Chapter 5b - The Weight in Darkness (or Wait in Darkness)

Conferring with Scott and getting his input, I wanted to start a new Chapter for the Faerie Story. This is a continuation of Twilight and Gloaming.

[color=green]Dimir Taar:
Do I see the carmen? Is something happening?

When the same old $#!+ ain't workin' try something new.

I go Right.

And I'm still going right...

Decimus calls out. [color=red]Soldaes we should keep together. Cramen where are you? Carmen if you can hear us stay where you are and we will move up to you. Decimus try to locate where Carmen is without loosing contact with the others.

---stupid idea, deleted---

Maybe stupid, maybe not. We are in a confusing situation, a Faerie Maze. It just might be the inordinary idea that we need :wink:

Mark, you have got to send people private messages when you jump threads. I knew you were discussing a new thread, but you never confirmed you were actually doing it, and that's why I haven't posted for several days.


No, alas, she's disappeared from sight. :frowning:


The passage continues for another 100 paces, then emerges back in the cave by which you entered.


:blush: sorry

Yay! I did it! Now to find the rest of the gang. Hmmm...

And this is where Reckless Overconfidence comes into play. Unless my Intution gives me indication that I should do otherwise, I head back into the cave. I go left-left-left until I catch up with my lost sodales.

Hm...well, you dive back into the cave, striding confidently forward, and then left, and left, and left, doubling back again at dead ends....At times you think you can hear your sodales' footsteps or calls in the distance, but you never do find them. Eventually, you double back after dead end...your thoughts are interrupted by a low, growling noise again...and then, you find that the other end of the passage is also a dead end.


double dead end? Am I trapped in a closed off hallway then?

The grog next to Carmen whimpers pathetically when he realizes what is going on. A strong brute of a man, his greyish face and his darting eyes make him somewhat less attractive at the moment.

Marie looks at her (remaining) Sodales: [color=red]If nobody objects, I'll get back to Andorra to get us some Holy Water. I love the tingly feeling in my, well, I mean my head, when I cast Leap of Homecoming.
I've had enough of these fairy games.
I am not too fond of dominion auras myself, but at least they are serene. We can always take some pebbles and break this fairy curse in the lab - it might take some time, but well...

She looks around.

(ooc: by the way, it's not too likely, but did the turns and hallways spell words - I mean I just want to make sure that the labyrinth isn't some collection of changing giant letters!? I know the idea sounds very Criamonish but well, asking won't hurt, will it?)

Grab a scroll with "Wizard's Corpus Boost" or a pair of magic boots! Get us all out of here!

Or leave us to rot and take over Andorra for your own personal dominion. Choice is yours.


It looks like it, yes.


ooc: for Marko to consider

Looks like? Could be an illusion. That would explain Marie's spell going wrong too.

Well if it is an illusion, I'm not going to tell you that. :stuck_out_tongue: