Chapter 4: Into the council chamber yet again


Heinrich arrives early. Mumbling to himself - [color=red]I'm not sure I like the shade of the mortar. This room needs more art. Heinrich twiddles his thumbs and casts minimalist spontaneous lvl 1 and 3 spells on his toes. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ardath arrives quietly, and sits comfortably in her chair. She then keeps her hand occupied by playing with a dagger.

[color=red]Well, I couldn't care less. As far as I'm concerned, if you have ideas to embelish the place, you can feel free to do so.

Poking fun and obviously exaggerating. [color=red]Ardath, really! sighs loudly [color=red] Does living out in the bush really color everyone's disposition so gray? Give me the urbane life anyday. Why I bother to hang out with you locals...

Quietly entering the chamber Mariella says
[color=red]Your concern for the frivolous is most impressive Heinrich. Perhaps you should have been a jester not a magus. Let us see if there is any actual business to deal with in this council chamger today

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Krispin arrives haggard and unkempt. His eyes, tinged red from exhaustion, have dark grey circles under them. Almost oblivious to those around him, he slumps down in the far seat and waits for Justus to begin.

This meeting is almost like any other meeting of the covenant council, the food and wine is excellent. Justus sits on his throne and starts to speak now that every magi is present. [color=red]Before we receive the reports on the covenants status I’ll need to mention that Maga Constantia Ex Flambeau is visiting us in a few weeks. I’ll suggest that we wait upon having meet her until we decide where our new vis will be spent. For the moment we have eight Aquam vis, one Vim, four Animal, four Herbam, eight Terram, two corpus and three creo. Then Justus summons the covenfolk. All of the covenfolk bows in turns as their name are called. I’ll let them speak in turns and then we can ask them questions.

Erich is allowed to speak first. Erich is a forceful man who speaks with a stern voice. [color=red]I have the following to report, he states, [color=red]Both the militia and the new guards are training and the tournaments have been an appreciated success. Everything is going fine.

Gunter is a slender man with a cruel look upon his face and speaks with a soft voice. [color=red]The covenant’s funds are still rapidly decreasing… There are still 87 pounds of silver left. Perhaps next year there will be some effect of our cost saving mechanisms. We are still leaking silver into the surrounding area and there is only a question of time before someone not so friendly will discover where the trail of silver comes from. 87 pounds of silver is enough for most men to try something stupid.

Horst is next one to speak. His average height and has a sturdy body can easily mistake him for a peasant rather than the head of the villagers.[color=red] For the New Year our new tax system will start to generate some income or decreasing the tax on your subjects. That is entirely your choice. With your masters allowance I would like to leave the covenant for a moment. My daughter is getting married, if all goes well, with the mayor of Kolberg. As her father I would like to attend her wedding.

Father Gerald steps forward and starts to speak.[color=red] Blessing of the Lord upon you masters and this covenant. The local congregation have a healthy spiritual health. Nothing strange has occurred.

The servants and covenfolk exit the rooms so that the magi can deliberate in peace and wait to be summoned as is the usual practice.

Heinrich [color=red]Yes, I have a few comments on Horst. I have noted over some time that he is more than qualified for his position. He is more than able and responsible. On the other hand, I feel that perhaps he competes with us for status and perhaps isn't as respectful of our positions as he ought to be. He has not been strictly out-of-line with me necessarily, but take a good long look at this new town hall he has under construction. Take it from a lover of the aesthetic, this town hall is purposefully meant to outshine the covenant. Heinrich visibly blushes the more he goes on. He looks like he feels a little uncomfortable with the attention he has called upon himself, but having started has to finish what he is saying.

[color=red] He has demonstrated himself to me to esteem himself as superior to us. Perhaps it's more a question of poise and presentation than outright personal behavior? At present this does not seem to affect his work performance beyond, perhaps, the town hall. But I'd like all of you to note his behavior and see if you think differently. This, of course, doesn't have bearing on his request to go to Kolberg, but it's a good time for me to bring to the council my observations. Heinrich leans back and takes a breath perhaps as if he youthfully? thought his observations were of prime importance and was anxious to speak out and yet is relieved to be done.

[color=red]As you may have noticed I am unconcerned with matters of aesthetics. I beleive Horst manages the day to day affairs of the covenant efficiently . He obeys our commands and has so far demonstrated respect. I am unconcerned if he gets out of line then he can be corrected . Until that day I am content to leave this be.

We must continue to seek another source of revenue for the covenant although it seems our dayly activities may soom cover some of our overspend.

[color=red]Well, because of my wits and charm, of course :wink: Unless you prefer mariella's rough treatment?


Softly, in a mutter
[color=red]Oh, the joy! :unamused:

[color=red]Great news, horst! This is a good mariage, you must be pretty proud of her. :smiley:


Once the man is gone...

[color=red]Well, this is good news. We should be able to turn this to our advantage, by improving our relationship with Kolberg.

However, I have also noticed the new town hall, constructed without even asking us, and designed to make our manor house seem inferior. These are clearly 2 victories against us in a political conflict. I don't appreciate it very much, but think it would be a display of weakness to openly formalize about it. We need to remind him of who the masters are, but in a more subtle way, and without antagonizing a valuable servant. Unless, of course, he steps out of line, in which case, we'll squash him like a bug :smiling_imp:
Let him go to kolberg, then. We have absolutely no reason to oppose this, and this'll also prove usefull to us.

As per the financial problems... Yannick had pretty good ideas about how to exploit the forest. Let them come to fruition. Likewise, our differend wardsand little spells, as I presented before, should slowly help matters
I say, for now, let the tax stay the same. Not only does the villagers seem to be doing ok with the current tax level, but we'll need to replenish our founds

Krispin hasn't been himself through the proceedings, but he appears to have something to say now. He rises shakily from his seat. He speaks quietly, even for him.

[color=red]“Sodales, I apologize for interrupting and for my disheveled appearance, but I have something I need to share with you all. I’m afraid I have what some would consider… an unseemly habit… that holds over from my apprenticeship. I’ve known you all for a good season now, and so I hope I can trust you. There are magi who would spend spend their whole lives trying to see far and near, perhaps even into the past or future. Well… He gulps.

[color=red] I can.

It seems strange, I know. It is certainly not Hermetic, and certainly not a blessing. I have seen visions in the fire and in my dreams ever since I was a small child. I cannot control them. They may be of the past, the present, the future. They may be symbol or reality. But one thing I know… they are always true, in their way. I know a true one when I see it, and this is one of the strongest I’ve had since I was a child.

I must tell you about it because I saw myself in them, and one of my sodales as well. Normally I would keep such I thing to myself, but since it involves you, I think this is something for the council to consider. Perhaps one if you will be wiser than me in interpreting it."

He is filled with conviction. [color=red] “There were seven visions. I would like to recount them for you, using magic if I may." His eyes cloud over as he remembers, describing what he has seen…
[color=blue](Krispin casts a spont CrIm5 “Relaying the Vision of the Magus” to create images, albeit probably less spectacular and smaller, of the vision he has seen. (Base 2 [affect sight and hearing], +1 touch, +1 conc, +1 complexity [changes as he speaks] ). They are centered on the table in front of him, where his sodales can plainly see them. Cast at Cr10+Int3+Aura3=16+stress/2)

[color=red]"In the dark I hear a child crying, the voice of an old crone cackles. Blood washes across the moon."

"There is a clearing in a pine forest, snow dusts the ground. This is a glade in the mountains. A young child lies on a rock a figure stands over it with a knife gleaming in the red moon light. Misshapen figures lurk around the edge of the glade."

"In a fishing village in a rocky cove on the coast a women sobs holding a child’s doll. The scene flickers away…"

"I see you, Justus, speaking with a blond women armored in gleaming mail."

"Now a ship pulls away from a pier, in the harbour at Kolberg. The ship has the figurehead of a kraken on its bow. I am standing on its deck. "

"A vast cave full of gold and coins is illuminated by a flickering flame from the jaws of a great wyrm…"

"My final vision wrenches back. A priest is traveling in the woods, dressed in the robes of a monk. He seems familiar, perhaps a family resemblance to someone, although I’ve never seen him before. In the shadows, I see a hooded figure taking aim with a bow.”

He sits back down as the spell finishes.

[color=red]“There. I think that was all of it. Now that I have presented it to you, what do you all think? I hope you believe me – with so many Ex Misc. in the room, we surely all know there are more things in magic than Hermetic theory contains. I think this may be something important. I know I intend to investigate it, and I think at least Justus should as well. How say you all?”

At the end of the images Mariella goes deathly pale, clearly gripped by fear.
[color=red]Krispin. You are certain that these images will come to pass? And are certain of the image of the priest?

At the end of the images Mariella goes deathly pale, clearly gripped by fear.
[color=red]Krispin. You are certain that these images will come to pass? And are certain of the image of the priest?

[color=red] "The image you saw is as I saw it, the best my poor illusions can allow. I am certain only that this vision is true, on some level. That does not mean it will come to pass exactly as you see - it could be a metaphor or a symbol. It may also have already come to pass, or it may be happening now. Still, I think it likely that that is something that will happen or has happened. Why, do you know this priest?"

Justus scratches his head. [color=red]The only thing I can recognise from the vision is the port of Kolberg. If it where a symbol of something then it wouldn’t perhaps be that specific. If we are to investigate this vision then that is the only clue that we have. At least for now. Justus drinks a bit of wine and looks at Mariella, most interested in hearing what relations she has with a priest.

Don't worry. The fact that I'm wary of her doesn't means that I'm gonna do anything stupid or impolite, on the contrary :wink: In fact, one of the reasons I'm wary of her is that I have ascertained her character as dangerous.

(After the vision)

Ardath stays silent for a moment, visibly disturbed by what she saw.
Hold... This... There is something about this vision that is clearly linked at least to the close novgorod tribunal.
That crone, her cackling... I can't place it, but I've heard it before, even if I can't place it. Should it prove to be a childhood memory, we should be careful, as it'll only mean dark forces are at work.

About the woman talking to justus, however, I can shed some light at least, as i've met her a few times in the past.
She is a Tremere magus going by the name of Justice, if my memory serves me well. She lives, or at least lived in the Novgorod Tribunal of course, although I can't remember her home covenant, nor if she even had one. I'm not even sure I ever knew.

She served as a hoplite, maybe even as a quasitor. I didn't care much about such matters back then. However, I took attention to more valuable details even then, especially with such a woman, and I can tell you that she is old, and powerfull. Certainly older than any of us, and probably much more so: Like me, she bears the mark of the fae, which hides her true age.
I believe I last saw her some time after she had marched her fourth wizard, eviscerating him through Perdo magics, and this made her already very scary, not only for me, but also for my pater and his sodales. Since then, I have heard she has marched succesfully at least one other maga.

Sigh... I wonder what may be the link between these visions, but we should certainly investigate them. Going to kolberg is a first task. Kalesh sometimes sent such visions to some of his children as a warning, and ignoring them always made triumphing over the odds more difficult. While I have absolute confiance in our ability to overcome any and all future trials, you'll excuse me if I am lazy enough to tackle them before they tackle us.
Here's an idea! Some of us could accompany Horst to kolberg! Not only will this be a perfect occasion to be introduced to the town mayor, which'll be usefull for our covenant's future, but this'll provide a cover for our investigations on this vision.


[color=red] "The priest would seem to be my brother. If you will excuse me I need to leave now, I have a vision to prevent"

Mariella Rises to her feet and heads towards the door

Heinrich snaps off [color=red]What in the hells?! Mariella! Together let's do it! Heinrich slides back his chair and stands as if to get ready.

Turning back to the council [color=red] And this may - or may not - have connection to this spate of invasions. If magas of Novgorod are at issue, then a visit by Constantia potentially might shed more light on this. -a sudden grin- [color=red] So, who's coming?

Stands up
[color=red]Mariella! After all you said to yannick, are you going to do the same error? Don't go alone, we'll help you!
Handwave angrily
[color=red]By kalesh, for all we know, this could happen in a month, or be already past!

Pauses for a moment, listening to Heinrich
[color=red]Uh-oh... I remember constantia spoke of some problems she had... I hope this isn't with that Justice woman, as this would be really bad news.
Now, I'm ready to go with mariella, but we can't rush into things blindly