Chapter 10 - A Space in Time

Okay, after the Drake Hunt in Autumn 1220, you have 5 seasons of free study or lab work or other development. That will take us to the start of Spring 1222. Yes, we skip local Tribunals, as they have nothing to do with us.
Detail what you do with those five seasons here. If you want to write a short story describing a season of adventure, following Octavian's example, by all means feel free.

Kallista, your curse will be lifted if you can create a short story detailing how you lift it. I already told you what the cure is, how do you go about achieving it?
Ludovicio, we spoke privately already. You return to the covenant with Old Joe and the creepy girl.

Questions or comments anyone?

Are we formally accepted in the covenant or not?

If we are, Txatxu will begin working in his lab around season 2 or so, but the first season will be used to get acquainted with the grogs and servants, as well as the covenant locations and customs.

How much vis did we each get out of the Drake Hunt again, and what kind? I'm not sure we have divided it yet...

Most of these seasons will likely be spent on books anyway, but he might consider doing something with or in his lab, depending.

The official vote comes at the end of this block of time. You have a guest lab until then, and are free to do as you wish. I forget what I said the vis haul was. I will check in the other thread and get back to you.

So, who is updating themselves?

I will soon. I wanted to see the end of the current season (experience, vis, etc.) first.

One of the first things Valentino will do will be to send out messages looking for a Verditius who can make some armor and a sword for himself and Graziella.

Depending upon how everyone view Ezio, he may try setting up a little workshop to make bows and arrows.


I did a tentative update. I haven't picked up the bonuses for talisman since I've been incredibly busy and haven't had a chance to look them up. I'm also missing a season. BTW any plan for the regional tribunals of 1221?

We have a resident Verditius, Dimir Taar of the Lineage of Valdarius! He is Fixer, who is absent. I can npc him for this, he will make you a sword for a fee, and if you butter him uo he will give you the covenant discount.

Everyone who went on the Drake Hunt gets 12xps for the adventure.
Valentino, Txatxu, and Kallista, you guys wone the contest. You each take two pawns of Ignem and 2 pawns of Corpus. The rest was split with drakes, given to grogs (for their longevity and equipment fund), or paid to the covenant for their cut. Valentino and Jehan each get 3 points of Confidence, Ezio and Txatxu get two, Graziella and Kallista 1 (Kallista played great, but I want to be fair to the others who were more active and took greater risks).
Ludovicio gains 3 points of confidence and the bounty he recieved from his deal with Joseph the Almogavar.
Inigo gains 4 points of Confidence, Dimir Taar 3, and Carmen 2. They each have a token given to them by the Dragon Sigmundo.

Those who stayed home (Vares, Octavian, Viola, Ameline): You get what you normally get for your season of activity. Octavian and Vares each gain 2 points of Confidence for the roleplaying interction with Tacitus and Tremsilla. Vares recieves the benefit of a new social contact (Tresmilla).

Over the seasonal space of time..
All full members of the covenant recieve 4 pawns of any Technique vis, as is their due. A pwan of VT can be exchanged for 2 pawsn of any VF, with the exception of Vim which has become a premium and retains a 1-1 ratio versus VT
Everyone who writes a short story representing a season of adventure recieves 10xp for that adventure. More if the story is good.
It doesn't have to be that long, or even all that fancy. Do your best. Use Octavian as an example. Create your own thread (you all are able), call it "Chapter 9 (whaterver)".
Octavian so far shall recieve 12xps for his, but I will increase that to 15 if he actually finishes it!

Did I miss anythings?

Fix yourself up to be in line with Spring 1221 when you get the chance. Your Greater Talisman can pick up any number of attunements. You can add another stone to it maybe? Such as a piece of Obsidian that you brought back from Val-Negra?

You can attend a Tribunal on your own if you want to. The covenant has no interest in doing so. The pontifici took care of their business behind the scenes, right under your nose too. Rodrigo is headed to Harco for their pre and post conferences concerning regional tribunals throughout the Order. Antonio is headed to Egypt for some secret adventure, and he is taking Carmen with him. Other than that, everyone else is staying home.

Now you, Octavian, are always welcome at meetings of the Iberian Tribunal. You don't get a vote, but you are allowed to politic and collect proxy votes (which in turn you have to turn over to your own proxy, because you don't get a vote). This cozy arrangement was brought to you by your friendly neighborhood Quaesitors of Duresca, because you yourself are deputized as a Quaesitor. They set you up as a member of Andorra something like 10 years ago? The idea is to bring Andorra into the sphere of Iberian political influence while allowing them to maintain their illusions of independence.
They can't force the issue, as that may drive Andorra to Provencal. Likewise, Provencal doesn't want to force Andorra to make a choice. But also, in some complicated way, each of these tribunals profits by keeping Andorra out of their tribunal, they just don't want them in the other Tribunal either.
There is actually a plot in there somewhere :slight_smile:
Provencal, for the first time, has extended an invitation to go to their Tribunal as an observer. They want to influence you. But Marcus of Tremere, your Exarch, wants you in Iberia. He will attend Provencal, and his minion Dragor is attending to Normandy.
So, Octavian, if you want a Tribunal Adventure, then it must be made so.
You have two options...
~It can be a solo gig that you and I handle PM, so the rest of the group can get on with their lives :laughing:.
~You can Beta Storyguide something if other players are interested in a tribunal adventure


Note: It is summer's end, a traditionally slow time for gaming. No worries.
I have been using Carmen as my own character, not npc but an sgc. I will put her through her paces as an example of what to do. In fact, I shall also write her own little story, after the example of Octavian, and have you guys rate it for xp's.


1220, Summer: Arrived at Andorra.
1220, Autumn: Went Drake Hunting at Antonio's challenge, with Valentino and Kallista. (10 xp - Magic Lore)
1220, Winter: Studying The Key to Bonisagus, Magic Theory Summa: L4, Q20

1221, Spring: Studying The Sorcerer's Shield, Parma Magica Summa: L6, Q12
1221, Summer: Akelarre at Orhi.
1221, Autumn: Studying De Inventione, Artes Liberales Summa: L8, Q12
1221, Winter: Studying Metaphysica, Philosophia Summa: L8, Q15

  1. Spring: Current.

I'm thinking Txatxu is going on a sorginak akelarre at Orhi (which is some 200km away from Andorra I think) for the Summer Solstice, and I'm going to write about that in another thread.

Is there a limit to how much adventure experience can be applied to one ability? I know the normal limit is 5, but you give out more than the suggested amount of adventure experience, so I figured I'd ask.


Hmmm, I never realized there was a limit on that. However, you should split the xp up between multiple abilities/Arts that you actually used. Ignem, Mastery of PoF, Magic Lore, Leadership, and etceteras.
But spend them however you wish. I am not that picky.

I'm figuring Ezio has proven his worth to the covenant. He likes two of the magi specifically and appreciates not seeming odd. So I'll assume he's been given a home.

Ezio will go about setting up a bowyer/fletcher workshop if he is given the resources to do so. Or is there already one? With some assistance and/or a good workshop, Ezio can make Excellent (+3) bows. It would only take him a little longer than the year to be able to make Excellent (+4) bows, but right now his limit is +3.


Sure, they give you a workshop, no prob. However, we have very few archers here (if any), so use of your bows is a skill you will have to teach people. The Moors use short bows, Spaniards tend to favor javelins.

Valentino will be writing his parens (Demetrio), trying to carry on a correspondence. He will also try carry on a similar correspondence with a couple of his friends at Campo de Marte. On his mind at the moment is Parma Magica and its application/utility with fire. He will tell of his certamen duel and how his Parma Magica was able to hold out fairly well against Ignem magic, but in the end superior understanding of Ignem mattered more. He has also been considering the roof of the hut that had been on fire. Though he may have been safe from the drakes' breaths, he wasn't safe from the after-effects. Perhaps ReIg effects would have been superior protection. However, Parma Magica is a much more broad defense. But perhaps Valentino relies upon it too much.


Here is Valentino's aging roll for winter 1221: 3. He gets +5 for his age, -10 for his longevity ritual, and -3 for his familiar bond, and probably -1 for the covenant. So, no changes.

I can't find the information on our starting labs. What size are they? Are there any free/existing virtues/flaws?


I do have that information somewhere. Let me look it up and post it later after work :slight_smile:

How many seasons do I need to account for? I'm a little lost on the chronology.

Here is my accounting for Ludovicio's calendar thus far...
(bear in mind that I start the year with Winter, as the Aegis is cast on the Winter Solstice Winter, Spring, Summer & Fall; All you have to do is cal :slight_smile:)

Winter 1220 and earlier - Italy
Spring 1220 - Barcelona
Summer 1220 - Val-Negra
Fall 1220 - Drake Hunt (you gain the nickname “Ludo the Liberator”, given to you by your new (living) henchman, Joseph the Almogavar)

Which leaves you with...
Winter 1221
Spring 1221
Summer 1221
Fall 1221
Winter 1222

Landing you at the start of Spring 1222, where you are all made Journeymen Members unless there are any protests.
Summer 1221 is when the Iberian and Provencal Regional Tribunals meet if you are interested.