Chapter 4: Preparing for Autumn 1013

nods "Smart idea." She'll approach Jack the Giant to offer him one of the Excellent +1 Round Shields. "Would you like this to protect my sodales?" she says, hoping he understands Latin.

OOC: Update your characters, I'm updating the equipment with the spare mundane gear.

Jack replies in reasonably good Latin. "Thank ya, M'am. I'll be doin' my best to keep you'uns safe."

He hefts the shield, takes a tentative bashing swing at the air, and then smiles.

If our scribe is copying spell lab texts Janus will request that Circling Winds of Protection is included in the list copied.

Any other lab text request? If I hear silence, I'll put in a full list of what I think is most useful to add to our library.

Betula is strangely interested in the anti-faerie spells (both versions of FEO and the Ward)

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Leap of Homecoming is always useful but nothing beyond that for Janus

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These would be of interest to Thadeus:

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Aegis duplicate in Dowry. Do we really need levels 20, 25, and 30?

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FEO and DEO 5? Or do anyone anticipates specializing enough that a high level version with a good penetration is likely?

Thom would be interested in:

Pilum of Fire
Circular Wards (Beast, Faeries, Demons in that order of preference)
Circling Winds of Protection

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Janus would vote low level over the higher ones to ensure penetration.

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Janus will be copying Pilum of Fire in to our Grimoire fairly soon after we settle down so I would put that as a lower priority.


Thadeus knows Veil of Invisibility, so he could do the same. His lab texts are all in his head.

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Is there willingness of the magi to craft enchanted items for companions?

Of course not. But then, Thadeus doesn't know what we have already! :wink:

I guess this discussion allows us all to know what we have or can bring to the grimoire.

If there's a consensus to spending a season writing lab texts, it's something Cath'rinne can consider doing as well if her spells are useful to others. She's more into spontaneous magic, however.

Janus thinks writing your lab text in to the grimoire should be a high priority for everyone.

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We have three specialists working on copying laboratory texts in Automn 1013.
Bookbinder: (craft: bookbinding 5 + Scribe 3 + MT 1)
Illuminator: (craft: illumination 5 + Scribe 3 + MT 1)
Scribe (Profession: scribe 5 + Magic Theory 2)

This sum of Profession Scribe abilities is 11. At 60 levels per season per points in profession scribe, they're able to copy 660 levels of laboratory texts.

I also think 660 may be more than necessary, so one will help with copying lab texts, another will copy "Diedne Lore: Know thy enemy by Tacitus of Tremere Q8, dated Blackthorn 1010" which takes an entire season per tractatus. Final copiable lab texts = 8 scribe points or 480 levels.

I'm coming up with this list include casting tablets which are copied as lab texts:

Type Name Tech Form Level Note
Casting Tablet Heal Incapacitating Wound Cr Co 35
Casting Tablet Inexorable Search In Co 41 Built with 21 penetration
Casting Tablet Leap of Homecoming Re Co 35
Enchanted Devices lab text Incendior Homine Cr Ig 40 Cov p. 53, +28 Penetration variant
Enchanted Devices lab text Flaming Sword Cr Ig 35 A longsword that, when drawn, casts Blade of the Virulent Flame on itself. Creo Ignem 15, +3 6 uses per day, +17 for 34 Penetration
Enchanted Devices lab text Weightless Chain Pe Te 29 A Full Chain Mail set that uses a Personal version of Hauberk of Sublime Lightness (PeTe 25) that is truly constant (+4).
Enchanted Devices lab text Invisibility Cloak Pe Im 25 When the cloak's hood is drawn up and tied below the neck, the wearer becomes Invisible as per Veil of Invisibility (with D: Conc). PeIm 15, item maintains concentration +5, +5 24 uses per day
Enchanted Devices lab text Flying Broomstick Cr(Re) Au 39 (also explains how to get a +5 shape bonus to flight from the broom)
based on Wings of the Soaring Wind Cr(Re)Au30, maintains concentration and 12 uses/day
Spells laboratory text Pilum of Fire Cr Ig 20
Spells laboratory text Wizard's Sidestep Re Im 10
Spells laboratory text Demon's Eternal Oblivion Pe Vi 5
Spells laboratory text Faerie's Eternal Oblivion Pe Vi 5
Spells laboratory text Magic's Eternal Oblivion Pe Vi 5
Spells laboratory text Gather the Essence of the Beast Re Vi 20
Spells laboratory text Circling Winds of Protection Cr(Re) Au 20
Spells laboratory text Circular Ward against Faeries Re Vi 20
Spells laboratory text Circular Ward against Demons Re Vi 20
Spells laboratory text Circular Ward against The Beasts of Legend Re An 30
Spells laboratory text The Crystal Dart Mu(Re) Te 10
Spells laboratory text Leap of Homecoming Re Co 35

Total lab text levels is 479.

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Looks good to me.