Chapter 5: On the Road


Events on this one will occure later than in the shadows of the past thread (largely)
I need to know what each of the magi is doing this summer as that may effect how events interact with them. Also if any of the companions are doing anything unnusual
Roberto- Refining Laboratory ?

The sumer has been warm , and quiet . Very warm almost medditerenean in its weather with very little rain, The still hot air has reduced the activity of the covenant to a minimum and made it difficult for the pirates to operate as winds have been weak and they have not yet been able to take a prize.
The travellers have returned with quite and somber after their experiences at the covenant of Shadow of the Past. Even Iolar seemed less then cheerful upon her return.

Finally the winds have picked up over the last few days and the pirates have been able to take to the seas properly. Although Iolar has warned that there may well be storms soon.

At sea the pirates come across a merchant ship clearly bound down the coast from the Hoy Roman Empire , and pinned by the wind against a Lee shore with the Wind in their favour they are able to begin their approach to attack.

In the covenant Dragor realises that a merchant shipment from De Pann coming by Road has not arrived it has glassware Roberto needs for his laboratory project and the marble blocks ordered for Aelinius's statue project. It should have been here two days ago and the mages will be expecting it in another few days, the travel time to De Panne is only a few days and he would have expected to have heard of any problems.

Dragor obtained the lock of hair from Veronica using Entrancement (unless anyone objects). Then he heads off for De Pann to see what the hold up is. He tracks down Marcello and Kilica to see if they would accompany him.

Kilica will consult with Wirth before accepting to see if he would wish her to gp to investigate this matter or if he will have need of her here.

:unamused: Dragor goes and locates Jan Axel. While we wait for Miss Kilica to obtain permission from her slave master, I will proceed without her. Slaves do not make good servants or vassals. We need to make command decisions if the situation goes awry. We can't wait for Kilica to run home and ask Wirth permission for every single step we take.

Dragor , Marcello and Jan Axel set off towards De Panne . It is about half way throught the first day of the journey then they are passing over a causeway which takes the old road through the marsh.
Jan Axel notices a lot of confused tracks at the side of the road which remind him of his bandit days it looks like someone took some wagons off the side of the road and tried to cover the tracks it looks like they failed because at least one of the wagons was heavily loaded and the ground is soft. He thinks it is likely that the wagons where dragged into a stand of scraggly swamp oak trees.

At sea the pirates capture a merchant ship after a brief fight

[color=green]Dragor: [color=red]Hurm..., looks ominous. Do you think they were hijacked by bandits or trying to hide from them? Maye we should look and see if there is anything salvagable out of there.

(this is AFTER shadows of the past, right?)
[color=red]Don't worry, you can go. Everything's fine

[color=green]Jan Axel
[color=red]No problem, man. I was getting rusty here anyway

[color=green]Jan Axel
[color=red]My thoughts exactly. And we might find something interesting, too.

(This is after Shadows of the past and the group leaves before Kilica returns from seeking Wirth's permission)

Entering the patch of woodland it is easy to follow the trail , there are several wagons visible in a circle at the centre of the patch of tree's . Most of the Wagons are obviously empty .
Standing near the wagons are three men who frankly look a lot like bandits . They are dressed in leather armour jackets , and carry swords, two of them have bows. They seem to have seen the approaching group and are looking at them suspicously.
Dragor recognises the wagons as belonging to the merchant who was bringing the covenant its goods.

Though Dragor was being a Dk, I sorta did that on purpose. Andrew should be able to throw things at us without having his own character come and save us. I figured that, from a player dynamic, Dragor & Marcellus & Jan Axel made a more playable trio. Does Max control a companion?

oops, double post :stuck_out_tongue:

Nope I have no companion.

Not a problem, happy to have her left behind

hmmm... now that sounds ominous.

[color=green]Jan Axel
[color=red]Bastards!!! This is ours!

The bandit leader smiles and gesturing with his open hands says
[color=red]No. It was your masters , now it is mine.

seizes his warhammer, put it heavily to the ground
[color=red]Disagreed. Go away, and you may yet live.

[color=red]Little man , you and your colleagues are out of their depth . Now run along home and remind your masters which tribunal they are in.

[color=green]Jan Axel
[color=red]You seem to know us. May you return the favour before I crush your skull?