Chapter 11 where Thadeus gathers a party to return to Wicker Hill (End of Spring 1014)

Thadeus has been working nonstop to set up his lab, just to leave some time to return to Wicker Hill before midsummer. When Verassius leaves, it is time to plan the excursion. Whom and what will he bring?

Have we had enough time before this to not get a negative effect to source qualities (Reading etc)?

Yes, reading is fine, but lab totals take a penalty. Thadeus left just 20 days, which gives a penalty which does not matter to him since he was setting up the lab. You might have to bargain for an extra day to make up for the day spent with Verassius, if you also set up a lab. Thadeus made a point of missing as little time as possible with Verassius. OTOH, Thadeus may prefer to bring Gently and Un Gifted people only. Not for me to decide, of course.

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Finn would like to go, Janus would not unless applied violence is envisioned.

Thom is studying and would prefer to stay close to home for now. "I need to be ready for our trip in Summer to the copse."

Hamish is ever busy with his work of keeping the turb in fighting shape and walking about the covenant area, occasionally calling on Janus to talk about defensive measures and thoughts on how best to prepare for a future incursion.

If approached, he'll do his duty and has some familiarity with the area and some of the people up that way.

Thadeus first speaks with Sianag, to find out whether Elissa has safely delivered her and Gwayne's child. And what the name of the child was.

He then brings up the following plan to the magi. "I propose bringing a fairly large group with me, including pack animals and even a cart or two, in order to salvage as much of the underground lab as possible. On the way to Wicker Hill, I would stop at Dunfries to see if some mundanes want to join us. Are we still looking to hire more? Can we feed them? I remember that woman we talked to, a survivor of Dunwald who thought well of Tacitus. That would be the first step of my trip."

"Then I would make my way to Wicker Hill, and set up camp some way outside the village. Much like last time, under the cover of night we will enter the lab invisibly at night, packing up as much of its equipment and supplies as is possible to transport. Thom, you mentioned an enchanted glove I believe, which can move things with an effect similar to Unseen Porter? I would like to borrow it and use it to move the stones over the trapdoor. Once everything is packed, I would send the pack animals and their crew back to the covenant while I make my way to Lord Fergus.

"For that last mpart, I think having four to six fighting men, plus a magus or two, would make a decent representation from Ungulus and sufficient protection to ward against an attack. Enough supplies to feed those we bring back, so probably some more pack animals. I believe Finn mentioned he'd like to come, and I would welcome his company. Whatever gift we are ready to offer Fergus to compensate him for taking care of Ungulus' grogs."

He asks for volonteers. Any of the magi interested?

Sionagh may not have talked to Elissa at all. The child would have been born when you last were in Galloway and when Sionagh was not present. However, I am sure you find a way to talk to her and confirm that the child is alive and kicking.

Didn't realize that Elissa delivered her baby before Sionag's arrival. In any case, Thadeus simply wants to know how the new mother and the child are, and learn the name of the newborn so he can relate it to Gwayne.

Hamish organizes a squad to join the journey back north. He pulls together Jack, Iago and invites Odard, Telsa, and Sasso to go if they would like or if they stay, he'll bring three of the Ungulus shield grogs.

Tessa and Sasso will be useful as scouts and to find us a back route to Wicker Hill so we can set up a camp some distance from the village, from which we can (hopefully) organize the recovery of the underground lab.

I assume we will also have a fair number of pack animals to carry the equipment back, as well as the food for both the recovery party, the auxiliaries we can convince to come back to Ungulus, and the portential servants from Dunfries. We should probably need a few people to take care of the pack animals too.

Edit: Any of the other magi volounteer to come on this trip? Thadeus is ready to go alone if none do, but it might be better if we had some redundancy and more firepower.

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If Thadeus specifically requests additional firepower Janus will volunteer to come along

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Not specifically, no. But he is hoping someone else will accompany him. Perhaps Nauvi, considering that there will be much dealing with mundanes.

If Janus goes he would be waiting outside the village ready to be called in spell flying to be honest. The Blatant Gift does not help one bit when talking to mundanes.

I think Thadeus has to approach the people he wants to have with him. Nauvi has been named, how does he respond¹? Does he approach anybody else in particular?

¹ @darkwing

He will approach those who were present on the first trip to Galloway - Janus, Cath'rinne, Nauvi and Hamish. He'll make it clear that he doesn't expect everyone to be available or interested.

"I don't have any interest in dealing with Lord Fergus. The last time I ended up as a silent and pretty ornament in the center of everyone's attention at his table, and it was not confortable. Neither was his ranger escort. I plan to be there at Wicker Hill in case I'm helpful and there are things to discover. I'll fly in after a few days - finding a group of ten traveling on a known path isn't difficult from the air. Hopefully that doesn't interrupt my studies too much."

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"Your contribution would certainly be appreciated regarding the recovery of the Wicker Hill lab. And I certainly understand you discomfort about being under the scrutiny of Fergus and his men. What you propose is more than I expected. Thank you," says Thadeus.

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Thom smiles and looks over at Cath'rinne. "Could I fly along with you? I could use a little break from my studies as long as we won't be gone too long. And I could use some more practice flying."

The handsome young magus smiles.

"And it's Spring! What a lovely time for a flight."

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"You're more than welcome to fly along, Thom."

She'll send a spare cloak to be carried by the grogs for the journey, which she can pick up to wear when she arrives.

Thom throws in some spare clothes as well.

"Maybe I need to learn to magick up some clothes out of leaves and moss..."