Chapter 6: The Homefire


Just to recap (mostly copied from Table Talk)...

This story thread starts at the bbeginning of winter, right around Christmas.

I want to give Aelianus some time to come up with a Longevity potion for Walter, or at least craft a magic item which he can exchange for the services of a Longevity expert (a good way to build your budding Magic Item merchant reputation, hint-hint). Walter’s already antsy about his Longevity potion, and if he makes a bad aging roll come winter, he would naturally feel like you reneged on the bargain. There would then be consequences . Naw, poor old Walter, he’s harmless .

As for his wife Veronica and her lover Reginald the Pirate, well, it seems that they broke it off. Veronica is completely absorbed by her husband and their love is renewed. Walter presumes Aelianus had something to do with it, you might presume Dragor Entranced her, and the Optimist may believe that True Love conquers all.

Oh, and then there is Aelianus’ plan to rebuild the little shanty town into a fishing village.

And whatever became of old Ugly Pete the Zombie?

[color=blue]I assume that the both stories take place at the same time.

Before Roberto embarks upon his quest Aelianus seeks him up carying the reins he crafted and two documents, one with the official seal of Novus Mane. [color=red]Soldae I have here a few gifts for you before you embark on your quest. The reins are of the same model as I crafted for Santiago and are intended for the tournament. You have not sat upon a horse for sometime so I thought that they would help you get used to a horse in time.

[color=red]If you by any chance are forced to sell the reins they are worth to 12 pawns of vis. Do not sell them for anything less and they are a proper Verditi item. Here is a document that shows their authenticity and that I am the crafter. Aelianus presents the document that does not carry the official seal for Novus Mane but is singed with all the fancy titles that Aelianus could come up for himself.

[color=red]This is a bill that covers you share of the upcoming vis harvest. In the time being that is only one sixth of fifteen pawns as I abstain from my privilege to get an extra share due to my seniority. So there are only two pawns of worth in this bill. Oh, I have also acquired a horse for you. I may be nothing more than living dog food but it will take you to more civilised areas where you might find a proper warhorse that suits your need. If that is in your interest then I will write a official bill, that I will back, to find you a proper warhorse. I’ve heard that they are ridiculous expensive but we need to show our best side in the tournament.
Once Aelianus is finished with Roberto he walks back to his chamber thinking for him self. This tribunal are ridiculous for sure. Magi riding around on horses… well what one has to go through to look as if we are a covenant worthy of notice.

Back in his chambers he looks at Diodorus who is on his back snoring and shaking his paws, probably dreaming of some nice prey. Then Aelianus walks over to his desk and starts pulling out his notes about the construction of the fishing village. He can’t stop himself from feeling really good that have thought up so elegant drawings of what the settlement will look like.

Aelianus ponders his charts for a moment and then. Thinks to himself, [color=red]Phf not so interested in horses… How could he not appreciate my creating? I’ve toiled a entire season reproducing a horse riding tool that is not even my creating, has he no idea of what I have to go through? Well… anyway I have more significant tasks ahead of me.

Aelianus raise from his desk and walk towards the locker in the back of the lab opens the lock and picks out the jar with the arcane connection to Walter. I have to look into this matter he thinks to himself. Aelianus moves with a steady pace towards the ceremonial magic area.

After unpacking his props he begins the casting of spells. First he establishes a connection to cast spells through.

[color=blue]Rego 5 Vim 6 Aura 6 Props +3 Loud voice and bold gestures +2 Artes 2 Philosophiae 3 = 27 + dice Aelinaus tries to get a high level as possible and Sun duration.

Opening the Intangible Tunnle? The AC is good. roll a die at home, I trust you. What is it you wish to accomplish? :smiling_imp:

I also want to mention there is a lot of construction activity. New homes are being built, new fishing boats being pulled into port, and they are even building two new docks off of the warf Roberto and Wirth built last year. The weather is mild, so work continues on through December before they break until spring.

Reginald has organized the former pirates into a band of dock officials and watchmen. Fred the pirate leader is unhappy, and he wants to discuss this with the magi.

Also, some stone masons show up, sayig somthing about how there were hired to rebuild this crumbled wall. They want to know who is in charge.

Eric the Redcap is here, wanting to talk business opportunities.

And a royal tax collector shows up.

Finally, someone was screaming hysterically in the town last night. They claimed they were visited by the ghost of Ugly Pete.

Aelianus will first of start with a few spells cast through the Intangible tunnel, I rolled a 5 and thus will cast second magnitude spells through the tunnel as the duration is extended to Sun.

First Aelianus cast a spell that will let him hear anything that goes around Walter.

Intellego 7, Imaginem 1, Aura 6, Props 3, Loud voice and bold gestures 2, Artes 2, Philosophiae 3, cyclic magic (day) 3= 27 Aelinaus does not need to fatigue himself to cast a InIm level 4 spell, Base 1, +1 Touch, +2 Sun.

Aelianus then prepares a second spell. One that will make Walter speak his thoughts.

Muto 6, Mentem 5, Aura 6, Props 3, Loud voice and bold gestures 2, Artes 2, Philosophiae 3, cyclic magic (day) 3= 30 + dice Aelianus cast as high level spell as is necessary and possible with duration Sun. Thus if it is more than a Base 3 (major change is base level 2) Muto Mentem spell (+1 touch, +2 sun) then it will fail.

Now if all goes to plan a slightly fatigued Aelianus will cast a third spell. Aelianus will make Walter think of Aelianus.

Creo 12, Mentem 5, Aura 6, Props 3, Loud voice and bold gestures 2, Artes 2, Philosophiae 3, cyclic magic (day) 3, Fatigue -1 = 35 + dice Aelianus cast a spell with duration concentration. Base 4, +1 touch, +1 concentration.

I have a feeling that this is quite important rolls so I suggest that you make them.

Now to the other tasks…

Aelianus will let him speak to him at an appropriate time, that is appropriate to Aelianus.

Aelianus will make sure that they know that he is in charge of this covenant and will cast for a estimated cost for the wall creation.

Aelianus will grant him audience and mention his plans for perhaps make a workshop that produces smoked fish in the future. Aelianus is really interested in hearing what Eric has to propose.

Aelianus will give him an audience and listen to what he has to say.

Aelianus will ask Diodorus to investigate the one who claims to seen the ghost and perhaps keep a eye out for anything spooky in the nights. After all Diodorus likes to be awake at the night and sit on the roof so that he can sing to the moon.

At first he was disappointed in the Longevity Potion because it had no immediate effect he could detect. But as November turns to December and it gets cold and snowy, he notices that he is not catching cold and flu like everyone else normally does. So he is somewhat pleased. He thinks of Aelianus as an easy mark, a sucker with no business common sense. However, he finds it hard to take advantage of that, because all dealings are done through the hard minded Dragor. Walter already had Tremere business partners, and Dragor set him up with Tremere bankers to pull off this whole deal. Oh, and his wife Veronica has turned over a new leaf, and has become quite doting and affectionate. Walter assumes Aleianus is responsible for this.

He wants to talk to Wirth, the one he made the bargain with. This whole new situation sucks. This was supposed to become a glorious stronghold of brigands all up and down the coast.

They look at you puzzled. The master mason approaches you, and says that the ork and materials are already bought and paid for. He pulls out his tressle board and asks for your opinion on his designs for the wall. Romanesque yet modern, incorporating what art the can of the original.

He likes the smoke house idea, and he himself has already purchased one of the newly built homes on behalf of his House. He wants to get Mercere agents put in place here, make the village a center of commerce and Hermetic business. He also wants to set up a scriptorium in the covenant for Redcaps to use. They would pay you in books.

He is assessing the town for tax collection, and presents you with a preliminary bill. It is an unpleasant amount.

It was Betty VanHalen. Yes, she admits to having been drinking, and was walking home to her house from visiting with Veronica. She saw Ugly Pete shambling up the road leading to the covenant, muttering in English about his lost treasure. Betty screamed and ran in fear. She finds talking to a cat unusual, yet comforting. She scratches his ears (awww…. What a cute kitty)

Is he messing with my pirates?

So, he was messing with my guys.
What made him think he could do that? :imp:

It's Aelianus messing with them. He is transforming the shanty town from a pirate's cove into a comercial fishing villiage. Reginald is just making sure all the menfolk stay gainfully employed. They don't care what they do, as long as they get money and booze. It is mainly Fred that is upset. He actually likes piracy, not for the money, but for the adventure.

But this is happening while Wirth is away travelling :smiley:


Dragor distracts the Tax Collector for you, and sits him down with Walter.

The stone masons are apprehensive of you, but their master seems utterly unbothered by your gift. He askes to speak with you in private to show you his tressle board (his design plans).

The few men with him are but foremen and surveyors, and he will set them up with lodging in one of the townhoses. He expects other masons to show up during the course of the project, which should take a year. Finally, the Master Mason, Johan, also reveals himself to be a Magus of House Tremere with the Gentle Gift. He is a member of a mystery cult known as the Pillar of Hiram. He practices Sacred Architecture, and the plane is to shape your regio and aura using his mysteries. House Tremere has bought and paid for the materials (which are shipping) and the services of the PoH. Johan is puzzled that you are unaware of the plan.

Aelianus looks at the man and tries to remain calm.[color=red] Now please tell me more details of the plans. What effects does the reconstruction do upon the covenant? The design is elegant but what mystical effect will there be? If you have the time please tell me a bit more about house Tremere. Who gave this order to you? I find it a bit odd that I, as the master of this covenant where unaware of any reconstruction plans.

Diodorus walks into the room and jumps up at the table and begin licking his paw.

Too bad.

[color=red]The services of myself and my brothers was contracted by a sodale of mine. Though I myself am of Tremere, my societates (mystery cult) is a compleatly separate entity. The Piliar of Hiram has magi of Tremere, Bonisagus, Gurnicus, and other houses. The sodale I mentioned is not one of us, but he is a fellow Tremere magus. Aeorix of Tremere, exarch of Normandy. He showed me documents claiming he has Hermetic legal title to this regio, and asked me to design architecture to help shape and focus it.

[color=red]I see, does you have a copy of the documents as they are interesting to see for me. Am I correct if I thought that you mentioned that the Regio here would be owned by Tremere but nothing else…? I as the covenant leader sure would like some verification of these terms as you might understand I am a bit uncomfortable with the fact that I am not aware what goes on in my own covenant.

Regarding the other affairs…

Eric the Redcap and House Mercere is most welcome here at Novus Mane. Aelianus could give them a space within the walls to keep the scriptorium. It will not be on the hill but sure within the walls. Books are a most welcome rent.

Aelianus will check with Dragor what the tax deal turned out to be.

Diodorus will try to get as much information as he can regarding where she was and go investigating the location but not until night. In the mean time Diodorus enjoys the scratching and purr as he rolls over to get scratched everywhere. Diodorus is a large as a medium sized dog (think spaniel) but he enjoys her attention.

Halvard will walk through late in the day. He is directing some Covenfolk in carrying boxes to his lab.

Okay, now that I have had you squirming in outrage all weekend, the confusion is now revealed.

Eric the Redcap interrupts the conference with an urgent message for the architectural magus. He was confused. The wall is not intended for enchantment, and Aeorix of Tremere is not claiming ownership of your region. Aeorix is the mysterious Tremere business partner Dragor set Walter up with. He holds your mortgage note, and he is your primary investor. He has reserved a few of the newly contracted houses for his purposes, selling one to Eric the Redcap. The Hermetic Architecture is meant for one of these houses. The services of the stonemasons are his payment to you for the purchase of these houses. They will fix up your wall and some of your interior buildings. Mundane work. However, this is an excellent opportunity to make a connection within the Pillar of Hiram, either to utilize their services or to learn their secrets. They have Verditius magi in their societas (cough mystery cult cough).

The other specifics of the letter are confidential. In fact, this master mason magus told you too much already. He has the Indiscrete Flaw, which is kind of awkward when you are a member of a confidential societas (cough mystery cult cough) such as his. But anyway, he smiles and excuses himself and sets his surveyors to making measurements for your wall.

Over in the Sangria story thread, I suggest that Jebrick uses Fred the Pirate Leader and Johan Van-Halen as NPC, so he can have an inside handle on the “adventuring party” :laughing:

[color=red]Oh I see that there where a slight missunderstanding. Well I will keep your secret. Perhaps I might use them someday? At an appropriate price of course. Tell me if there is anything you need and my servants will arrange that.

Aelianus picks up Diodorus and walks to meet with Dragor to see if he has something to tell.

Dragor has intercepted the Tax Collector, and while sitting him down with Walter to go over the books, Dragor managed to "convince" him that everything has already been paid in full.

Aelianus try to seem impressed by Dragor’s efforts (few if anyone would impress Aelianus). [color=red]I thank you for your loyal service, you are a real asset to the covenant. Now Dragor I have a thing that I wish that you could tell me more about. I have found out that a Tremere owns our debt and now I wish that you could tell me anything you know about this Exarch and his or her interest in the affairs of the covenant. You have served the Tremere for some time so I hope that you have some insight into the mind of this magus.

Diodorus jumps down from Aelianus hold and walks over to Dragor eager to scent-mark Dragor by rubbing against him but looking as if he wished to be scratched behind the ear.