good solution, or if someone finds one, no problem.
I encourage people to use your sheet for their items. They could fold the pages and introduce them in the booklet. I can translate it in French if you want...
@WorstLudditEver :Thanks
@The Fixer : well, we can consider the booklet published :wink: I don't really have possibilities to publish it by other means that Internet and everybodies' printer...I will edit my post tonight (3.30pm here) for the last modifications (Twilight and Crepuscule)

I think you misunderstood my post, Honorius. I wasnt suggesting you duplicate my effort, exactly the opposite. I was suggesting that since I had already provided detailed items sheets, you might not have to include ANY space for such details in your booklet, thus allowing you to reduce the number of pages or devote those pages to additional spell creation notes.

Hope that clarifies what I meant.

Still an awesome job whatever you decide. :smiley:

I absolutely did not understand what you wrote ! :smiley: I have to improve my english !
So, i decide to be lazy...

And about translating your sheet in French ?

Sure if you want to translate it feel free. Do you need me to do the actual editing of the translated text, since you cant seem to format the pages on your machine?

If so, just send me the translations for each of the words and Ill just re-edit my Word originals.

it looks the best solution...I will have problems to edit it on my mac and if i succeed (not impossible, ok ? :wink:), you will loose your layout...

Yup, the layout is pretty fragile as it is. I have basically pushed my spaces to their limit so if that came undone, the sheets would look terrible.

ok, the update of the booklets is done...