Cast and Directory commentary

Out of character chat goes here. You know the drill.

Just to let everyone know, there was someone who expressed an interest via pm who hasn't got back to me yet. If I haven't heard by Friday at the latest, I'll start without them. Moreover, I'll be able to allow Shadowmourne back in if this person doesn't get in touch.

May I ask if we could be given some XP to spend? I would dearly love to be able to buy a couple more Fu Shticks, as my Fu of 7 is not going to see much action with a solitary shtick! :slight_smile:

Hmmmm. I'm feeling I should be strict with starting abilities, so as not to overshadow other characters and to make sure there's a bonus for repeat customers.

I'd be prepared for you to have another schtick, provided you dropped an existing skill. A big price, but one you may be tempted to take.

Is it OK to buy a new skill for 1 XP, then drop it to get the shtick? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

No thanks to the deal, I don't want to spend non com stuff just to get better in combat. I'll do another design, thanks to your permission to swap deceit and intrusion.

Okay, now Shadowmourne is having problems posting to the forum.

We apologise for the interruption in service, in the mean time here is some music.

I do keep trying to post I promise...

Aha! The problem seems to be my computer as having switch pcs I seem to be ok...

Huzzah! Now to finally get this thing off the ground. I'm off the start the first in-character thread. Have fun everyone!

Hey! Cool! :slight_smile: I plan to wait until someone else does the first post, so I can copy the format. I don't know the name of Nam's character, and I don't see descriptions of anyone else - and I'd like a mental image please! :slight_smile:

As you can probably guess, Inspector Huang is not in a good mood. Everyone else seems to have something to do (Ming with whatever she's working on in the garage, Walker with whatever scientific stuff he's got going on the computer), but Huang, being very much an "action" kind of guy, absolutely hates sitting on his ass behind a desk when he could be out there kicking some monster ass.

Hi everyone,
This is my first time playing a PBP game.
My character is not in the office of Section 44, you will be introduced to him in the near future.

Look forward to seeing what's going to happen.

He's called Dr Anthony Walker. I've posted the name, but normally in the subject line which means it is in light text and small font (and thus, hard to read).

For your ref. he's based on the 'nerdy scientist' that my New Dawn Champions character disguised himself as when you were GMing a year or so back.

My first time too - have fun - see you in the game.

I didn't feel comfortable writing in the third person, I'm way too used to roleplaying first person. Is it OK?

Sure. The only real convention we always stuck to last time was to put actions in italics.

Oops. I mixed up the character names, Soo-lin was meant to reassure Officer Walker, after he called her 'Miss'. :slight_smile:

Fixed. :wink:

Two questions:
1.) How often should we post? Should we try to only write when everyone else has had a go in the mean-time? Or do you want as many posts as we feel like posting?

2.) Is it done to write reactions from NPCs, for example, making up the Sarge's response to Debbie's outburst? Or do we leave that to you?

  1. If someone's posted, I try to reply once a day. That's the kind of pace I want to try to set up, otherwise we might go on for over a year.

  2. For minor stuff I have no problems with it. If it runs desperately counter to what I intended to do, I can always edit out the offending part. I guess the acid test would be whether you are interested in the response- if not then write your own reactions.