Chapter 6: A favour is called for…

[color=red]And let's dangle the vis in front of the phantom as proof of our intent and have him speak before feeding time. Hmmmm... a rejuvenated troll - ethereal or no - sounds like a potentially dangerous troll. Let's bring back suitable martial strength to defend us.

Justus talks to Torvald. I[color=red] will give you the magical power you need to reassemble your body. Start with what is left in your remains and I will supply you with the rest when I return. When I return with my soldaes we will get our information and you will get the rest of your vis. Torvald agrees upon the deal

A short travel later.

The magi meet with Torvald and the vis is traded for information. Torvald seems to hold his end of the bargain. [color=red]I will tell you where to go in the furthest north of the Baltic there is a island, a small one near the coast. Travel there and you will find a rune stone and a tomb. In the tomb lies your treasure but beware the spirits of the dead do not rest easy on that island.

[color=red]"It looks like a boat journey then,I Hope we can do better than you did last time and avoid being wrecked

[color=blue]Har de har har... :laughing:

Great :confused: I love it already

Some time later the magi returns to the covenant. Justus has to write a letter to the magus who gave this mission and requests some funds. Later he summons his soldaes to the council chamber in the covenant.

[color=red]I have received compensation for our vis expenses and I have secured a bill that grant us a hundred pounds of silver to fund our expedition. We have to make up the arrangements ourselves. Anyone with some ideas on how we should make this work.

[color=red]Justus, who exactly is this magus and what exact compensation are we getting out of this? I'm a little hesitant about considering covenant energies in journeys across the Baltic after the last ocean scirocco.

[color=red]The magus who I own some debts are a former apprentice of Occultes Ex Bonisagus, you might have heard of Aristobulus Ex Bonisagus who like his parens takes an interest in exotic magics. I where forced to offer a great deal of services to a great number of magi in the future to found this covenant and now I must fulfil my promises. I must go as my honour dictates it but I cannot force you my soldaes to join me. Justus then pauses and awaits the reactions of his soldaes.

[color=red]It is a matter of honour. Do you have a means of transport arranged or do we need to arrange one? I will leave that part ot the rest of you as I don't arrange things very well with mundane's.

[color=red]I have just a lumps sum of silver. Justus points to the bill.

[color=red]That's well and fine. But it'll be difficult for us to find a boat, due to the Gift's effects. Couldn't a grog or companion do it? Better yet, couldn't we do it any other way?

[color=red]I can't think of any other good method except a boat, we cannot fly and it is a long land journey through lands where there is much conflict so it would not be fast or safe to travel on foot, particularly as we cannot easily use horses.
I am sure that my Brother could book passage for us in Kolberg

Do you have some means of notifying your brother faster than that we travel to him? Otherwise we make haste for Kolberg. Who will follow? Ardath and Mariella I could sure need your help. Justus pause for a moment.

[color=red]If you wish me to accompany you. I shall. I have no fast means of communicaiton but we could send a man on a horse which is faster than us on foot. It may well be there is no ship immediatly available so we will have to delay anyway once we reach the port

[color=red]Same thing for me. But a boat... Isn't there any other solution? :frowning:
We'll need to send a grog hire one, then :frowning:

[color=red]Let us send a messanger to Kolberg immediatly and set off ourselves tommorrow after we have prepared for a long journey

The magi set of as soon as they could to meet with Mariella’s brother. The travel to Koberg is short and uneventful but the Pomeranian is as scary as ever. Kolberg is as it always is and there seems to be problems going on at all. As usual the magi are escorted into a separate chamber where the blatant gifts could be kept under control. There is a small but pleasant dinner with the usual talking about the weather and what’s been going on.

Later that evening Mariella’s brother (can’t remember the name) tells you what about what you about his attempts to find some transportation. [color=red]I have found out that the Red rooster company controls most of the ships here in Kolberg and they would be glad to set up a meeting in order to discuss the details of any transportation. I have also found a shipbuilder who have a Knarr ready for sale the one who ordered it did not turn up to pay for it so I could be sold at a fair price. But then you will have to recruit sailors.

[color=red]I don't think my Sodali's and I need to own a ship . Which leaves us with negotiating for passage. I advocate someone else handling the negotiations as the only negotiation tactics which would work for me are illegal and immorral in these circumstacnes


Although owning a knarr could be very usefull in the long run, this would take us too much time now. But we could buy it once we return. Some trade would help the covenant.

[color=red]Can we afford it and who do we have who could run a trading business? Hmm Perhaps Heinrich may be interested. Certianly neither of us could and I don't think Justus would want to