Chapter 4a: Janus Caves, Exploration of (ooc)

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Intuition of the Forest , Level 10 , page 136 ArM05
You get a +03 to all nature-oriented rolls when in a forest.
Base 01 , +01 Touch , +02 Sun , +02 Group

Maybe one of you can spont a Cave version.
Though it would be Level 15 as the Base InTe Guideline is 02.

A personnal, individual range version would be lvl 2, +2 sun = lvl 4.

Awesome idea!!!

Dont you need +01 Touch with InTe , as your magus is not covered by the Form.
I thought the Group part was to cover more than one tree/plant at a time as you traversed the forest.

Possibly you might need Target: Structure for a cave system.

One thing that hasnt been checked is if the caves have other entrances/exits.
We could do this by creating smoke and covering the front entrance.
Plus it would flush out any critters , ones that breathed anyway.

I was in full noble's parma mode, and assumed you were the target of the spell, but I concurr with you, the plant is.

So for the caves, yeah, range touch, and T: structure seems appropriate :frowning:

Too bad.

(plugging in from somehwere else...) I would suggest that you do not need target structure here :slight_smile: Intuition of the forest does not require a boundary target (it is T: group). If you just want to talk to the current cave you are in, T: Individual should sufice. The target of this spell Is you, NOT the forest or cave. Look at hunt for the wild herb here :slight_smile:

So a RDT of Personal, Sun, Individual spell should work. More than incrasing the Target to group, I would increase the size by 1 magnitude to ckeck stuff about nearby stuff. With a base of 1 and +1 for affecting stone you end up with a level 5 spell (b1, 0, +2, 0, +1 size)

Just my 2 mythic cents :slight_smile:


Possibly, but it seems less thematically appropriate to me the way you have designed. I would imagine it more as Range Personal, Sun Duration, Target Room effect of conversing with stone spirits. Not by my books to figure out what the math is.

D: Sun and T: Room both increase the level by two magnitudes. So, with a base InTe Level of 2, that would be Level 10, by my reckoning.

It is base 2 to communicate with stone?

Have to disagree with Xavi , the target of the spell is not the magus , no Co requisite.
If you cast an Intellego spell with range personal , you get information about you.
The magus casting the spell gets the information about the target.

Intuition of the Forest , may not fit exactly within the guidelines , perhaps it should be target Boundary.
Can always ask the boards or check the errata.

I was going off the original assumption of Base Level 2. Iirc, the original spell description was done by parallel to InHe 1 (Gain an intuitive knowledge of a plant). Level 2 base effect for InTe is to learn one visible property of an object (one that someone with the appropriate skill could determine just by looking).

Although re-reading Intuition of the Forest, which is based off the guideline description saying "for example, know whether a given action would harm a plant", being "gain an intuitive knowledge of a plant," I'm not sure I'd reach the same conclusion as Ravenscroft. I'd be more inclined to see it as something else entirely. I can almost make a case for a spell that has a base level 4 (see an object and its surroundings) and jack the Range to Touch (+1), Duration: maybe Diameter (+1), and Target: maybe Structure? (+3). Structure only because a natural cave is given as an example for "Room" target, and if we're talking about the whole cavern complex, that would be larger. It might even be Boundary (+4), but anything with a Target: Boundary is by definition a Ritual spell. Dropping the Duration to Instantaneous to be more in line with most, if not all, other Intellego spells would drop the final level by 5.

So....either Level 25 (if the cave complex is allowed as Structure) or Level 30 as a Ritual Spell otherwise.

Intuition of the forest.
Base 1 : Gain an intuitive knowledge of a plant

The target is the plant you gain information about. This is different from the lvl 2 guideline used by Hunt for the Wild Herb, which target and enhances your own sense of smell (+2 mag) by allowing you to perceive the smell of a specific plant.

For a human comparison, if, for exemple, using the InCo base 4 (Sense very general information about a body), a personnal range spell would give you info about your own body, a touch range spell about someone you're touching, and an Arcane connection spell for someone far away.

We will use the same level as for the InHe spell. The spell only works in caves (like only forests for the other one), but there may be other spells for cliffs, volcanoes etc

The darksight for woos is a lot less than for caves, but I do not ant to spend days roolling for spont crig spells, so let's assume they see, but like a normal human in twilight (I doubt it matters anyway).

So can I assume they always go right in the labyrinthine caves?

Darksight for woos? Woods?

Viscaria has two glass baubles with Ring/Circle/Moon CrIg spells on them already. I believe one had "moonlight" worth of light and the other "torch." Between that and the darksight, we should be good to go.

My assumption was that Chapter 4 would quickly cover the explorations, which we've agreed will take up to the rest of the season. We might first try the right-hand paths of the labyrinthine caves, but unless the caves are huge, we will then explore whatever we've missed.

Unless there is a particular reason you still want to play it out day-by-day, I'd prefer to just summarize what happens during the explorations.

As previously discussed, Viscaria starts each day's exploration by casting a few sun-duration spells:

InVi - detect level of aura
InVi - detect vis
InTe version of Intuition of the Forest.

(tangent: I really feel like, after a month of ceremonially casting the same spont'd spell every day, the character would have effectively memorized a ritual version of the spell)

Viscaria has almost no usable knowledge when it comes to non-faerie wilds or creatures (Faerie Upbringing and all that), so her efforts to detect creatures are all based on Faerie Lore and basic deduction. Leaving bits of food out and then seeing if they've been consumed is about the best that she can do.

Viscaria suggests to Heims that we (carefully) explore the rumbling as soon as we detect it. Presumably, we'll find the footprint first, so I'll start that over in the IC thread now.

I got your cave exploration algorythm (btw it only works if we have dead ends only: Try it in NYC and you will keep walking around the same block again and again!).

That's why you mark the routes. If you come to an intersection you've been to before, you take another route.

Unless , as in the movie Labyrinth ,
small critters are moving or erasing your marks when you are not looking. :smiling_imp: