Chapter 4b Twilight and Gloaming

Those who are staying at the covenant and not going to Barcelona, sound off here. There is an interesting faerie storie in the works :smiley:

Decimus stays at home.

Marie had been tempted to join the expedition to Barcelona, but then decided to stay at Andorra.

Lejla wouldn't mind shopping in a real city.

(OOC: But I won't play her. Use her as you need - as a translator, a shared NPC, whatever - don't kill her without a good reason if possible. If no one wants to take her along, she just does her mail round, starting with barcelona)

The situation at hand is that Viola has lost all abbility to communicate coherently. I mean, she has a negative communication to begin with and the Incomprehensible flaw. But all she can speak now is pure gibberish. She has tried to be stalwart about it, but she has turned to Carmen for help. Carmen, in turn, asks all of you (those that are here while the others go to Barcelona) for help. She can't figure it out.

[color=red]I would sure like to help, Decimus replies, [color=red]but I really would need to have her in my chamber especially designed for ceremonial magic and that lies in my sanctum. I could go gather my travel tools but they are nowhere as effective as my equipment in the sanctum.

Marie looks at Decimus and replies thoughtfully: [color=red]It might work. But it might be difficult to overcome a fairie curse with brute force. Negotations with the fairies might be another way.

[color=red]Carmen, how did she communicate her problem to you? Did she write? Would she agree to someone reading her mind? Or can she use some sort of sign language so we can elicit the cause of her strange malady?

[color=green]Carmen: [color=red]Honestly, I am going by my Intuition (Carmen has the Intuition Virtue, which she inherited from her mother the seeress)[color=red]. All she has been able to communicate to me so far is her distress. She can't spkeak or write anyhing except gibberish.

Lets ask her more directly. Viola, are you able to understand us? Would you give us permission to use Mentem magic on you to try and discern the nature of the maladay?

I don't even know if she is capable of expressing yes or no!

[color=red]If your attempts fail I could try to make a spell that suppress or at least lessen the effect of the fae curse. Not sure if it will have any effect but an attempt won’t hurt. Decimus looks at his other magi for answers.

[color=green]Carmen: [color=red]Maybe if we retraced her steps. Viola, if you can understand us, can you lead us to where this happened to you?

Maybe Marie & Decimus should try their respective spells on her and see what we can find out. Not sure of the legality, but it seems that it is an emergency situation.

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So she will nod in agreement to any magic intended to help her at the moment. Granted, she will assume that you probe no farther than is needed.

Decimus wish to use equipment in his sanctum. Thus he’ll stay within the code I suppose as he can do anything against any magus when they are in his sanctum. Decimus will try out a few Intellego, Perdo, Rego Vim spells if given the opportunity.

Casting total before division: In 10, Pe & Re 9, Vi 9 + Method caster +3, loud voice and bold gestures +2, special circumstances +3, cyclic magic (day) +3, Philosophiae +6, Artes liberates +6, really large props +5, aura +4= 50-51+dice

Unsuccessful. What ris your Magic Theory score? Do you know any Faere Lore? If you or someone else does (I am retty sure Marie does), you would be aware that the Faerie Magic Duration of Until (Condition) cannot normally be dispelled. This is true for Hermetic Farie Magic and for Faerie Powers.

Marie writes a letter to Master Greenleaf, her Elder Gild Mentor back in Germany, and asks for his advice. Although she tells Adolfo (a vain but very reliable redcap) that this is a very urgent matter and must be delivered at a high priority (she adds some silver and promises him a shopping trip to Agadir if the answer arrives fast enough to be of help), she knows that they can't wait for Master Greenleaf's answer.

(ooc: This could be a way of explaining the last obscure details for the SG after we've dealt with the problem - it also includes a new story hook - if Adolfo insists).

Marie is willing to help Decimus in his lab as an assistant with any spells, provided that he promises not to attack her or use magic on her during the session.

She also uses her Fairie lore (2 spec. Deals), but she doesn't know much in that area (Die: 2).

Marie suggests a search of Viola's sanctum (if she doesn't mind) and/or interviewing her familiar. She thinks that Viola's last project or a diary might help.

Decimus wouldn’t dream of attacking his soldaes and will swear to not hurt any assistant during his investigation.

I don't think Viola would consent to a sanctum search. But I will grant you this. The two of you can definitively tell that she is cursed by some kind of faerie magic.

[color=red]Well, we could try to interview this familiar of hers. Maybe that might provide us with a place to begin with.

(ooc: does the "beast" accompany her or is it in the sanctum?)

The Butterfly!

He can tell you that she went on a short solo expidition to the Caverns of Entropy around the other side of the mountain, and when she came back she was like this.