Chapter 1: Reunited

Back at Triamore, the two groups exchange what they have learned and make further plans. Remi joins you in the Great Hall (if you let him).

"It looks like we may have to deal with some faeries then. It might also be they who are responsible for Felix's death. I have a vial of his blood here. Anyone of us can use it but if you lose it you owe me at least 25 pawns of vis or I swear I'll make a Tytalus of each of you." Menatia grins as the two groups have gathered in the Great Hall with Remi.

"Any suggestions of how we proceed with this? I say we start preparing and go to Westerwald as one group. We'll leave our iron at home and hope that the faeries are at their best mood. Better confront them when they are at their strongest, that's also when they feel safest and their weaknesses may be exploited. If we need to confront them, that is."

Animus asks Remi if the covenant has some bronze tools (eating knives and an axe if nothing else) and weapons (for Andreas) that they could lend us for that forey into the Westerwald, so that we can avoid offending the faeries.

Remi promises to make sure you are equipped with bronze items (fashioned for just that purpose but hidden away in some dusty chest).
Just then, a man strolls into the room. For a moment a cloud seems to pass over Remi's cheerful face. "Let me introduce to you our sodalis, Tabanus, filius Jart", he announces, your Guernicus liaison from Magvillus. "Filius Fart", a black cat hisses and disappears from the room.
Tabanus looks at you suspiciously, but extends his arms in a gesture of brotherly greeting. "I am here to help you, within the boundaries of law, of course".
White smile his teeth.

ooc: bronze weapons are -1 to attack and defend. Bronze armor -1 to soak.

"Sure, let's try to play according to their rules on their forest.. But I rarely like them. As additional preparation, let's make sure we bring everything we need to eat and drink while in faery forest, We should also probably refrain from using campfire, magical heat and light should be preferred..."

Hildegarde immediately stops her explanation as an unexpected guest arrives and makes he best to refrain from laughing at the cat's intervention.

"Nice to meet you Tabanus, I hope you'll be of assistance."

HIldegarde doesn't really know what she's suppose to share with Tabanus, She's usually cooperative with quaesitors but Remi's reaction makes her defiant.

Menatia doesn't hide her amusement when the black cat hisses after the Quaesitor enters the room. But she composes herself quickly and curtsies elegantly in front of Tabanus "It's a pleasure to have you assist us in this outrageous plot. With your help I'm certain that we will find both the imposter and the murderer very soon."

Animus frowns at the lack of respect shown to a Quaesitor. "Sodalis," he greets Tabanus, "thank you for joining us in our search for the redcap Felix. It now seems", he adds with a bit of anger, "that he met his [strike]hand[/strike] end. We seek those guilty of his death, as well as the reason behind the mascarade that brought all of us here."

Hildegarde now remembers Tabanus reputation and tries to maneuver to avoid his presence during the expedition, Dealing with hostile faeries can be tricky and she doesn't want to be accused of molesting the fae It things turn sour. She adds "we also plan to give him a proper burial in a covenant and to return his belonging to Harco in accordance to their will. We were discussing the recovery of the body in what seems to be a Forest inhabited by winter faeries. This can be a dangerous matter despite our pacific intentions. It might be better If we bring the body here for burial so you can examine It in the safety of the covenant to investigate the cause of his death. The body Is already decomposed anyway according to Renaldo so a week or two should not make any difference on the clues available... Does this seems satisfactory to you Tabanus ?"

Tabanus tries to keep his dignity when the cat mocks him, but throws a nasty look at Menatia for her reaction. He says: "I have already been informed on some of what is going on. I would of course prefer to stay at home, but...," he raises his long thin index finger and pauses dramatically, "...but I am a Quaesitor and I must selflessly ascertain that the Code has not been breached and that it won't be broken. Lex super volunatate - as we say at Magvillus.
My guidance with this fairy business may well be a major factor in bringing light into this affair. Besides, I believe my intellego magics may be of use in locating the body."

Behind Tabanus' back, Remi rolls his eyes. He grins at you as he says: "I am sure we at Triamore will sleep more soundly when we know that Tabanus accompanies you on your journey. By the way, he adds. I have found another map of the Westerwald. It is being copied on a cow hide right now - should be finished tomorrow."

Outside of sharing what she and Animus discovered, Adele is fairly quiet in the discussion about the faeries and what to do with them. Her one comment is, "I know very little about faeries. It sounds interesting and I will help out how I can."

Hildegarde asks Tabanus " Are you familiar with the faeries we're dealing with or with Westerwald forest itself ? Sometimes there are paths known only to redcaps and Quaesitor, is it the case ?"

Tabanus favors Hildegarde with his smile. "I am no redcap, but I am confident my intellego magics will help me find the way. As in all things, my dealings with fairies will be based on our Code."

"So what's our plan ?" asks HIldegarde " Are we leaving tomorrow when the map is ready, with extra food supply and avoiding metal equipment that could anger the faeries uselessly ? Do you suggest any additional preparation Tabanus ? maybe something in the case the fairies want to bargain to let us take the body with us ? I doubt the well known bread and beer would do us any good but we can bring some just in case... "

(Bump. I think that is indeed the plan. Until we know more about the situation on the ground, there is little else we can prepare. So my guess is that we indeed travel to the vicinity of the Westerwald. Hopefully the more detailed map will allow Tabanus to tell us where to look for Felix' body.)

(Don't forget that we have his blood as an arcane connection to his body.)

The plan is as good as any with what we hope to accomplish at any rate, and it is so good of us to have ourselves our very own Quaesitor, it should be a ravaging adventure with winter fae, this will be one of the few times i am glad i did not study a more boreal magic set. He rubbed his face a little looking looking for the door.

(I know. But the accuracy of the map is the issue here. That map, along with Tracing the Trail of Death’s Stench (the variant of The Inexorable Search that works on dead bodies), could brings us closer to the body if Tabanus knows that spell. Even if he knows that spell, it will only bring us in the general vicinity of the body, based on how detailed the map is. After that, he would need to spont another spell that will let him point to a more specific direction. Such a spell would be [Base 3, +4 Arc] at a minimum, so level 15 at least. Not an easy spont and the arcane connection doesn't help to cast the spell; it only makes it possible to use such a spell to locate the body. If he cannot spont that, then we'll have to conduct a more mundane search for it.)

Animus nods but says nothing more. He is ready to depart whenever the others are.

Hildegarde stands ready, she offers Eduardo a sad look, remembering Tabanus reputation she has the feeling he's gonna ruin the fun of the adventure...

Tabanus assures you that he can find the body, provided he has the right map and a strong enough aura.

The next morning, you are given the map. The library team has really outdone itself, because the copy is much larger than the original (if a little less correct). In fact, it is almost 2 paces by 1 pace - quite huge. By the light of the day, you can also see that Tabanus has brought two bags full of casting tools.

(Casting tools? Isn't that the Verditius term? Or do you mean props for ceremonial casting?)

(I am right in assuming he will cast his spell before we even leave? That way, Animus can make his way there ahead of the group and start scouting the area before the others arrive. With the help of Adele, perhaps. If the main group also carry an arcane connection, she will be able to bring them news of what Animus finds. As well as go back to the covenant if needed.)