Chapter 4: Justice


Before Noon the magi assemble in the covenant courtyard ready to travel to Kolberg. It is a cold but dry early spring day and the journey should be fairly easy. Those mages able to do so have their horses and saddlebags packed the rest have one of the more comfortable wagons. Also present travelling to Kolberg or Siegfried who is travelling to see about a commission to make a sword and the covenant autocrat who is travelling to the marriage in Kolberg. Also accompanying the magi are a couple of grogs to handle horses and provide an obvious security presence to deter any bandits without recourse to magic.

The Journey is fairly easy although there are signs that the weather will turn wetter soon. After stopping overnight in an inn the magi reach Kolberg, the inn is comfortable enougth although the guests and Innkeeper are very nervous around those magi without the gentle gift.

Kolberg is reached on the afternoon of the second day and the magi are able to pass the gate after paying a small toll.

Mariella indicates it is her intention to head up to the monastery where her brother dwells and she will probably stay there.
There is an Inn near the harbour where the magi have stayed before or they could also seek accomodation at the monastery

Could people remind me which magi actually speak German as those who don't will have trouble speaking to the locals.
Let me know if anyone wants to do anything on the journey

[color=blue]Heinrich has German as a native language

[color=red]Staying at the inn might make us better and quicker to respond to incidents, no?

[color=blue] Like Heinrich, Krispin speaks German and is Gently Gifted, so should get along at least OK.

[color=red] "Mariella, if you intend to seek lodging at the monastery, I will do the same. If nothing else, we should see about your brother - it is he we are here seeking, after all."

[color=blue]whoops, I've would've written monastery if I didn't slip and write the opposite.

Heinrich - [color=red]Yes, yes, the monastery. That's what I meant.

Justus speaks, [color=red]I have no objections towards staying at the monastery. That ship from the vision wasn’t it supposed to appear here in the harbour. Perhaps we need to monitor that location from closer. Perhaps we should at least post one of our men down at the tavern by the docks to keep watch?


[color=red]I will be going to the merchants quarter near the dock if there is something you wish searching for I can have a look for you if you tell me what you are seeking

[color=blue]I have 4 XP in it 8) :laughing:

And Alberich will be happy to stay at the tavern by the docks to keep watch... Leisure time away from the magi, with a possibility of action, pleasure!

The magi accompanied by one of the Grogs proceed up the hill towards the monastery , Horst head to the house of his daughter where he will be staying until the wedding, and Alberich and Siegfried head down towards the docks.

Heading up the hill the magi attract a lot of attention particularly Mariella and Ardeth . Many of the townsfolk make signs of protection against evil magic and the devil in the direction of both of them and mutter comments and curses . They also cross the street to get out of the way moving to avoid them.

For those of you who can undestand German the comments agaisnt Mariella seem to be that she is some form of witch , while those agianst Ardeth are much confused as she is a strange foreign looking woman with armour and a sword.
Indeed Heinrich notices one man turn pale as death upon seeing Ardeth , turn around and immediatly head in the opposite direction as fast as possible .

At the docks Siegfied goes to speak with several merchants and a ships captain while Alberich looks at the ships and investigates several taverns

Heinrich, talking to Ardath, inclines his head in the direction of the man's quick escape - [color=red]Ardath, please quit flirting with the locals. You are scaring them away. He makes a playful feint at jabbing Ardath with his elbow.

[color=blue]The elbow jab should add in my penetration and finesse score - tripled due to terrible humor. Do I get past her parma ? :wink:

[color=blue]He penetrated!!! He penetrated!!! I laughed!!! :laughing:
[color=red]Why, good sir, already jealous? :wink:
And I take his arm while walking :laughing:

[color=blue]This is strange. Do I know this man?

Ardeth has no recollection of ever seeing the man before

Heinrich purposefully and subtly stiffens and grimaces.


[color=red]Oh! Sorry, I didn't knew you had... other tastes. My bad

:smiley: :wink: and reverence

Heinrich blushes and fumes with poise.

[color=blue]But neither confirms or denies. :wink:

Fixer and I are willing to take xp handouts or kudos for the repartee. It doesn't have to be just Max! :laughing:

The startled gentlemen moves rapidly out of sight into the crowd while the magi continue up the hill to the monastery , as they do so the crowds thin out.
Reaching the Monastery Mariella speaks to the doorkeeper who sends a novice running off to the main building. He then glares at Mariella but grudingly allows the magi to wait outside the gate. After a few minutes the novice returns and speaks to the Gatekeeper who looks suprised .
[color=red]Welll then , I am told you are welcome at the guest house. Follow me

With that he turns and heads into the monastery. As you follow him and your beasts are taken to the stable you notice in the stable something most unnusual for a monastery three large horses are stabled there clearly warhorses from their size and temperment.

The Guest house itslef is quite functional and comfortable adn the magi begin to settle in . Mariella says that her brother should be along shortly but that if any of the rest of you wish to leave and go into town the gatekeeper should be at his post until well after evening prayers giving you plenty of time to return

Down at the Dockyard besides appreciating the quality of the ale, Alberich sees a ship docked at one of the piers . The ship has the figurehead of a Kraken as the ship he was supposed to look for had.

Several crewmembers are hanging around the pier and some people are loading heavy Barrels onto the ship

Once Justus and the rest of the magi are alone Justus speaks to his fellow magi in a toned down voice, not whispering but quiet. [color=red]We need to maintain communications with our men down at the dock without the exposure that we suffered once we got near Kolberg. Perhaps Heinrich, that is if you wish, can go down to the docks disguised in some manner. I may sound paranoid but we don’t know the full truth behind that dreadful vision. If we need to remain here then we must see if there is a location where we can practise magic without this aura spluttering our magic’s. From Mariella’s brother we should be able to know who those horses belong to.


[color=blue]Alright folks, feel free to chime in to help the newbie. Heinrich'll try to fatigue spont an Intellego Mentem spell to sense emotion of the 'startled gentlemen' And I come up with this basic data. Level 5 - Sense a single emotion. Range (1 level up from base-Personal): Eye, Duration (base): Momentary; Target (base): Individual . So I think I add a magnitude to make it Lvl 10 (ooh, this could be hard).

For the spont fatigue spell it looks like: {7 (IN) + 7 (Me) + 1 (Sta) + ? (Aura: Hopefully still out of monastery's aura) + stress die} / 2)



Heinrich'll immediately start looking around horses (saddles, insignias, equipment etc.) and for other signs of who the riders might be. This constitutes - for him - a potential connection: boon or threat - to the vision. If a stablehand or other nearby person presents themselves he'd like to ask discreetly (affecting wide-eyed curiosity) - [color=blue]?throwing in a charm rating (score - 1 ) if it would seem to help? He might ask something like:

[color=red]Goodness, what noble, powerful steeds. They are majestic. Who brings them here?

Heinrich - [color=red]Okay, but disguise? All I think I might be able to procure is a monk's robe. Maybe a commoner's dress and I can at least act like I'm a covenfolk pighand - having at least some experience doing that back home?