building the covenant

they only have to be balanced to the size of the lab... though extra space means you can add more virtues.
Also you can refine the labs later to free up more space for adding virtues...

My point was more the safety, you lose safety for each point of size above refinement you have.

I'm not requiring that you take size 3, just pointing out the option, along with the fact that whatever size you choose you will be limited in your balance of virtues and flaws based on that size, having to pay build points for the virtues while getting none for the flaws.

With the two free virtues rounding it out to just -1 safety and then a fairly obvious minor virtue of spacious, it's fine for me.

I'll have to think about the lab options. Please give me a day or two to work on Taurus' lab.

In the meantime, I think it might be interesting to leave the brick in place and have the offensive walls and a gate with a mind of its own. :smiley:

I was thinking about updating the vis sources wiki page with the sources suggested earlier ([url]]), unless someone has additional comments?

Also, what happens to all the vis we are harvesting starting in 1100? We are getting 64 pawns per year. Is any getting distributed to the magi?

Yeah feel free.

Vis Sources have been updated on the wiki. Could someone look at these please to make sure I haven't left off something important? In a couple of cases, we had more sources suggested, so I pretty much flipped a coin. (Like with the Rock Shepherd, I took out the additional Aquam vis.)

There are still 3 points in boons to decide... as the game is starting this should probably be decided...

Are our salt and cotton sources typical? I'd suggest 2x wealth and 1xhealth.

Yes, and since there are only 5 mages each produces 85 lbs of silver income rather than 100...
of course expenses are a bit over 86 lbs/yr at this point, so the two sources do cover your expenses and then some.

Also you do already have one healthy feature...

It's nice to have surplus wealth, and the book says you can take the healthy boon twice.

However I also just noticed the "informants" boon which would be really useful.

I should probably add the tractatus and lab texts Evandrus wrote to the covenant's library, huh? Is it better to add a new category or to include Art tractatus with Art summae?

Unless you are spending build points to do so, you should wait until you spend seasons to translate them to add them.

I had had him spend the season to translate them, which is why I was asking. And tractatus don't need to be translated.

Anything you have translated/written prior to 1100 can be part of your personal collection for free, or part of the library by spending build points. If you wish to donate these things in 1101 that is perfectly fine.

OK. I'll leave that up to Quite Possibly a Cat, then.

Quite Possibly a Cat, Evandrus has written three Q12 tractatus in Creo and three Q12 tractatus in Corpus. He has also translated the following spells into lab texts other can use: Ending the Plague Upon the City (CrCo 80, ritual), Ending the Plague Upon the Town (CrCo 70, ritual), Circle of Unwounded Warriors (CrCo 40, ritual), Swindling the Reaper (CrCo 40, ritual), My Transformed Image (MuIm 5), and My Ennobled Presence (MuIm 4).

What living conditions are we paying for for the magi? I figure we have enough extra money we can be at +2.

You are paying spring covenant living conditions, plus a +1 healthy feature. However trying to raise the modifier to summer levels would require increasing the costs for the entire covenant, not just the magi.

I was assuming anything he had written would be available to the covenant. Hell, he'd probably want copies of his writings sent of to other people to spread the word of how great he is.

Also, IIRC we're using the loyalty of the coven as a modifier to rolls to determine wealth fluctuations? If so we should consider paying double wages, and providing top tier equipment to improve loyalty and in turn, income, at least when considering what to do with our extra cash.

Also, I vote for another healthy feature boon. We can always use better living conditions.