Chapter 2g - Spring 1228 - In Search of a Second Singer

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Winter has finally come to an end, and the ice on the Azov is all but gone. News has come from the village that the first ship has been seen passing up the coast on its way to Tana.

In that case, Viola will gather her shield grogs and prepare to set off. She'll see if Antonio or Calliope wishes to tag along.


So, you're taking Theodoric, Bogdan and Godzimir?

Antonio seems happy to be leaving the covenant now that Winter is over. Calliope thinks it over rather harder, but eventually decides to come.

Are you all travelling to Tana? And if so, by what route? The main options are along the coast in a fishing boat, across the delta, or up river to above the delta, then back down on the other side of it (which is the longest, but has the advantage of only requiring you to cross one river rather than a whole delta's worth).

I think we're actually on the northwestern edge of the delta (and we're definitely on the right bank of the main channel), and anyway only a few miles from the coast, so we'd be taking the direct route. Or were you referring to land vs. water? Viola will send word to the fishing village that we'd like to hire a boat for the trip.


Okay, fishing boat it is.

The grogs have done this journey before, although it's more difficult to persuade the fishermen to take a maga - you end up paying around 25 pence, compared to the 13 pence it cost to take just the grogs previously.

[How much money are you bringing? And are you bringing anything else of note, such as vis? (I will assume everyone has basic travel supplies.)]

The journey is uneventful, if wet and smelly, and you arrive at Tana to the sight of a ship sitting outside the harbour with lighters ferrying goods to it.

For the sake of speed, can we just say that we bring "enough" gold? Enough, that is, for forseeable expenses, plus a little extra for the unforseeable.

As for vis, I don't remember exactly what form it's all in, but at any rate, it can be moved. Viola will be carrying 2 pawns of In, 4 of (faerie-tainted) Mu, 2 of An, 6 of He, 3 of Me, and 2 of Me.

Once we get there, Viola will send the grogs to scout out a place to stay, while looks for some place unobtrusive to hide out for the moment.


The brothers start straight for the inn they know, trying to stay on mission, and also spot other inns. From their memory there were less savoury inns in Tania but they're thinking that a magus won't like that much. If Theodoric has a better thought they'll defer to him as he's better at haggling then they are.
When they arrive they will arrange rooms and a meal, then the two brothers leave Theodoric there and head back to get the Maga.

Viola has been here before, but it's been a while...decades. I'm not sure that's relevant, but she might be recognized by someone (she does tend to stand out in a crowd), who might also note that she hasn't aged as much as might have been expected in the interim.


[OOC: You're not at Chersonesus yet - you've just arrived at Tana, where I don't think Viola has been before.]

The grogs arrange a room for Viola, plus another for everyone else, and food. The innkeeper looks like he's trying to remember where he's seen you before, but hasn't quite made the connection yet.

[OOC: Whilst in the main common room, everyone gains a temporary personality trait of treacherous +3, or a rise in an equivalent personality trait/decrease in a Loyal (or equivalent) trait of that amount. This will rise to +4 after dark. It is not immediately apparent to your characters that this has happened.]

With their generally jovial manner it's likely that the Treachery trait would come out as particularly scathing jibes between the brothers, as they're easy targets for one another and generally for their own entertainment. That and a few signs and raised eyebrows to others about each other. Sore heads and bruised egos tomorrow morning unless something else triggers.
I'm sure they'd not insult the maga. Probably also trying to not cause trouble.
"Are we keeping here or retiring early, you think?"

Is Tana on the path to Chersonesus? I don't see how--you have to head west to go to Crimea, and eastish to go to Tana.


[OOC: Tana is the nearest substantial port - the local village has a harbour, but it's not a major trading destination, and whilst some ships may stop there, a lot of them won't. So going to Tana means going slightly in the wrong direction for 10 miles or so, but it's reasonably necessary unless you want to wait until a ship actually vists the village (and even then, it's probably going to be either on its way to or from Tana).]

[We're still waiting on ironboundtome, aren't we?]


I've written that the brothers will collect the Maga and take her to the inn and also how they're likely to express the treachery trait - sorry if I've missed an action but I think we are at the stage to see what happens after the Maga enters the inn or if anything happens evening/overnight?

The grogs return to Viola, and guide her to the inn. The innkeeper's face colours when he sees Antonio.


Viola is pleased to watch this play out, discreetly and from a corner. Maybe it'll provide some answers to that mystery about why his skill seems to have disappeared.


When did the barkeep see Antonio? I got the impression it was as they walk in - which puts the brothers and the Maga in the action too?

Yes, it'll be more or less as they come in. Presumably everyone came in together?

Yes, though Viola will let the shield grogs precede her.


The brothers look honestly surprised by the reaction, especially as they've been in the inn earlier that evening. They both are looking on confused, one quietly mutters to the singer "what did you...", the other interrupts "shh! ", then the first at normal volume completely openly "oh, a woman?" Nodding at the innkeeper a brother asks the singer, "Well?"
One of the brothers is moving back to block the door so that the Maga isn't walking into a thrown keg.