Chapter 5: A strange covenant in Novgorod…

I assume that every magi with the exception of Justus travels to the covenant that might be your foe.

The covenant is located on a hill and is surrounded by a stone wall. From the above there can bee seen a couple of building within the walls and only the one at the centre of the circle are three stories tall and made out of white stone. Amongst the other building there are those of two or one floor. At the foot of the hill there is a farming village, quite large for a village and it shows no signs of prosperity though are a large estate surrounding the covenant.

Krispin glances pensively up at the covenant on the hill, looking almost as moody as his shield grog, Weiland. [color=red] Well, sodales, what is our plan? Threats? Begging? I hardly think this covenant will give up their desire for conquest just because we ask them nicely.

[color=blue]What’s the name of this place again? And what do we know about it?

[color=red]We need information first. We don't even know for sure if they're our foes, and if so, why.
I say let's talk to them.

There are only one thing that you know from earlier and that is that Igor Rastavan’s former apprentice rules this covenant. Other than that there is little that you know. The magi could easily land the carriage either in the courtyard, at the gate house or behind a small hill a distance from the covenant where the carriage would be hard to see from the covenant.

[color=blue] What do we know about Rastavan and his apprentice? House? Magical interests? Political interests? Reasons for potential conquest? Has this been asked elsewhere already and I’m just dense?

[color=red] Especially given that this carriage is not ours and this covenant is potentially unfriendly, methinks we should leave it well disguised and out of sight. Justus and his friends would surely take it amiss if such a vis-invested item were stolen or damaged. As well, we have an advantage if potentially unfriendly magi do not know we possess an item of such power.

The following is known. Igor Rastavan is an arch mage and famous for his strive to get more power and spread the worship of the god Radegast. He is a Ex Miscellanea magus and has in his 80 year out of gauntlet had a few apprentices and one of the more recent are ruling this covenant. Rastavan is not afraid of using blunt methods to increase his power. Rastavan maintains probably the largest laboratory in the Rihne tribunal. His magical interest is not known to anyone amongst the Ad Fons magi but he is powerful.

Our opponent may very well be powerfull, and wields unknown magics. We should be very carefull, and seek information at all costs. We shall triumph, but preparation is the key to victory. Without it, things would be much more difficult, and we would be unworthy of Kalesh's favor.

[color=red]I favour an open approach. We have no grounds to wage war so we should approach in open ness and freindship . There will be time for problems later , as we may be on unfrenidly ground are behaviour should be above reproach and we should be most careful to do nothing which could be construed as magical spying

[color=blue]Here goes what I assumed that where going to happen.

The magi park the carriage behind the hill during the cover of darkness. A chilling wind grazes everyone as they walk up to the covenant. The town at the feet of the covenant is quiet, only the noise of a few cats discussing something with their claws can be heard. The magi starts to walk up the hill along the road that leads up to the covenants gate. The construction for those of you familiar to castles seems old but still functional in the more backward areas of Mythic Europe. As the magi approaches a guard at the wall above the gate spots them. [color=red]Who’s there?! The man shouts out in some strange Slavic tongue. Though perhaps only Ardath understand the words the meaning is obvious to everyone.

[color=red]visitors from a fellow covenant, asking for your hospitality

[color=red]Open the gate! The voice shouts out after looking at the magi for a moment. The gate is opened by a small group of guards. One of them have a red plume in his helmet and seems to be the leader. [color=red]Salve, my name is Sergej. His Latin is poor but the words firm. [color=red]It is late in the night but I can arrange for a room in the guest house. Masters does not allow us to disturb them after the dark. You are not allowed to enter beyond the guesthouse but it will take care of your every need. I will escort you there and I will tell my masters that guest have arrived when the time is right. The man with the red plumed helmet gestures towards ha wooden building next to the gate. The area within the gate is a second wall and another gate leads further into the covenant.

[color=red]Your hospitality is acceptable we shall take advantage of the guesthouse.

The magi are escorted into the guesthouse, a finely furnished building with interior that shows of the owner status. It is a large common area and small sleeping chambers next to it. Once the magi have been let in and have sat down at the table in the centre of the common area a group of three servants enter the room, dressed in similar styled clothing and as soon as they enter the room they kneel before the Ad Fons magi placing their forehead against the floor beneath them The servant in the middle of the group of three speaks in poor Latin. [color=red]Your orders most honoured guests.


[color=red]Thanks for your welcome. You can stand up now.
We'd like some food, the travel has been harsh. Other than that, everything shall be fine.

Food is brought to the magi and later they can sit by them selves. The servants seems terrified of magi and throw themselves to the floor if the make even the slightest mistake such as dropping a spoon near any magi. The food and lodgings are superb.

Krispin sits quietly, his face betraying how disturbed he is by what he sees around him. When they are alone, he whispers quietly. [color=red] It seems likely that the masters of the house don’t fully know we’re here yet. They seem like rather unsavory characters as well. I wonder if coming here was such a good idea after all...

[color=red]Agreed. I don't like this much, and don't think we'll be very well met. Sigh... time will tell

Is there anyone who wish to do something before night turns to morning? I’ll start the write up on the meeting with the magi of the covenant in a while if no-one wish to go bump in the night.

Nothing special.

I don't think it might be wise to abuse our hosts hospitality.

Well rested and well cared for the magi pass some time and night turn to morning. The servants make the magi’s morning so pleasant so that this morning and breakfast will not be forgotten in a hurry.

A time after the breakfast a servant comes to take them to the master. The magi walk out of the guesthouse and through the small gate and along a causeway to the central building. The large portal that leads into the lichen infested stone building, is purposefully designed to make anyone who pass through feel small. One can see vines scurrying they way from bottom to the top of the building.

Through the gate and into a small hallway the magi pass, everyone can see the spectacular tapestries covering the wall, depicting tales of unknown heroes with deeds lost to the rest of mankind. At the end of the hallway a second door stands the servant opens the door and shows that the magi should pass through the doorway.

The servant follows the magi within the door into a large council chamber. In front of the magi at the end of the room and on a raised dais a wedge shaped table stands. At the table five magi sits and observe the Ad Fons magi as they enters the room. The entire room is so designed that it feels as if the visitor is on trial. Every magus at the table has his or her back against the opposite wall. In the middle of the table there sits a magus who by the looks of his chair is most important.

The servant announces. [color=red]There are the magi guests that came during the night. The servant put his head against the floor as is customary in the covenant.

The magus at the head of the table speaks. [color=red]Welcome strangers. Please introduce your self. I am Pjotr Stanislaw Ex Miscellanea Filus Igor Rastavan.

The servant seems not to move but awaits a command from his master.