Chapter 6: A favour is called for…

The magi travel for many days and nights, the cold gnawing into their weary bones. Mist, rain and a gale all do their best to make the magi and their companions wish that they never set foot from home. As the magi approaches a valley they can see a cave beneath them. Justus points towards the location and says. [color=red]There in that cave the lives Torwald the troll. As Justus speaks the wind blows up and nearly drowns his voice.

[color=red]"Does this troll possess the artefact we are looking for? Or does it know where it is. This will really determine the limits on our actions and their purposes .

[color=red]I am not sure about if this troll possess the artefact. It where described as some sort of Troll mystic so I think that it know something useful. We try to talk to the beast and not to attack it. Shall we go or do we need some preparations. Personally I think that we should take some precautions. Perhaps one of us should be invisible or we just cast some protective spells.

[color=red]We sure should.
Wizard's Sidestep!

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The magi prepare themselves with all manners of defensive spells and walk into the cave. On the floor they find a giant skeleton, apparently assailed by beasts. The skeleton seems to have been the former resident of the cave that fell over in drunken stupor (a broken keg nearby) and bashed his head into a sharp rock.

Some intellego vim'ming for aura/regios [esp. magic. - IN/Vi Piercing the Magic Veil - lvl 20] (IN 7 Vi 6 Sta 1)

[color=blue]Fix', I remember updating vim, but apparently I have to get the character page updated?

And I cast my "Eyes for Vis" spell, looking everywhere.

Do we have enough light?

[color=blue]4thworld: I have this for heinrich since he joined the covenant:

  • Winter 1220: Study "Uses for stone and other fruits of the mountain in the magus laboratory" (Magic Theory) + Latin exposure
  • Spring 1221: Adventure XP with andrew as a GM.

The cave is magical and there is a few vis in the teeth of the troll skull. Any approach to the skull make a stone pass by uncomfortably close to the magus body. The stones move with great speed and does not seems to be moving with anything but magical force. In the deep end of the cave a apparition appears and then fades. It seems to be the ghost of the troll.

Not sure what this means to me , it sounds like there is a giant skeleton being attacked by wild beasts at the moment. But the rest of the description seems more to suggest that we have a skeleton with a crushed skull whose bones have been picked at by wild beasts .

The description "a skeleton with a crushed skull whose bones have been picked at by wild beasts " is what I meant to describe. :blush:

[color=red]It would appear our informant is dead. This may be incovenient. Unless he dwells on a higher regio Ardeth? If not do you think we use Terram or Corpus to investigate his body ?

Justus speaks. [color=red]Perhaps the apparition are a sign of some magical spirit. Now does anyone of you, my soldaes, know a spell that let us talk to the spirits of the dead and or make them visible to the human eye.

The cave give of an appearance of a magical aura, shadows are deeper, sound more crisp and so on.

[color=red]My talants lie in making people dead not talking to them afterwards. I beleive Ardeth has some talant with spirits

[color=blue]Unseen Porter Time! :wink:

[color=red]I have some talent, yes, but spirits are an ellusive sort, not easily perceived or talken to. However, if there's one here, I have no doubt that we'll find it, given enough time.
Do my second sight helps me see anything here?

Hum... Fatigueless spont time, by the way: [color=blue]Sense of Magical Power (InVi 02) (base 1, +1 touch)
[color=darkblue]This spell tells the caster whether he is currently in a magic aura. It does not give any further information. Other spells do the same for other kinds of aura.
Casting total is In 3 + Vi 6 + Sta (or Int, don't recall) 2 + aura = (11+aura)/5

In doubt, I can also try to summon the local spirit, if any.

[color=red]The stones are no problem if our parma magica's cannot stop them . I and Ardeth both possess enougth terram magic to destroy them

The magi dissolves any stones that fly their way. The spells cast revelas both a magical aura and a spirit. It seems to be a rather powerful magical spirit that choose to reveal it self when given the opportunity. The ghost of a troll reveal it self over the bones. The spirit give of a bone chilling sound before it speaks.

The words emerging from the ghost is unable to comprehend for any of the magi. It seems to speak in some old language. Justus turns to his soldaes. [color=red]I can’t understand a word but it seems like it speaks gothic… a language only a few Bjornaer speaks. We need a translator, any ideas on how we can get one? We could either go to Durenmar or to the Bjornaer Domus Maga. Perhaps we could find someone who knows the gift of a thousand tongues or what ever the spell is called. Either way we have to invite someone else into our quest for ancient rune treasures and there are quite a lot I guess who would be interested. Now we are at some sort of dilemma.

[color=blue]Is the mentem form helpful with spirits? I'm wondering if Heinrich can spont or cast something like Perception of the Conflicting Motives.

I try to pick up one of the troll's bones. This may prove usefull later.

The troll spirit waves some stone blocks near Ardath as she approches and more words are shouted in gothic. Ardath probably could if she would pulverize the stones and take some bones but it is apparent that the spirit won’t like it.

[color=blue]Aye, the troll's bone would make a useful connection. Hmmm... I just found Intellego Mentem guidelines: Level 5 Understand the meaning behind spoken sounds. [color=black]So I'll fatigue spont a translation spell - level 5 - Intellego 7, Mentem 7, Sta 1, + Aura + Bold & Loud for +2 - I'll even take the time for ceremonial (Artes Liberales 3 & Philos' 1) if this is gonna be hard. :wink: