Chapter 5c Light and Darkness

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But anyway, the two of you are travelling together, on your way to the Covenant of Andorra (as that is where the Vision told you to go).

And you see it up ahead, a castle overlooking a mountain village, idyllic surroundings, bbreathtakingly beautiful, and a villiage full of friendly people and good wine.

How do you proceed?

Ameline looks at the village ahead with a smile and pulls up the hood of her cloak over her head even more than the wimple. Her plain grey habit flows as she walks and she looks at the village ahead. Her pack consists mostly of medicines and supplies for tending the ill along with a book of basic prayers and her grimoire.

[color=red]"When we get to the village we should first stop at the church to give thanks for our safe journey and then see if there are any ill for me to tend. We can continue the journey afterwards to the castle and see if they will give us hospitality for the night. If not, I can keep us warm and dry if we have to camp out here under the stars." She doesn't seem to mind that she might have to sleep outdoors or perhaps beg alms for food.

There is indeed a chaple in the village. A nice one too. Now, this you might find interesting. You notice a man in conversation with the parish pries, and by his clothes and the sigil he bears on his cloak pin, you can tell he is a Redcap. I suppose his hat gives it away more than anything, but he took it off in the church out of respect. But it doesn't seem like he is here to pray. Rather, it looks like he is conducting business or talking politics.

Ameline slowly moves to approach the chapel and while she gives a smile to the redcap, and inclines her head in respect to the priest. Entering the chapel to say her prayers are first priority. She suspect the flambeau with her will stop to talk but she understands he does not feel the as strongly as she does.

Eric the Redcap bids the priest good day and is on his way to deliver his message from Marcellus to Octavius (see Barcelona Nights). Then the priest, Father Gonzoles, comes up to you and speaks (first in Catalan then in Latin)

[color=red]Greetings sister :slight_smile:. You must have traveled long and far. It would my cheerful duty to offer rest and refreshment to you and yur companion. What is your name dear sister?

Ameline smiles and rises from her prayers, [color=blue]"A wonderful day to you, Father. I am Sister Ameline and it would be my pleasure to accept your offer of rest and refreshment after I have had a chance to say my prayers and do penance for missing some of the holy offices due to my travels." She uses latin since the provencal language is appearantly not spoken this far south. She might have had a vision that lead her here but that was no excuse to neglect her prayers.

Custata watches the byplay between his ward and the priest with quiet amusement. If there's one thing he learned about this lady on their trip so far, it's to not interrupt her when she's feeling godly.

Satisfied she's not in imminant peril, Custata leans back in the saddle and stretches, looking around the area. It's good air, and the village seems full of busy and content people. After a lifetime of war, it's good to be reiminded of what one is fighting for.

Realizing the lady intends to stay for a while, Custata swings a leg over the saddle and leaps to the ground. He pauses to give Dorado a scratch, and murmer in his ears, before looking around for a groom or someone to care for his mount. He might as well stretch his legs while the lady prays . . .

Actally, Provencal is spoken this far south. Catalan and Provencal are both dialects of Occitain. I am using the Language research done by our esteemed sodale Jarkman…

But anyways, he provides you with space for your prayers, and is on hand to listen to your confessions and assign penance (probably just some additional prayers). He also asks about your traveling companion, if he desires confession. He recognizes him as a magus, and mentions he has had experience giving spiritual council to magi.

Right nearby, there is a small inn and tavern called the Red Lion. Very small, three rooms and four stools at the bar. The Redcap you saw at the church, Eric, he is drinking a short-beer and talking to the innkeeper in French. You recognize place names, he is headed to Barcelona on special delivert, and then back home up in the Normandy Tribunal.

High in the sky a bird of prey circles. It is too far to see what kind of bird it is, but the way it glides looks majestic anyway.

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The bird of prey spots a rabbit, and swoops down and catches it.


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Ameline smiles and does make full confession including the fact, [color=blue]"I am also a magi of the order though my service to God comes first before the arts. Indeed, if you know of any that are ill or wounded, I would be more than pleased to tend them before I continue up to the covenant."

[color=red]Really? Fascinating. You don't carry that saim foroding presence that other magi do. Must be the blessing of God. I have met others with a similar blessing, but none that have takken up the happit of a sister! I have met a monk magus once, many-many years ago. What ecclesiastic order are you from? The dual path you walk is an arduous journey. They say that Reculed set aside his magic and became a monk, follower of only one path. Thou shalt not be unevenly yoked. How do you manage to keep your balance?

[color=red]"When in doubt, I chose the path of the righteous and seek the guidance of prayer and priests. I am associated with the Priory of St. Nerius as all those of my lineage for training seek to work our magic for God. I pray every morning for God's guidance and blessing on what I do that my magic may never be used to sin. I understand that I am not perfect but with god's help, I shall do my best. I pray for God's blessing as well with each spell I invoke." Ameline speaks softly all to aware of her faults, weaknesses and imperfections.

[color=red]Interesting. There is something different about you that I can't quite put my finger on, though i can sense it (the monk magi he met before were just magi posing as monks, and though some had True Faith, none had Holy Magic). [color=red]Anyway, I have never heard of the Priory of St. Nerius, but I do know magi that have affiliated themselves with the Franciscans or the militant Orders (such as Calvatrava, which I have totally mispelled).

With a smile comes the answer [color=red]"With faith, all things are possible. I trust in the lord and he has never failed me even though I have at times failed him. The priory follows the path laid down but the magus Nerius who found faith and trust in God. With the lord's blessing, he accomplished miracles.

This lasted until the day a member of the order wanting to remove his influence challenged to a duel. If he lost, he would admit god did not exist. Though through god's grace, he had never lost a magical duel, he would not allow his faith to be subject to such a fight. The order demanded that he accept the duel for such is the law of the order and he refused so they passed a death sentence upon him.

He called upon god to protect him and a circle of protection arose to surround him. All the magis present including many of the most powerful in the order cast every spell they could at him and non affected him. Eventually they relented realizing that the order's magic could not affect the works of God. He then stepped from the circle and died. Many of those present believed him a saint and the priory seeks to have him recognized as a saint." Ameline smiles, [color=red]"I do not seek to be sainted and I do not ask for such blessings, only what blessings god feels I deserve and I hope that I can live a life as pure as Nerius and that my faith will always be as strong."

Custata grins when he sees Eric. Clapping him on the back and taking the next stool, he orders up a few pints, one for each of the magi and one for the innkeeper. He then proceed to caht Eric up, asking about the comings and going in the area while Custata has been away.

[color=red]Where have you been exactly?

[color=green]Priest: [color=red]Well sister, since you are a member of two Orders, perhaps you would care to accompany me up to the covenant this evening? Most of the magi are currently out, but I administer to the spiritual needs of the soldiers and staff. The only magus present today is Marcellus, oh, and that new girl with the fascinating hair. Anyway, I am headed up there in a few hours if you care to accompany me. You can feel free to head up there on your own of course. Just figured it might be nice.

[color=blue]"It would be a pleasure to journey up there with you, father. It will give me time to finish all prayers." She does breathe a sigh of relief that no one is ill. It is not that she minded tending the ill but that everyone being healthy makes her much happier. [color=blue]"I will need to see what my guide desires as well."

I'm guessing off rampaging around with the Knights of Seneca?