Chapter 1: The guesthouse

Outside the covenants gates lies a stone building where the newly arrived magi are allowed to stay the night. It is a house with a common room heated by a fire and where a servant tends the need of the magi. The common room is connected to some really small sleeping rooms. The time is the first of January in 1220. The weather outside is windy and cold.

Iolar enjoyed soaring on the wind, the january winds made for an interesting flight. It would have been cold but a simple spell casting made for a comforting warmth surrounding her, she could have gone for flames but that tended to upset the mundanes too much . Fun though sometimes.

Even from this altitude things had changed , even less woods and more fields than before. The effect wasn't so bad here, she hadn't known the land as well before so the changes weren't so obvious. It was nearly time to land and what may be a new home, certainly there wasn't anywhere else which would have her she wanted to go to. The wind said that sleet was coming and while her magic would protect her flying in sleet was just no fun at all. There was the River Yser so Novus Mane must be up nearer the coast a few miles up river no problem at all for an eagle although the marshy ground looked unpromising for her new sodali who where travelling on foot should they stray from the road.
Turning on a thermal she began the long descent towards a new home

Walking on foot (Oh, the joys of the gift!), his beloved clara riding on a mule, wirth arrives in the late afternoon, having spend a lot of time on a ceremonial spell to ensure his wife won't suffer from the cold ([color=blue]CrIg base 2 - warm an object, +1 touch, +2 sun. Level 5, but I suck at CrIg).
The pair make a sharp contrast, wirth being somewhat brooding and wary of things, clara more at peace with her surroundings, more ready to smile, also.

Stopping too far from the covenant for any to listen, wirth looks at it with a disapointed look, mumbling something. Clara laughs, and replies with a smile. Wirth looks at her, a small smile dawning on his lips, and resumes his course.

Soon they approaches the Gates, and Wirth calls out the guards, announcing himself and his wife.

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After a few minutes a guard wonders over to the wall over the gates and calls out
[color=red]Guesthouse is over there, Thats where you are supposed to wait
, he points and then the guard then turns his back and hurries back to his warm fire .
An elderly servant opens the door to the guesthouse and waves the mage and his wife in
[color=red]Come in young sir and lady , you'll catch your death of cold out there, can I get you something warm after the road

"[color=red]La rebinada, de la sandia, mi da la Gloria, me da la Vida!" sings the voice of Carlos Guiterez. Marcello gives a small chuckle. Roberto of Flambeau, along with his companion Marcello and his two lackeys (Carlos and Pedro the grogs), have been riding all day ([color=blue]Roberto has Ride 2 (in battle), after the -3 penalty for the gift results in a -1. He can ride the horse, but swift travel is not yet an option)

We are in amazingly good spirits considering the distance and the weather. Spontaneous Ignem effects do what they can to keep us warm, and most of the way Marcello and Carlos kept us entertained singing "The Song of Roland". We are hungry. Roberto was considering hunting a buck, but Marcello warned him that the lands of France have tighter laws and control than Spain does, and it is best if we just kill a few rabbits.

We arive at the outer house sometime in the afternoon. I greet Iolar with a smile and do the whole machismo bit of trying to kiss her hand (even though she is a maga and an equal). If she allows me, I give a gentle peck and turn to talk with Wirth. If she refuses, I shrug my shoulders and still strike up conversation with Wirth.

It is a classic Flambeau conference. I discuss the virtues of the poison dagger versus the battleaxe.

Gillis gazed out into the lengthening twilight. He hated guard duty in this cold. Today most of all. Such strange visitors he thought. Not long until he would be done and back inside for some hot mulled wine and something to eat.

So lost in his thought of food and drink he almost failed to notice the movement on the road coming towards Novus Mane.  A dark cloaked figure with a walking staff was approaching.  Hard to see in the poor light but it looked to be man sized, dressed in dark colored clothes. The figure walked up to the Guest house gate and looked up straight at Gillis. "Porta patefacio. "  Said the figure.  Gillis was stunned for the moment.  The eyes!!  The eyes of the visitor were blank.  "Porta patefacio nunc!" The Figure said with more force.  Gillis knew enough Latin to know that he wanted the gate open.  He rushed over and opened it for the visitor.  He now saw that it was a man with pale skin, dark hair and those frightening eyes. The man nodded to Gillis and entered the guest house with not another word.

Dragor silently approaches. Master David is not far behind. I insisted on scouting ahead, to insure all is safe and to make sure that all is prepared for the arrival of my leige.

It is early afternoon when Iolar arrives swooping down and landing outside the door of the guesthouse ignoring bystanders . There she assumes human form and conjures some illusionery clothes.
(MuIm base 2 (Touch and Sight) +2 Sun duration) total 4
Mu 4, Im 0 gives 4 + stress dice / 2

She shimmers briefly and a Silk robe appears around her, with a pattern of Red and Gold feathers upon it. Entering the guesthouse she greets those of her fellow magi present in latin and then takes a seat.

The animals of Flanders are skittish. Guard dogs cower indoors, sheep run around bleating aimlessly, and cats yowl from their hiding places. A great blue-black wolf lopes easily up and down the road to Novus Mane, checking the fords, the guards, the chokepoints and the bald hills with somewhat more attention than is normal from an animal. Once his inspection is complete, he sits by a low stone wall just out of sight of the road. There is an unpleasant gurgling noise, and the wolf starts to droop like a wax figure in a hot pan. After a few seconds, a man in a blue-black robe is standing where the wolf had sat. He adjusts his robes, steps gingerly over a muddy ditch, and begins his walk toward the covenant gates.

When he arrives, he is greeted by a sentry who is trembling like he's seen a ghost. As Gillis fumbles with the bolts of the door, David smiles courteously, thanks Gillis for his kindness, and steps inside.

Right away Dragor is barking orders at the lesser servents (if any) to attend to the master's needs.

Meanwhile, Roberto is still fascinated by this lovely (Pre +3) firebird lady that just flew in. This is where he introduces himself and tries to kiss her hand.

(In Latin) [color=red] Greetings, fair enchantress. Thy fiery radience shines as greatly as does thy beauty.

[color=blue](note: Roberto is not looking for any specific results. He is looking to see what her reaction is and will gague her from there. Mainly, his goal is to achieve "frame control" over the social setting without appearing as if he is trying to achieve dominance. His social skills are meager, Charm 1 (wit) and Folk Ken 2 (warriors). However, he is very self assured, and his Overconfidence makes him think he can schmooze on just about any woman that catches his attention. This is Iolar's opportunity to rebuff or play Roberto, unless she is herself taken aback by Roberto's robust charms :laughing:.

[color=red]Such a charming greeting, I am deligted to meet a mage so well mannered and charming. Tell me young sir who are you and how do you come to be here?

Wirth stares at the woman for a few seconds as if she was some kind of strange creature
[color=red]Yes, thank you for your kindness, we'll take whatever you have to offer.

Then, they settle down someplace warm. Wirth is somewhat reserved, while clara is much more open and talkative, presenting both herself and her husband to every new arrivant, and trying to open conversation despite the gift's effects.

Now, something interesting!!!
Wirth clearly enjoys the company of another fine flambeau, and argues his points with a grim pleasure.
Clara is clearly gently amused by her husband's attitude, and smile, like "boys :unamused: :laughing: "

[color=blue]OOC: Boy, will iolar freeze in this weather!!! Better hurry to the covenant's safety :wink:

[color=red]Gracias senorita, I thank you for the compliment. My name is Roberto Rodruigez of Flambeau, descended of the line of Delendos. I am recently arrived from Nuevo Castille, Iberia. My mentor, Santiago ex Flambeau, has arranged for me to join this covenant and charged me to help with its revitalization. I am here for reasons of duty. I had no idea that my peers would be of such a grand caliaber. I only hope I am able to live up to your expectations.

([color=blue]at this point he also notices Wirth, the other Flameau magus, perhaps because he wears the House symbol or because I overhear something. I make an excuse to break of this conversation so I can strike up conversation with Wirth)

[color=red]Pardon me, fair enchantress. I have noticed one of my House bretheren, and etiquette demands the proper greeting

(to Wirth)[color=red]Salve Sodale! Ad Mortem Incurre! (talks about posin daggers and battle axes)

Iolar is a master of ignem and does not feel the cold at all sue to CrIg spells

Iolar smiles as Roberto departs , and looks around at her fellows she goes over to speak with Clara , clearly curious as to how the poor woman is bearing up so well in the face of all these gifted people, and even more curious as to how she met and married a magus in the face of the gift it as she says a most unnusual event.
Out of politeness she leaves the main room around sunset so that she can renew her illusion spells in private.
(Eagles don't carry baggage)

at around sunset, we all have personal spells to attend to, especially our Parma Magica rituals. If anyone looks in on me doing mine (I never considered Parma to be a private matter), they see me doing the Rosary at the same time.

[color=darkred]Hail Mary, Mother of God... etceteras

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As the Magi return to the great room in the guest house from their evening duties, they see a new arrival hanging his weather stained traveling cloak next to a spear in the corner. A tallish man with black hair... his traveling pack has the symbol of the twisted stick on it and a harp sticks out of the top. As he turns to face the assembly, his colorless eyes and thin features speak of his fea heritage.

[color=red]"Greetings brothers and sisters. I am Halvard Arawinson ex Miscellanea." i[/i] [color=red]"You may know me as William parens Culhwch from Cad Gadu, Stonehenge."

His eyes linger on Iolar for a moment and then looks away. (( If Havlard looks in her direction he will focus over her shoulder or in her face.))

He moves to a chair by the fire and sits to warm himself.

[color=blue]OOC There is a dice roll to see through the illusion, not that it matters as it is rather easy so thats a difficulty of 7 or 6 if 4th level is 0 magnitude
Iolar smiles at William

[color=blue]I was just getting it out of the way. Eventually, he will get it so I "fudged" a die roll for the sake of the story.

Dragor is being pushy with the lower ranking servants. He wants to make sure that bedchambers are prepared for each of the magi. He also gazes ouside into the night, taking note of what phase the moon is in, knowing that it will soon be time for the change to take over once again.