Cavileri Macus di Jovis

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Jupiter is a fae lord, and one who both knows his role and that his importance in the world is starting to fade.

One of his key stories is that he shapeshifts into an animal to hide from the jealous gaze of hera and seduces a beautiful woman. It is the story many know about him even more than they know of his war against his father, his conquest over Typhon or other glorious tales.

Marcus's mother was a very beautiful woman, who lived near a faerie aura. She was seduced in a tale as old as civilization on the Italian Penninsula, and sure enough, nine months later she bore a baby boy who she successfully convinced her husband was his.

Marcus grew up with his family having a relatively normal childhood, but on the eve of his first receiving of communion, his true father came and claimed him, taking him to faerie.

Marcus then lived with the faerie host which impersonated the Roman gods for many years. Jove got to have a son, Juno got to torment him for being born out of wedlock, Mercury got to teach him trickery and Minerva got to be a patron of his assumed heroism. Lots of fae got their deal out of it. In exchange, they taught him to fight, and in one adventure he received a spell from Pan that showed him how to find the shapes of wild creatures. Born as he was to a fae who shifted shape he took to the powers naturally.

Unusually, Marcus survived the tests and tribulations of Juno (as most children did not), and so on his fifteenth year he was able to leave faerie and return to his parents.

He came back changes, with marks of his parentage now literally in his blood where honey-coloured ichor ran rather than red blood of humans. He also had left faerie with arms, armour, and a golden trophy which he used to smooth his passage into the knighthood and the service of a local lord.

What he found, however, was that the fae had not let him go. FIst, he was cursed by Juno to have terrible luck, which plagued him wherever he went. Secondly, his father wanted him to become a champion and a hero and was not content with his place as a mere local knight. As such, strange occurrences kept happening to him and around him where fae in the form of monsters would appear to terrorise the manor he had been granted and he was forced to drive them off. Basically, the fae kept making him the center of stories.

After a decade of this, the locals appealed to the church, saying there was a curse on the land. When someone investigated, they found about about Marcus's missing childhood and eventually that he was a son of Juno. Since Juno was a false god, in their eyes, a demon that was sent to trick mankind that meant he was the son of a demon. Understandably he was driven off, especially after evidence of his shapeshifting came to light.

Soon after while he was working as a freelance, a Bjorner heard of a shapeshifting knight and arrived with a join or die offer only to realise that said knight was a faerie aspected ungifted person with one trick only. Realising they might be useful he gave Marcus an introduction to a covenant, where he lived until they got tired of the fae shenanigans surrounding him and palmed him off on the newly forming covenant.

Also, when doing the stats, I am pretty sure he should have faerie warping for growing up in a faerie realm, and I can increase faerie warping due to strong faerie blood, but what should his warping be, and do I follow the faerie warping rules in realms of power: Faerie?

Major Faerie Blood: god (zeus) 3
Social status: Knight 1
Shapeshifter 3
Unaging 1
Faerie background 0
Lesser immunity: Lightning 1
Fae heritage 3
Lesser charm:shapeshifting 1
Optimistic 3
Generous 1
Unlucky 1

Due to having virtues aligned with the faerie realm he wouldnt get warping just by living in the aura. Of course you may want to increase the warping score anyways. Also you might wanna change Zeus to Jupiter or Janus for a more local feel.

Thanks! I will change it. Got it right all through the background and messed up on the sheet. Typical!

ABILITIES Specialty Score Xp
Language: Italian Speeches 5
Faerie Lore: Court of the old gods 4 50
Italian Lore Fae places 2 15
Athletics Stunts 2 15
Brawl Claws 3 30
Charm Courtly 2 15
Folk Ken Nobles 2 15
Survival Mountain 1 5
Second sight Faeries 3 25
Leadership Inspiration 4 50
Carouse Drinking Songs 2 15
Ettiquette Nobles 2 15
Hunt Deer 2 15
Ride Battle 3 30
Teaching Soldiers 3 30
Bow Shortbow 2 15
Single Weapon Lance 5 75
Organisation lore: Italian nobility high nobles 2 15
Shapeshifting Eagles 4 45
Animal handling Eagles 1 15
Faerie sympathy: Leadership 2 0
Faerie sympathy: Eagles 1 0
Faerie sympathy: Marriage -2 0

Total xp: 490
45 youth xp
450 for being 35

Intelligence 0
Perception 1
Communication 1
Presence 1
Strength 1
Stamina 1
Dexterity 1
Quickness 1
Size 0
Confidence 1
Brave 3
Generous 2
Optimistic 3
Gallant 2

A few things to point out here- 1) faerie blood raises the maximum level of sympathies you can get for a give warping score, it does not increase warping
2) a knight who has recently been accepted by a local lord won't have their own estate.
3) That is an exceptionally thorough investigation (also he was not a son of Juno, just Jupiter), I would expect him to have rumors and be run off when monsters started appearing and there was talk of the missing three years, without bothering with the details.
Also having faerie god's blood gives you a sympathy at 1, which can be raised with experience, not a sympathy at 2. Faerie background does set the level to your warping score.

  1. I know. I set it to 2 willingly. That means the free virtue got me a sympathy at +2 and -2. The god blooded got me the sympathy at 1.

  2. that's a fair point. Maybe it makes more sense that he was a bachelor knight to the lord in his household and weird things happened so he was driven off on rumours and the word of the priest of his old parish.