Breaking Might

Okay so what happens when you kill somethings might with perdo vim? Do you banish it back to it's realm (arcada, hell, heaven, magical) Or does it simply die? Does whether or not its a animal of virtue as to death or banishment? Also when a creature, fea, animal, demon, angel ect. uses up all it's might what hapens? Opinions?

When a creature with might uses its Might were talking of its Might Pool - that will be recharged within 24 hours.

If the creature losses all of its Might Score (which is independent of the might used) - who know? whatever you prefer, I guess....

By ArM5 p.160 - corrected in ArM5 2nd printing - a demon is destroyed if it loses all its Might Score. As there is nothing else written for faeries, angels or magical creatures, that would carry over unless the SG deems a specific being worthy of a special, overriding rule in that regard.

It can't use any more powers until it replenishes its Might Pool.

Note that a being does not spend Might Score to use its powers, but the points of its Might Pool.

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Look in the mystery cults book in the verditius chapter, binding creatures. There it states that creatures that are robbed of their might simply turn into non magical creatures. That means that the body is left if you are thinking of vis harvesting.



that's - since HoH:MC - true if a Verditius uses ReVi to drain the magical creature's power slowly and methodically in the lab down to 0 and transform it to Vis.

But werebore asked for the consequences of a PeVi effect like DEO:

And there still the DEO-description - in its recently errataed form - applies.

In-game explanations of the difference between the Mystery and the spell are not hard to find, but are SG domain.

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