building the covenant

It's nice to have surplus wealth, and the book says you can take the healthy boon twice.

However I also just noticed the "informants" boon which would be really useful.

I should probably add the tractatus and lab texts Evandrus wrote to the covenant's library, huh? Is it better to add a new category or to include Art tractatus with Art summae?

Unless you are spending build points to do so, you should wait until you spend seasons to translate them to add them.

I had had him spend the season to translate them, which is why I was asking. And tractatus don't need to be translated.

Anything you have translated/written prior to 1100 can be part of your personal collection for free, or part of the library by spending build points. If you wish to donate these things in 1101 that is perfectly fine.

OK. I'll leave that up to Quite Possibly a Cat, then.

Quite Possibly a Cat, Evandrus has written three Q12 tractatus in Creo and three Q12 tractatus in Corpus. He has also translated the following spells into lab texts other can use: Ending the Plague Upon the City (CrCo 80, ritual), Ending the Plague Upon the Town (CrCo 70, ritual), Circle of Unwounded Warriors (CrCo 40, ritual), Swindling the Reaper (CrCo 40, ritual), My Transformed Image (MuIm 5), and My Ennobled Presence (MuIm 4).

What living conditions are we paying for for the magi? I figure we have enough extra money we can be at +2.

You are paying spring covenant living conditions, plus a +1 healthy feature. However trying to raise the modifier to summer levels would require increasing the costs for the entire covenant, not just the magi.

I was assuming anything he had written would be available to the covenant. Hell, he'd probably want copies of his writings sent of to other people to spread the word of how great he is.

Also, IIRC we're using the loyalty of the coven as a modifier to rolls to determine wealth fluctuations? If so we should consider paying double wages, and providing top tier equipment to improve loyalty and in turn, income, at least when considering what to do with our extra cash.

Also, I vote for another healthy feature boon. We can always use better living conditions.

a 50% increase in wages will raise the covenfolk loyalty from +3 to +4. A 150% rise in wages will increase covenfolk loyalty to 5. Wages are currently at 37 3/5 lbs of silver a year. These calculations assume a second health feature, I have also put the wealth boon in twice which put the overall base income at 425 lbs of silver a year with 106 1/4 lbs going to taxes, the covenant shows a profit of 275 5/8 lbs of silver in the first year...

Those were exactly my thoughts after designing him. That's why I had him spend those 7 seasons writing. I figured he would have submitted the 14th and 16th magnitude rituals to be possibly be included in that collection thing the Bonisagi do. Probably for Durenmar, too.

silveroak has said you can feel free to make them available to the covenant now. So it amounts to the same thing.

And there can certainly be copies in Deurenmar and have been submitted to the Colentes Folio after having written the texts. However, how he reacted/feels about the fact that his submission was rejected so that a bonisagus with a lesser text could gather house acclaim by being published is something you will need to decide. (also note that which text would have been omitted to include yours isn't truly known)

Hi all, looking at this, I don't think any of it has been added to the Library. Unless there was a later decision reversing this, we should add it. Don't know if Quite Possibly a Cat wants to do the honors, but I can do this tomorrow if no one minds.

No one spoke, so I'm doing it!

Hi silveroak, don't know if this goes here, but...

Gloriana performs 3 Rituals in 1125, that consume 1 pawn of Creo each. Just in case you are still rolling for Aura variations! Don't know if her Fatigue expenditure from Imbued with the Form of Corpus counts as pawns for such purposes, if so, 2 30th level rituals in 1124 and 1 20th level, 3 35th level rituals in 1125.
Plus of course, the yearly Aegis.

is anyone else using 3 or more vis at once? (including exchanges such as Form of Corpus)

Only for enchanting. I don't think that helps at all for this.

enchanting, binding familiars and longevity rituals do not count.