Chapter 4: Into the council chamber yet again

[color=red]I agree. Let’s think rationally about this. I would like to go as well, in case this has already happened and he is injured, or if it has not happened, to prevent bloodshed as I can. However, I think we can all agree that some need to stay to protect the covenant, and if those of you more skilled in battle wish to go, I will stay.

[color=red]Excellent idea. Since I saw myself in Kolberg, I believe that means I must go. After we deal with the problem of Mariella’s brother, I will go there with whoever wishes to accompany me.

As regards the vision… I’ve been wracking my brain, and the only part I’ve been able to get much insight into is the part about blood washing across the moon. I recall a few years ago that a bloody moon is a symbol for a lunar eclipse. I am not the greatest astronomer, but the last time I read the signs, I recall that there was such an eclipse due in the next six weeks.

If that’s true, then I think at least the first two visions – the loss of the child, the red moon of the eclipse, and the sacrifice of the child under the red moon – must happen about six weeks from now.

Since the woman is crying, it makes me think that the visions proceed chronologically from there. If the child is hers and related to the previous visions, this must happen after those. That means it’s possible that the attack on your brother is the last of all.

On the other hand, since it was different from the others, it might actually be the first of all, or the most important, or something else entirely. Did anyone recognize those woods? If they’re close, we must act in haste.

Justus:[color=red]In the vision where there any signs of where I should be? We can’t all rush of to Kolberg and someone needs to stay here so that we won’t find our precious covenant a smoking ruin once we are back. What do you my fellow magi think who shall stay and who shall go? I am ready to leave for Kolberg but the safety of the covenant must be maintained.

[color=red]I shall go, with mariella and heinrich it seems. I might be able to recognise people there, and, as I am not directly involved in the visions, this leaves me a lot more freedom than heinrich, for exemple.

As per mariella's brother, I think we could try 2 things:

  • "cheat" the vision, by habing someone hidden aim at the brother's back without actually firing. Or, who knows? Firing at the true, hidden ennemy
  • Ward him or armor him under his cloth, so that the arrow misses or seldom hurts

Heinrich - [color=red]If it serves better, if Justus is away, I can stay. I am no Hoplite.


Clearly forcing herself to calm, Mariella stops herelf before leavng the room.
[color=red]You are correct rushing into action will not achieve anything. I must go if my brother needs my aid I must be there. He is in Kolberg at the monastery so I will go to Kolberg. It seems that Ardeth has knowledge that may be useful so she must go. Justus should go as he appears in vision and if he does not this maga Justice may come here.
With myself and Ardeth gone the remaining magi can do little to guard this place against a serious threat as none of you have much in the way of offensive magic . I doubt my journey will take me past Kolberg as my brother is there, however it seems that the restof the vision may take Krispin further afield and he will need help.
Hopefully I will be away from the covenant for only a few days and can return here. If you leave most of the grogs and take but a few with you then once I return the covenant will be as secure as we can make it.

We must decide quickly as I intend to be on the road shortly.

Mariella turns and opens the door to the servants outside and quickly directs one of them to go to her Sanctum and collect her travelling gear.

It seems from the vision that the background to the meeting between Justus and Justice is a pine forest with snow on the ground. Near the covenant the coming of Spring has alreadt melted the snow on the ground

That wasn't clear from the way I phrased the original vision

[color=red]Perhaps it is best then to conclude our meeting and prevent this vision. There seems to be anything important that we must decide upon. Justus rises up from his chair.[color=red] Mariella say the word and I come with you. I need to assemble a few things first.

Yannick, who had remained silent through all of the meeting, straightens:
[color=red]Mariella, could I talk to you please? Just the two of us. This is important.

[color=red]As long as it is quick , Yannick


[color=red]What if this does all tie in together? What if the covert woman, the alleged woman who was having werewolves report to her and the woman of the vision are one and the same? When do we expect the quaesitor's report? And if I'm to remain here, I'd like a briefing on what the status of our defenses are and how I can best aide in administering them. These old stories and accounts are a jumble in my mind.

[color=blue]Max, are we to add another season's worth of study having moved from Winter back into Spring, I presume?


[color=red]As a Magus you should be capable of reading the covenant records . I doubt there will be much you could do if we are attacked here our enemy has already overcome Justus

Mariella steps into the hallway to confer with Yannick

I have tried for a summary of events in the table talk thread, Mariella is just not happy at the moment

[color=blue]OOC: This council meeting is in the early spring so it’s only studies for the winter that has to be done.

[color=red]Mariella, I think there is something that you should know about.
Your brother didn't come to Ad Fons of his own free will. I have gained some knowledge in the past that made it possible to force him to come here.
I thought it would be an advantageous arrangement to have a priest that would keep our secrets, if we kept his.
Now, as he is your brother, this should no longer be necessary.

Why am i telling you this?
Well, as I understood Krispin, these visions could be figurative. I mean, blackmailing someone could be visualized as someone taking aim from the shadows. We need to exclude this possibility.

How can we do this?
I could stay here. Gerald being at Kolberg, it is impossible for me to attack him.
Or I could take his place. I'd wear his clothes, change my face to match his, use a couple of protective spells and wait to be attacked.

But he is your brother. It is yours to decide how we proceed.

[color=blue]OOC Mariella is in shock as she didn't think that was her brother and the player is just clarifying this as her attitude to him has been slightly different than it would have been. Possible Oooops and Krispin may have a different vision

Also it would be a good idea if at least one of your characters went to Kolberg (For everyone) as nothing much will happen at the covenant.

[color=blue]ooc I am happy if Furt wants to go back and forget this conversation happened but I will respond as if it has happened

[color=red]Yannick you are mistaken the priest Gerald is not my brother. However two things we will speak later about blackmailing a man of the cloth. AND if you ever blackmail my brother and I find out about it I will have your head on a pike.
Mariella smiles pleasently at Yannick

[color=red]Come now, we have business in Kolberg this vision and the date of my brother. We ride out before noon

FATE of my brother (to ht best of my knowledge as a priest he is dating no one)

Well, what a pleasant surprise! You had a very good idea, yannick, and, by making this priest mariella's brother, I think Kalesh himself rewarded your wits. This is turning out to be even better than I could have guessed.

Yes, I'd like to make this unhappen. :blush:
Unless the rest of the troupe thinks it is more fun if it happens. :question:
Yannick will propose himself as an enhanced bait both ways.

Yannick is not stupid (Probably) and mistaking someone for Mariellas Brother is hard to do


We are ready to set off?