Chapter 6: A favour is called for…

Ok, I'll wait the result of krispin's spell.

I can always pick up a bone through [color=blue]The Unseen Porter

Mariella stands , watches and waits. Until everyone else has tried useful spells there is not a lot for her to do,

Krispin cast his spell and once the mystical energies are focused upon the creatures words Krispin can hear it speak. [color=red]Help me! Help me! I am slowly dying in the wretched hole. I can give you knowledge and wisdom. I need to have a body again. The spirit repeats the same sentence and variations of it. It seems as if the spirit has intelligence though it is desperate and can’t communicate.


[color=red]Oh mein gotterdamerung. The spirit needs a body? Maybe someone could create a golem? This problem seems insurmountable without extraordinary measures.

[color=red]"A golem or automata would be somewhat difficult to make and may not even work. I have no idea how to make one. The spirit probably needs a body designed to hold a spirit , and would then possess it. Any human would do, although as we don't know how long the spirit would keep the body I would recomend one we don't like and won't need later.

Justus ponders for a moment. [color=red]Perhaps we shall speak to it. We can understand what the spirit says but it can't hear what we wish to say. Perhaps if we can speak to it we can come up with a solution.

[color=red]Too bad we killed that Edwig witch.

Maybe we could fit him in an animal body? Else, I can try to summon him outside of here through one of his bones (have I suceeded in picking one, btw? With or without the Unseen porter)[color=red] but I don't understand how it could be dying, not unless...

Ardath suddenly gestures, incanting in latin
[color=blue]Remember my previous aura-detecting fatigueless spell? I'll cast one for each realm, try to see if we're in a mystical aura, and if we are, what kind of aura is this. Maybe we're in a mundane or dominion aura there, and that's what's killing him?

There is a magical aura and the cause of death where most likly that he split his skull when he fell over in drunken stupor.

[color=red]That's strange.

As far as I can tell, we're in a magical Aura. If I remember my teachings well, the spirit shouldn't be dying here. But maybe he just thinks it is?

[color=blue]Can I - presumably - reverse the spell I just cast and make my meaning known in talking to Torvald da Troll? Maybe I'd have to Creo [same scores as above but Creo 9 instead of Intellego] it instead?

[color=red]Not at all , if we where to kill your body , then your spirit would dissipate as it is not used to being dead. The spirit here is the spirit of the dead Troll and so seems to be dissipating as this is not it's accustomed form

Henrich cast his spell and get communication going with Torvald the troll. Perhaps the troll can give you some answers. Now ask away.

[color=red]Torvald! Your name is Torvald, no? Tell us your story. Tell us of an object with a rune. How long have you been trapped here? Heinrich explains his questions to the sodales around.

[color=red]Yes I am Torvald the troll magican. I need your help as I am fading away. I can teach you wisdom for ages beyond all you need to do for me is to help me get a body. Are you magi of the Order? Your magic smells that way. I need magic to eat. Give me what you call vis and I will tell you more. I am fading so help me fast.

Heinrich turns to his sodales. [color=red]I don't carry vis on me - at least, not for this occasion. Anyone have vis to spare in this case? I could scout for anything nearby, if not.

I presume we don't have any.

Pointing towards the skeleton
[color=red]These teeth, your remains, contains vis you can use, and that is rightfully yours. Sadly, this is all we can do for you now, but maybe this can help

[color=red]They won’t be enough. Torvald sighs. Justus speaks, [color=red]We can fetch a few pawns from the covenant. My friend will most likely pay us for our expenses. Torvald, Justus turns to the spirit, [color=red]How much vis do you need? Torvald replies, [color=red]In the ways that you measure I need at least ten pawns. Justus:[color=red] If we get those for you will you then answer our questions? We have a few and we need your wisdom. Torvald: [color=red]Yes I will, I swear on my trolls honour. Justus turns towards his soldaes. [color=red]Anyone opposes that we return home and get a few vis for this troll?


[color=red]I do not mind the wait, but [color=black]{Heinrich turning away and lowering his voice} [color=red]I know nothing of troll honor and ways. Children's stories are enough to keep me wary.

A whisper
Maybe we can feed him the vis in the teeth, come back with more vis, and give it to him after he's fed? The teeth vis should help him wait a little. I don't think a few hours will kill him.

[color=red]That seems acceptable