Chapter 5: Visit of Constantia

An early morning a party of plain clothed men arrives at the covenant. They are dragging a prisoner behind them and in front of them the lady Constantia walk. Proud tall and dressed in a rather extravagant dress for someone who travels, in difference from the others she is not that covered in road dust. There is a light drizzle that seems not to bother anyone of the travellers. As the party arrives Justus sends out a message to every magus so that they can join him when they guests arrives at the covenant. As the party arrives one of the grogs in the party loudly exclaims that the maga Constantia Ex Flambeau has come to visit.

Justus begins to speak right after the grog have silenced. [color=red]Welcome maga Constantia to our covenant, our servants will take care of your servants and you are most welcome into our council chamber to eat and drink.

[color=red]I’ll be delighted to join you in your council chamber but before that I have a gift to you, a prisoner that will lead your way to a missing tome. Constantia waves at a servant who leads forward the prisoner and push him to his knees before your feet.

Mariella is waiting with Justus when Constania arrives, dressed in her normal plain black robes.
[color=red]Thank you for your gift, I hope it was not too much effort to aquire this man , could you enlighten us as to the circumstances and reasons behind this gift?

Constantia smiles. [color=red]I always thought that it is a friendly gesture to bring a gift when visiting another covenant and I thought that this gift would be most appropriate.

[color=red]Thank you , the effort and Forethought involved is most appreciated. Our guards will take him into custody until after our council meeting when we can speak with him. Unless you beleive he could escape from our guards with some sort of magic

[color=red]Welcome, lady, and thanks for this much-appreciated gift.
I'd really like to hear how you captured this scoundrel, but maybe you'd like some refreshments after such a travel?

Constantia follows the magi into the council chamber where the usual meal and feasts are conducted, pleasantries are exchanged and after awhile it gets down to business. Constantia has already told her a few trivialities on the weather and the journey.

[color=red]I have some connections and they told me what happened to your covenant and I told the quesiatoris that I would handle the matter as they didn’t seem to have the time. After all you live in the middle of the Pomeranian forest. I picked up the trail and I found this man that are in your custardy, he won’t escape he has nothing magical about him. I could have caught the book thief as well but I didn’t want to spoil the revenge for you. But of course I can lend my assistance if you wish. Constantia smiles and one can not be sure if it is a predatory smile or a friendly one. [color=red]Now I have an interesting proposal for you, and it will concern your covenants future. How ever I must say that my covenant is a bit short on the vis side so I can’t give it to you for free. I have also a second proposal that is in your best interest. I can offer you my protection for a modest fee, I guarantee that your covenant will not suffer any harm if you give my covenant one quarter of your annual vis income. Constantia smiles again but this time it is not even slightly friendly.

[color=red]We are honoured by your offer of protection truly you show the community spirit which has made house Tytalus great, the Humility of a Verditius master smith, the generosity of a Tremere and the commitment to the ideals of your house worthy of an Ex miscallanae mage. I will remember your honor and generosity to all our fellow Flambeau magi truly I see why you made the wise decision to remain outsode teh restrictive honor of the Milites assuming of course it was your choice. Sadly I must leave this gathering as an important prior enagagment requires my attention. I am sure my sodali will treat your offer with the respect it deserves.

Mariella rises to her feet and stalks towards the doorway as it closes he carefully makes herslelf heard.
[color=red]Where is that hairdresser then

Heinrich who naively started off all smiles and quiet, attempted charm takes a subtle double take and reddens in the face while sitting. [color=red]What?! You couldn't... How dare ... then louder [color=red]You are starting great intertribunal strife! This is surely more important than our humble vis sources! Heinrich is standing and leaning forward across the table by the time he is finished.

Krispin’s eyes are narrow, his fingers steepled and posture absolutely rigid. [color=red]"Thank you for your assistance in this matter. I believe we can take the prisoner from here.

"As the other proposal, well, what would you say if we refused your… generous offer?"

I just burst into laughter. In character too.

[color=red]I see that you have no need for either of my deals, although I know that you need the information that I had for sale. Constantia is seemingly offended. [color=red]But you wish not to have my help and so it shall be, but in the future remember that I once held out my hand in order to help you. I have not the intention of causing you any harm when I came here, no low bully threats of that covenants such as this can easily burst in to flames. But your soldaes blatant disregard of my honour demands vengeance and I will have it. I would suggest that you soldae make some preparations for the time when she receives a formal declaration of wizards war. Constantia rises as to leave. [color=red]Keep the prisoner as a token of my good will. She leaves the covenant if no one stops her.

[color=black]Heinrich intercedes and moves to benignly intercept her - [color=red]Lady Constantia, please hold! If your last statement is true, then I beg forgiveness in what seemed to be lost in translation, I speak German and Latin is my second language. It sounded to me as if you were subtly trying to extort this covenant and my foolish pride welled up within me. I ... - Heinrich lowers but lowers his voice - [color=red]apologize.

Mein sodales, let us be exactly sure of what is meant and what is on the table.

Constantia stops and awaits, she seems hesitant to sit down again. Justus speals, [color=red]Please lady Constantia sit with us again. She smiles again and sits down.

I try to regain my composure. I do not intent to bow down before her, but it is important to know of her plans. And if I can protect mariella...
Please, excuse my sodales. Like you, she has a great sense of honor, and felt insulted by the same impression heinrich spoke of. If you had the same impression, you'd have reacted in a similar manner. Maybe you could settle this through Certamen instead?

Constantia looks at Ardath, twirls her hair and speaks. [color=red]Certamen will do, but only if we fight to the end and the winner gets to cast a spell on the loose without retribution or intervening parma. If that… woman... withdraws or refuses I will declare war. We have our duel here, at dusk and in front of your covenant and my henchmen. Those are my terms and I think that your soldae can accept them. Constantia’s face is filled with the glee of vengeance and the joy of humiliating someone else. Then she returns to her usual smile, [color=red]Now we have some business to speak of.

Meanwhile Mariella has not in fact gone in search of a haircut , instead she has departed to her chambers where she is working on a few lead figurines and plates engraved with a name......

[color=red]Indeed Lady. We seem to be at a disadvantage as we are esteemed as being weak enough as to not ascertain dangers to our covenant. But please, do tell, what more specifics can you give us? We are barely making by - as any spring covenant would - and what are your needs that you would need a very substantial 25% of our meager vis sources? The resources might very well be a good investment if we but knew the nature of the threat.

Constantia smiles and speaks with a soft voice gentle as ever. [color=red]I know of a covenant that conspire against you and it’s conspiracy is about to reach fruition, at this summers upcoming tribunal. If their plans goes as they intend then you will need my help. Now I can’t give you more details as I have my own covenant to think about. To tell you anything else I need some vis, either as a deal for my protection or a lump sum details of who wishes you ill.

[color=blue]OOC: I thought we were in the rhine tribunal, and constantia in novgorod?

[color=red]Disturbing news indeed, although I fail to see why would any covenant conspire against us. Justus, can you shed some light on these matters? Did you make some ennemies while founding Ad Fons?

[color=red]You will have to give us more than that, methinks. Veiled threats against us and our covenant mate, not to mention showing up and expecting payment merely on your word hardly inspires us to open our coffers. So give us something more. Prove to us you are worthy of our trust, not to mention our vis.