Chapter 3 (late Summer 1013): Gathering at Ungulus

Thom and Janus are planning a campaign into Loch Leglean. Caela is keen to see them going, but with her keen belief in further reinforcements, she wants to hold them back as long as possible; possibly even to the end of Summer.

One day, while many of the grogs and companions are in Carlisle, a new magus arrives ...

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The new magus is Adrien ex Bonisagus, a man who outwardly doesn't seem very interesting, short brown hair and brown eyes, no distinguishing features like scars, he is rather thin although the loose robes conceal that fact somewhat.
He rides a cart drawn by a horse, in the back two lightly armed men, no doubt guards. The cart is nowhere full and keen observers might notice a lock box, typicaly used to store mundane money.
As soon as the first human being comes into view, Adrien shouts out to them while waving his hand wildly above his head: "Hail!" in Latin

A young woman, in a blue, formal robe, come rushing when the new voice hails, but she stalls the moment she sees. She takes half a minute to compose her self, before she returns the greeting.

Welcome! New reinforcements? We have been expecting you. I am so pleased you have arrived. I am Caela, constable of Ungulus ...

She looks at Adrien, expecting his reply.

Adrien smiles

Reinforcements indeed! Although I am not much of a fighter but rather a healer, still hopefully I will be of use to the effort. My name is Adrien of house Bonisagus. Pleasure to meet you, Caela.

Healer, you say? God knows that we have missed one more than once. Come on, let me introduce you to the others.

She shows you upstairs to the fourth floor, which serves as council room, library, sleeping quarters for other magi in temporary residence, and sometimes dining hall.

This is Janus of Flambeau and Thomas of Merinita, also recent arrivals. They are planning a campaign into Loch Leglean; we expect they will leave in a month or so. If you excuse me, I can have a meal brought in. Have you eaten, Adrien?

I have not, I will greatly appreciate it.

He says to Caela.
He then turns to the other two in the room.

I am Adeien of Bonisagus, pleasure to meet you, Janus, Thomas. Sorry if I have interrupted your conversation.

He looks at the older magus (I think it is Janus, but correct me if I'm wrong) and asks

I presume you will be our leader in this expedition? If that is the case I will do my best to fulfil your expectations.

A handsome blond magus with an air of the Sidhe about him smiles a greeting as the newcomer is introduced.

"Hello, hello, Adrien ex Bonisagus. Be welcome and join us!" He gestures at an open chair.

"As Caela said, I'm Thom ex Merinita. I've only been here a short time. Apprenticed at Castrum Antiquum which is sadly diminished. My parens remains there hidden away. Unless she has departed deeper…"

"Where did you come from?"

Welcome Sodalis, a specialist healing is most welcome. I fear the planned expedition may well often call on your abilities. As to leadership of our excursion in to Loch Legean, that has yet to be determined. Replies Janus to Adrien

Adrien sits on the chair presented and answers Thomas' question.

I am from Normandy Tribunal, aprenticed at Montverte, which has played a significant role in scorching the Diedne who reside within it's home tribunal. As the enemies of the order dwindled there, I was sent here to play a support role to the war effort.
My Parnens, Sylviane of Bonisagus, is still residing in our home Covenant, last I known.

Adrian turns to Janus

Well, could you tell me a little more about the expedition and it's goals? I'm afraid I wasn't briefed on this subject.
Is there particular reason why my abilities will be needed or do you say that because of the usual reasons, so prevelant in a war?

Three magi of this Covenant are missing, having left to fight Diedne in Lock Legean. They were last heard from in a town north of here called Dumfries. We are going to search for them and fight any Diedne and their allies we come across. Healing will be needed for the inevitable wounds we and our grogs will no doubt suffer. The war is not finished until we eradicate the Diedne and all their evils, once and for all. Replies Janus

I am sure you are already aware of it, but I will note that immedeate permanent healing needs vis to complete. I have a supply that was sent as materials for war to preform the healing rituals, but it will be only enough for 3 castings, which should affect the entire expeditionary force, if there's not too many of us.
So I wouldn't overly relly on instantenious healing, as it is quite expensive.

Anything is better than what we had before your arrival sodalis. I have a pawn of Creo vis left from my last battle which you can use if you need to. Let’s hope any encounter is completely one sided in our favour and we never have the need for your healing spells, replies Janus

"Your area of study will be really helpful, Adrien," nods Thom with a smile. "Wow! And a Bonisagus! So interesting!"

The young magus takes a sip of his beverage.

"If I've got a specialty, it's probably illusions. But who knows where the path will lead me?"

Thom listens to Janus, eyes narrowing slightly.

"I believe our expedition is to be a scouting mission, Master Janus. We should be prepared to defend ourselves but I don't think we're taking a warband with us. Are we?"

Scouting or not, we must prepare for combat. The Diedne and their allies are clever and deadly, they will have made preparations to avoid detection until they are ready to strike on their chosen terrain and at a time to suit them. Don’t underestimate their threat sodalis

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Returning from the market, Edwin makes sure the cloth and food are carefully stored. He then seeks out any magi, as he has news.
"I heard in town that some witches broke someone out of a prison in Mercia. The interesting thing is that this occurred a few days after Janus and his companions left, so I have no idea who they were. Also, the witch-hunter that Janus threw fireballs at somehow survived. It appears he has a reputation for being unkillable."

“So he survived, how unfortunate. Well that does not bode well for me at tribunal when the charge of interfering with mundanes is brought against me. I had better make sure I die in battle with the last Diedne to save everyone the trouble” replies Janus, his attempt at gallows humour quite unlike him for those who have travelled with him for sometime.

Thom shakes his head with a soft chuckle at Janus. "You're a ray of sunshine, aren't you, Master Janus."

The Merinita ponders for a moment.

"Who is this witch-hunter? Was he directing those scoundrels who we ran into on our journey here?"

“He called himself Wulfric and claimed to be a man of the Ealdorman of Mercia. He came guarded by two well armed and armoured soldiers. He seemed to be a power in Mercia so I doubt he was leading brigands in Northumbria.” Replies Janus.

"Wulfric, eh? Sounds like trouble," says Thom. "Beset to keep him at a distance, I suppose. Did anyone get a snip of his hair or a cut of his hide? Any connection arcane someone might use? Cause it seems to me we might need to take action on someone styling themselves a witch-hunter. Maybe someone is still left who could twist up his mind enough to send him into a madness."

Thom gets that hint of a smile again.

"Or maybe we could work a deal with Faerie and slip this fellow into one of their regio. I'm sure they could have quite a time with this wolf of a Wulfric."

We did not manage to claim any arcane connection to the fellow I am afraid.