Cahpter 7 ooc

So now you can finish chapter 6 if you want to and we can move into chapter 7.

We are 1 season from tribunal.
When the others arrive, they can have some unskilled workers, some craftsmen and a few hired swords with them, plus a few wagonloads of building and lab materials. If no one details them, I'll details them and deduct the cost from your leftover money.

This chapter can either serve to inform you on the progress made by Arturous and Hildegard (which won't take long) - and then we jump to the tribunal (chapter 8), or we can play it out.

I am hoping Carolinus can arrive with a wagon or two of basic lab supplies, provisions, and some covenfolk: a few hired swords, a skilled hunter, a carpenter and his family. If possible, the lab supplies should be at least enough for five Basic Labs (15 MP), and hopefully enough to equip them as Standard Labs (an additional 10 MP). He would also have looked for other covenfolk, but I am willing to let someone else fill in some details...

Sure, you get the stuff. If I deduct the money, plus the spending in Speyer, plus one pound for living/bribing etc, you still have 7 pounds!

Ah, I see I may be a bit behind the rest of the party, chronologically.

Does this include the 2 Basic/1 Standard we bring from Trier?

How do we want to handle Lynchessa's activities in Trier?

Well, there are the obvious ones: Turb Captain, Steward, Chamberlain.

Animal Handlers? Herbalists (the mundane kind)? We still don't have a readily apparent source of income, and folks who can tell what might be valuable would be useful. Along those lines, a dowser who could find construction-worthy stone would be great.


1.) It's five labs plus the one from Trier.
2.) If you want to play shopping in Trier - do so. We can always assume that the stuff you acquire arrives at the wagons. You can play in both scenes at the same time (flashback).
Or you can just assume you got the stuff (no discounts).

You can buy a house in Trier as well, but buying it and staffing it will probably use up all the remaining cash (Trier was rasther expensive on the medieval property market, I'd think).

Is anyone else concerned that this is the beginning of winter, and there is no shelter here?

There will be shelter shortly.

I'm going to call a big OOPPSSS on myself. Honorus should not / is not at the site. I jumped in too early. He is traveling to Irencilla and then to Fengheld. Please ignore the fun that Honorus just caused and think of it as a coming adventure.

Okay, two points:

  1. That is a pretty major ret'con we'll need to do.

Is Honorus deliberately ignoring or avoiding the preceding conversations and waiting until an opportune moment to intentionally provoke hostilities with a group that we're under peace accords with? If Lynchessa has any inkling that he's likely to swing that way beforehand, then she'll certainly have words with him about it.

Honorus is not there. Unless I'm missing something,Honorus is traveling to Fengheld and Ireallia before going to the Tribunal

I'll try a bit of editing and deleting magic.

Thank you. Again,my mistake

I will be delayed in posting anything significant for a couple more days... Late Saturday at the earliest...

The exchange between Albirich and Lynchessa in Chapter 6 has me thinking about a possible companion. My first concept is a young woman, the daughter of a wealthy merchant, who has had to work for his competitors after her family died in a (mysterious?) fire. She has recently stirred up trouble, agitating her fellow employees to demand better conditions and pay, and is about to be either married off or dismissed from her position. She could be the person to run the mundane affairs for the covenant, or someone to accompany the magi into the surrounding cities.

Let me know what you think, and I'll try to post something in the Character Development thread.

It would be the first companion in this game, but why not?

First, I want to apologize if I've come across as rude or aggressive in the last few weeks. I've been under some strain and it appears that I was not containing it as well as I would prefer. If I've offended anyone in my tone, please accept my apologies.

On to other matters, it seems like Lynchessa's Faerie Upbringing might have some value in discussions with The Druid and his Faerie Court. All I have written down is "raised by dwarves native to the Rhine Tribunal." Does JM or anyone have any detail they want to add/suggest? I do not own RoP:Faeries.

For example, is it possible that the local Fae know the dwarves/Faerie Court that I was raised by? Will knowing that I was raised by Urist McSilversmith affect their opinions?

Oh, and should I roll to see what Lynchessa already knows about the local Faerie Courts?

The forest fairies have little to do with dwarves. Roll fairie lore if you want to learn anything.

Int 3 + Faerie Lore 2 (hazards) + die 7 = 12

...for what Lynchessa already knows about the faeries of this region.

got a slow week ahead (exams). After that, I'll be faster again.