Chapter 6: Sangria in Toledo


[color=red]I thank you sodale. Between you and me, I am not as fond as horses as many think. It is simply something I was taught to do. Personally, I would love to have a mount such as a griffon or pegisus :smiley:.

But anyway, I will do my best to find us a proper horse. The ones I rode here on with my compatriots were indeed nags. Travel horses. I shall return before the end of the season, and hopefully I shall have tales of glory I can regale you all with.

[color=red]With the greates respect Roberto I suspect that my skills as a storyteller are greater than yours and you of course will be distracted by performing your great deeds . So I will accompany you to properly record your deeds. Anyway it will do me good to see more of the world and it's not like I will slow you down as long as one of you or your brave companions can carry my few needs.

[color=red]I accept your companionship. It will do you good to soak in some worldliness. Many magi call it the "Mundane World". It may not be magical, but there is nothing mundane about this magnificent creation of our Lord.

[color=red]Perhaps you will also learn about the mysteries of nature and the beauty of the wild magics of the land. Although to really appreciate nature I think you should learn to fly , there's nothing else like it

[color=red]I am planning on it :wink:
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I will come, too.


Jebrick, as SG, what rout do you wish us to take? We car travel over land through Navvare, Roncevalles, or Andorra. Optionally, we can sail to Leon or Portugal. I mean, we do have all this small boats Aelianus is buying.

Will Wirth be accompanied by Clara? Or is he leaving his wife behind in which case he can order Kilica to stay behind to guard her or she's coming

You may leave Kilica guarding Clara. She will not like it but will accept your order.

Clara will find her difficult to deal with because she will not accept Clara's judgment or orders. She may follow them if she thinks that they are correct.

A Letter to Roberto delivered by Eric the Redcap:

[color=red]My dear Roberto,

I was glad to hear of your activities at your new home in Novus Main. Alvaro wrote to me about the area and the condition of the Covenant. Your companions sound interesting.

There are some matters I would like to discuss with you and Alvaro. I pray that you could see it in your hearts to travel to Santiago de Compostel and have some sangria with me. Winter in France can be so cold and it would warm my heart to see you. We have many things to talk about like the politics of the order and reminisce about Las Navas de Tolos and old comrades and enemies.

I shall look for you in the Cathedral on or around the Kalends of November( 1st of Nov. Julian Cal).

Hum... The travel should be safe, no?
So, she'll want to come, as she likes to travel and visit towns, and wirth'll agree.

If not, he won't risk her life, and, after some argument, she'll stay and Wirth'll ask kilica to stay at the covenant to protect her.

Probably not :laughing:

Roberto offers no suggestions or complaints. It could be dangerous, or it could be nothing. The company would be pleasent, and I know Wirth gets really crank unless she is around. Cranky Apromor magi make for unpleasent travel conditions :smiley:

Hell, the farther wirth is from her, the faster he'll want to return :wink:

[color=green]Roberto: [color=red]Logistics my friend. Bring her with. If a warm bed and feminine comfort are what you need to be a keenly focused warrior, then I would say that the danger is in not bringing her.

Wirth clearly hesitates. On the one hand, he fears for his wife, and is, as usual, overprotective. On the other hand, he'd really love to have her with him, and knows she'd like to travel and spend time together.
[color=red]I'll think about it

Which is, in fact, just a way to delay things and appear to take the time to think it through instead of making a quick, emotionnal response. After his discussion with his wife, Roberto's words were all that Wirth needed to let himself bring clara with him.
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[color=red]"Of course Clara wil be safe travelling with us , how could she be anything but safe with two such gallant and capable Flambeau mages present to protect us.

Her sincerity is clear in her voice
[color=blue]OOC Sometimes I wonder if Iolar sounds sarcastic, she is so naive that some of the things it seems sensible for her to say are EXACTLY the same I would say if I was making fun of someone

[color=blue]it sure made me laugh :laughing:

[color=blue]The trip to Santiago de Compostela is an easy one. The way is well traveled with pilgrims going to the cathedral of St. James. The group travels with some merchant families and other pilgrims so there is no danger.

Santiago de Compostela is an old town but it is very busy. The center of attention is the new cathedral rising the town square. It is nearly complete and it's architecture is of the newer style with ribbed arches. Roberto tells of the legend that St James found his way to the Iberian peninsula, and had preached there is one of a number of early traditions concerning the missionary activities. There is a shrine to St. James in the cathedral and relics are said to be there.

Let me know who, other than Roberto and Marcello are going to the Cathedral...