Chapter 1: The guesthouse

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Iolar , goes over to talk to William , having spoken with Clara.
[color=red]You are from Stonehenge, and a musician. One of my parents was from Hibernia , did you interact much with the celtic legends and Fay or was your covenant one of the stolid AngloSaxon one or the new Normans? I have considered visiting myself but I haven't had much chance to travel since my gauntlet

While talking to him she is also clearly wathcing him and trying to gauge his reactions to her

Havlard looks to the fire with his thin hands spread in front of him to warm them. Without looking up to Iolar, he begins...

[color=red]"I was born and raised on Eillan Vannin, The Isle of Mann and raised by a Raven of Odin. I have sat around the Yule Hof-thing with a dragon and listened to tales of the doings of Gods. I have tended Saurssgrove and seen Rhiannon Fand walking in the ash trees. I have ridden with the Wild Hunt and and seen the court of Chairn nan Niurin."

He looks up from the fire into Iolar's eyes.

[color=red]"The answer to your question is yes. I have had some dealings with the fey."

[color=red]Now, I just wonder how long we'll stay here like manants. I don't much care about the place, but this is beginning to look like a deliberate offense, when the warmer and cozier buildings of the covenant await us out there.
Are we waiting for something special?

[color=green]Roberto[color=blue](to Wirth)
[color=red]Calm yourself brother. I have spent many more nights sleeping on the ground under a tent than I have on a cot by a fire. Let us enjoy the simple comforts that we have, for surly our lot is better than the dead who sleep in the cold hard ground. Is it not?

I cast some sponaneous MuIg on the fireplace fire to make it more entertaining, spending fatigue. Not by my book right now, but I think I can manage something meager. I then rest and recover my fatigue, smiling.

Carlos Guiterez, the grog, talks to Marcello and suggests that they play some music to entertain the folk gathered here. We carry strange exotic instruments known as Guitars.

Clara smiles to roberto :smiley:
When carlos begins to speak about music, she heartily agrees, and propose we take singing turns.

Inspired by this and roberto's exemple, Wirth grouchs, and begins to play with the fire also

[color=blue]Too bad Okeanos and Yan Axel aren't here yet, as yan axel plays drums. This coulda been fun :smiley:
Gotta write this background, too

[color=red]"Sounds like Fun, Was it a fire breathing dragon or one of the tedious poisonous ones? As I am sure you'll hear I seem to have spent the last forty years with the fay , although it seems more like last month."

Then she hears the mention of music,
[color=red]"A great idea I have some talants as a musician , unfortunatly my Harp was destroyed with Magna Moles but I can still sing a bit and have some magic to improve the performances within this room"
She pauses to cast Notes of the Delightful sound,

Both Carlos the Grog and Marcello the Companion have scores of Music 4 (spanish guitar). So we are good, but not master musicians by any means. Guitars of this period came in various sizes, as do most string instuments.

Flamenco is in period, but is prolly to localized for others to recognize. So they play a ballad type of tune so the ladies can sing improv.

Roberto Rodruigez of Flambeau does not sing. He may dance socially, but that's really not his thing either. If this was a few hundred years later, he might be the guy that cries "ah-haei!" along with the mariachis (well, because I do that, and it cracks the batos up when I hit the mark exact).

He is just the kind of guy that listens.

Though some wine would be nice :slight_smile:

Almost without a sound a feline shape appears on a table, it has apparently snuck in a silent way. The cat is large and covered in long white fur. I am Diodorus and welcome to Novus Mane. I am the familari of Aelianus Robur Ex Verditius and he has sent the word that you shall be greeted with a proper banquet, my magus await you in the grand hall in the white tower. You must excuse this crude accommodation; you are the first guests of any significance in the last ten years. Once your sanctum have been assigned to you then you will have a more worthy accommodations. I you would like to accompany me to the covenants main hall then you can meet my magus and eat and drink in a worth manner. You can leave your servants here and they will be taken care of in a most proper way. The familari looks at the assembled magi, the eyes reveal but curiosity and the looks of a predator who studies its prey.

[I’ll assume that the magi follow the familari]

The town is a cramped and deteriorating and the street snake up towards the two towers on the centre hill in the town. Once the magi walks up upon the hill they can feel a surge of magical power. The aura is stronger than most of the magi have ever felt in their entire lives. A chilly wind blows by as the magi walks up to the gate to the large white tower.

Once through the gates the magi enter a grand hall. The hall is built in a roman style, although one does notice that the entire structure is made out of the same piece of stone. Decorations along the wall all suggest a firm interest in old roman gods and myths. At the centre of the chamber there is a table that is oval and made out of a dark wood. The chamber is en-lighted by magical light that are placed through the chamber and who cast long shadows along the walls and floor. At the far end of the table there is a throne like chair that clearly distinct from the others around the table. There are enough chairs for all of the magi but not for anyone else. The table is set with all sorts of different foodstuffs and wine. In the shadows one can see servants who tries to make themselves as unassuming as possible. Next to the throne like chair there stands a man dressed in a wealthy clothes. He has a weathered appearance and a large beard. With a solid a dark voice the man speaks. I am Aelianus Robur Ex Verditius and welcome to my covenant. Please take a seat at the table and join me in this banquette. I will start with a brief introduction of myself and tomorrow I will show you the covenant. I am ten years out of apprenticeship and this is my covenant. I will answer any questions that you have regarding me or this covenant. Please do tell me a little about your self and your journey here. Aelianus Robur gestures at the magi to sit down and takes a seat.

Iolar is slightly dissapointed at having her chance for a musical performance interruped. But follows the cat into the covenant, although she meets its predatory gaze with the unblinking gaze of a predator which can eat a mere cat for lunch.
Passing through the town she evinces little interest in the common folk .Apon entering the covenant proper she shows great interest in many of the statue's , frieses and paintings of the romano/greek mythos.

She takes a seat at the table and chooses a few choice bits of food which she nibbles on (She ate a nice Juicy hare on the way to the covenant earlier and it is still digesting)

Upon being asked to introduce herslelf she stands up and introduces herself in a bold and somewhat theatrical voice
[color=red]I am Iolar Firewing Maruhis Filia of Elan and a follower of Bjornear. I gauntleted at the tribunal of 1179 and am a maga in good standing with the order of Hermes my former covenant lies in ruins and I Seek admittance to this covenant to pursue my quest for knowledge. I am skilled in the art of Ignem and the blood of the Phoenix flows in my arteries.

David follows the cat, his expression as inscrutable as it has been since he first arrived. As he walks through the town, his focus is on the other magi, not on the townsfolk. When he enters the aura, he allows himself a slight smile, that fades back to a dispassionate, assessing gaze the moment he sees the tower. Inside, he treats the statues to the same cold glance, suppressing the disgust that grows with every step.

When he gets to the hall, he takes a seat, looks at the food, carefully selects a few dishes, and mutters a brief blessing, too quietly for any of the other magi to hear the words. [color=red]Barukh ata adonai eloheinu meleh ha'olam HaMotzi Lechem min Ha'aretz.

He looks up after his blessing and gives Aelianus Robur a smile that doesn't reach his eyes. [color=red]My name is David ben Ezra ex Tremere. I was gauntleted a few months ago, I will heal or harm as is needed, and I am not here to answer unneeded questions. His smile remains kind but his eyes gleam with a little bit of malicious glee. [color=red]Or to entertain in the style of the Andaluz contingent, or sing in the manner of Lady Jonah.

As David finishes speaking Iolar looks at him and raises a glass of wine to him.

[color=red]This woman is not my servant, but my wife, and I expect her to be treated as such. Although she won't meddle in our affairs, know that I won't live without her.

[color=blue]And then, you guys did go on... What shall I do? T-T Hell, I won't impede progress, but still... Grrr :laughing:
Having kissed goodbye to his wife (who takes this lighter than him, maybe in part because she'll be away from all these evil-looking maguses), Wirth goes reluctantly, knowing we'll speak about maguses affairs, but still, he reverts back to his brooding self as soon as he's out, seeming barely impressed by the power displays before him. Knowing too that, in time, this shall all crumble to dust [color=blue](The bad effects of perdo affinity on you :laughing: )

When at the hall, his interest flares up somewhat, as he looks at Aelianus, trying to gauge the man.
Then, he sits, barely taking some food.
And, when his time comes to speak
[color=red]I am Wirth Ex Flambeau, gifted with power over shapes, spirits, and destruction. Freshly gauntleted as well. I came here seeking a home for my wife clara and I. I hope we've found one

[color=blue]The evil of EDIT: I must have edited this about 10 times, changing/adding one word at a time :laughing:

Havlard gathers up his pack, cloak and spear and follows Diodorus through the town. He is always looking from side to side at the buildings and then at the Covenant as the Magi enter.

He sits at the chair in front of him and has a hearty portion of meat and samples the wine.

When asked to introduce himself he stands and speaks in a strong clear voice:

[color=red]"I am Halvard Arawinson ex Miscellanea parens Culhwch from Cad Gadu, Stonehenge. I was called William there. I completed my gauntlet 4 months ago. My Parens suggested that I seek out this Covenant to make my name so I set out from Wales to journey here."

I specialize in the elements.

"I would be interested in the history of this Covenant and it's relationships with the land around it."

[color=green]Roerto Rodriguez of Flambeau
Having been told to leave the servants behind, I shrug my shoulders and pay no heed. Marcello is a boosum companion and a sword brother. I suppose Pedro and Carlos are occasionally servants, though I see them more as friends. I tell them to stay behind. Then I see Wirth throw a stink about Clara and I get the idea. I am also slightly offended on my companion's behalf, but I let it slide. I whisper to Marcello that they must mean this is to be a meeting for the magi, the servant must have a poor vocabulary for he chose the wrong words.

Then I dig into the food. All I had to eat all day was that stupid rabbit the four of us shared. I dig into some hearty meat, some veggies, and drink some wine. Everyone is introducing themself, when suddenly I get to thinking about my friends. I pull one of the covenant servants aside, and whisper to him these words...

[color=red]Those men out there, they are my brothers. They deserve good food just as much as I or anyone else here. Ths is what you are going to do. You are going to bring a platter out to them, loaded with meat and garnish, and a fresh bottle of wine. Oh, and the woman out there. She is the wife of a magus. You will see to her comfort and care. They will be giving me a report on how they were treated. Do not dissapoint me.

[color=blue]Presence 1, Leadership 2, don't know if the gift affects giving orders laced with intimidation, but there ya go.

Then I notice people are looking at me. It must be my turn to speak. I smile and act casual (cocky bastard that I am)

[color=red]Salve Sodales! My Llamo es Roberto..., excuse me. My Name is Roerto Rodruigez of Flambeau, decended from the line of Delendos, the filius of Flameau who was the only witness to survive the Founder's Final battle. I am well trained in the Martial Magics of my tradition. My mentor, who has been like a father to me, is the famed Santiago of Flambeau. He has sent me here as a benefit to the rest of you, in order that I may champion and defend your cause, and lend my blood and sweat to the revitalization of this noble covenant

I'm going to change my Latin specialization from Hermetic to dramatic speaking. I talk all fancy like this whenever I converse in Latin. Whenever I converse in Spanish, it is a more casual banter. I speak French as well, bbut manly focused on tough talk and words of power (profanity :slight_smile: )

The dark cloaked figure of Okeanos arrives very late,
of little below average hight, clothes of a dark black and green tones, face obscured by his hood and a scarf, hands covered in gloves.
Upon reaching the gate, speaking in Latin with a accent heavy with his eastern accent, "it is I Okeanos and I have arrived".

[color=green]Roberto (to Aelianas Robur)

[color=red]A few questions, good host. Why are all the covenfolk so skittish? The town seems very depressed as well. You need some light, some color and cheer! Also, as we approached, I could feel the power of the Magic Aura that surrounds these towers. What magnatide of potency would it happen to be. Third, I was going to let this lie but it gnaws at me. Your familiar mistakenly refered to some of our travelling companions as servants. And some of them are, it is true. But my sodale Wirth was obviously distressed about being separated from his wife. And the friar, Marcello. He is no servant. He is a worthy sword brother and I consider him my equal. I feel bad sitting here in luxury while they sit out in that cold guest house

(Of course, as I say this I am taking chomps off of a big mutton joint, so I am obviously not feeling to terrible bad)

The servant who where threatened by Robeto answers that it where already intended to bring food and wine to the others in the guest house. But the threat doesn’t seem to have any effect. Perhaps in the future Roberto should look what he is eating so that there won’t be any substances that you do not wish to eat even though they are not poisonous. :laughing:

[color=green]Aelianus Robur

[color=red]I have many questions to answer and as you wish I shall. To answer your question Havlard, I am the third generation descendant from the magi who founded this covenant. If I remember correctly this covenant site is about two hundred years old. For the moment our covenant is unnoticed by the world. We have a fortification that lies near an important ford, that would make us important or threatening in times of war if we where to try to use our mundane location in some manner. But for now we are little more than a haunted ruin that no one cares about. The last fifty years this covenant has laid in the dormancy of winter and for a half a year ago my master, the last of the second generation of magi passed into final twilight. And by his passing I am the most senior magi at this covenant and invited you my soldaes to try to return this covenant to its former glory.

To answer you questions Roberto. The area surrounding the towers is of the sixth magnitude while the area within the walls is of the fourth. The stated of this covenant is crumbling, as my master grew older and more twilight ridden he stopped caring about the covenants affairs, he treated it like it where back in its glory day. Thus our expenditure where significantly larger than our income, there for some financial difficulties have arisen. The town is affected by the passing into winter as they are dependent on the covenant for support they have suffered as the covenant. They have chosen to stay, at least most of them, for the degree of freedom that is offered here to the inhabitants of these lands. As we pass into spring and that we do with your arrival here then we can begin to change things into the better. The loved ones and brothers in arms and other of your travelling companions will be taken care of in the best way. This council table is for magi and have always been but if you have different ideas then please tell me. There are laboratories that are in the grey tower that are at you disposal, you can choose one of them in the morning and mark it as your sanctum. In that way all will be given more worth accommodations. For those of your travelling companions that you wish not to be living in your sanctum then there will houses cleared and restored for their use, but that will take some time.

Havlard nods at Aelianus information.

[color=red]"Can you tell us what are the current and potential income sources for the Covenant? I ask because it seem to me that if we intend to grow into Spring that we should I say it....more water for our roots."

[color=green]All Wirth

As do I, although I understand that this meeting was obviously magus-only.
But I intend my wife to live with me, nowhere else.

love the chompping bit :laughing:
And counting words is so difficult :laughing: My original sentence was twice as long :laughing:

After Jebrick's speech:
[color=red]I'd also like to know the conditions of our stay, and the current problems facing us.