Buying Ars Magica books from France


I'm searching how to buy some Ars Magica books from France.

Unable to find them at my local rpg shops (in Rennes), I ordered some at Infinity Games and Games Lore in England. However these stores appear not to have RoP:The Infernal and HoH:Mystery Cults.

Do you know of any french web store selling Ars Magica books ? Or any european webstore delivering them in France with low shipping fees ?


Your local store wouldn't let you order the books through them? Mine does, gladly. I'm not familiar with French RPG retail sites, but I've once ordered Ars Magica books from Leisure Games (on advice from someone on the forums). They unfortunately list HoH:MC as out of stock.

Good luck

IF you don't mind the books as PDF, sells a lot of the books. They are in english, not french.

If you don't mind paying shipping, a lot of american stores will sell you the books as well (my local game store has taken a couple of orders from Europe and shipped them there as long as shipping was paid.).

Thanks! I'll check them. :slight_smile:

I do not mind paying shipping if the price is reasonable, when shipping from the US it is usually more expensive than the books. :confused:

That's why I am more interested in european stores.

There are quite a few UK based stores out there that will ship the books to you. Take advantage of the weak british pound :slight_smile:


On that note ... top news on now is "pre-order RoP:Faerie". Tempting... though I usually go for Local Friendly Gaming Store or leisuregames here in Norway.

Could you please give me some names?

Leisure Games

When I was living in the UK, I ordered quite a lot from them.

Come to think of it, given how strong the yen is against the pound at the moment, maybe I should again...

I live in Denmark, and have often bought books from UK stores, because the prices over there simply is lower than in Denmark. Especially at times when £ is low compared to DKR.

I've bought from Infinity Games ( and The Orc's Nest ( - good service, fair prices, ok shipping rates and fast deliveries.
Local stores here in Denmark aren't that well stocked, you'd be lucky to find any Ars stuff these days.

I buy my Ars Magica books from

There's some delay before they cross the pond, but not too much. Very reliable store.

Thanks, I did not know of this site. :slight_smile:

However it seems quite more expensive than english ones (even if shipping fees are much lower).

FdP gratuits en commandant 50 € ou plus.