Chapter 6: The Homefire

Dragor is not fond of cats. He is a werewolf after all.

[color=red]As it happens, Walter was already in the employ of the exarch to take care of mundane business trade for the few Tremere in Normandy. Logistical needs, such as seeing that their covenants recieve proper supplies and so forth. Wlater is full of false self importance. I manipulated him into taking on our business concerns, and he thinks he has a position of power. Let him think that. Hose Tremere now owns the mortgage, the payments have been lowered, and you were able to draw a large amount of equity cash in order to use it for improvements and imvestments. The most the Exarch is ever going to demand is that at least one Tremere serves at this covenant. We have David, who is fully under my control. The only down side is that our former leige covenant, who used to hold our mortgage, some of them may be upset with us. However, a member of thirs is also a Tremere, and he helped facilitate the manuver. Do not mistake me for some sort of all knowing plot maker. I simply see opportunity and seize upon it, utilizing the abilities of those who are more properly skilled to accomplish the task. Suh as in the case of Walter. If he ever gets to be too much of a nuisance, just let me know. I will see to it that he is properly disposed of when the time comes.

Does Dragor make some manouver to dodge Diodorus attempt to rub himself against Dragor’s leg or does he just try to resist the urge to scratch Diodorus behind the ear?

[color=red]I see, Aelianus pauses for a moment,[color=red] I hope that Florum is content with that they have received a lump sum for our debt to them that are now in the hands of the Tremere. A few more questions, I know that you are not all knowing but perhaps you have more insight than I have. This Exarch do you think that he could change his mind and use us for more than magus storage and a monetary income source? Florum is still our liege we just apparently have the loan deal with them. Now a more interesting question. Aelianus pauses for a moment. [color=red]Why where I not given this information when the deal where struck? It where my impression, until quite recently, that I held a deal with Walter and not that Walter where a Tremere puppet.

Dragor will snarl under his breath at the cat. He smells like a wolf. And yes, he will subtly avoid the head rubbing.

[color=red]Everything was indeed fully disclosed. The only reason I was able to manipulate Walter into this is because of his Tremere connections. He is not their puppet though. He is our puppet. You have the arcane connections to him and his wife that I provoded you, correct?

Diodorus looks at Dragor then sits down and starts licking his paw as if he never ever had the intention of making contact with Dragor. He then walks back to Aelianus and rub himself against his leg.

Aelianus speaks. [color=red]Yes. I have I have tried them out but only to use my sight at a distant location. Have you heard anything about this ghost rumours? I need to look into it as it seems most unsound that we have a ghost here. Diodorus have told me a few thing but not much.

[color=red]I will investigate the matter, most nobe sir

Aelianus and Diodorus takes a walk around the covenant to see if their presence is needed anywhere otherwise they return to Aelianus laboratory.

The rest of the week is uneventful. But eventually the magus from the Pillar of Hiram (I forgot the name I made up, d'oh!), he eventually asks Aelianus about his services. He needs several fixtures opened for enchantment, and he knows that the Verdi have a superior capacity to use vis to open items.

Aelianus looks interested. [color=red]I will want to know how many items and what are they made of so that I can determine their vis capacity. Perhaps I can be of assistance but first you need to give me more details of the project.

Diodorus is sleeping on a nearby shelf.

He is using Hermetic Architecture on one of the houses to increase the aura inside. Right now the town has a Magic Aura of 2 or 3. It is expected to diminish eventually, as the new settlers usually bring the Dominion with them. The Covenant's aura won't be affected by that (our Magic 4/6 Regio). He needs several wood carvings, little statuettes he plans to emed in the woodwork of the house. The exact number I forget, I will look it up in TMRE (unless you want to :slight_smile: ). So then, it fits within your woodcarving craft.

[color=red]Well I could manage one seasons work before the tribunal but I have to take one season to construct my contribution to the magical item contest in at the tribunal. Now give me the specifics and I will give you a price. Aelianus looks really confident on his own abilities, his mind already drifting to the tribunal and the victory that he thinks he will have.

He will pay you twice the standard Verditius rate of three times the number of pawns you use. He will also drop a chunk of vis (a rook or two) in order to use one of the labs here for a year.

Please check the exact number for how many vis Aelianus need to use, and thus how many vis he gets paid.

[color=red]I will take the deal and we will have a laboratory for you to use. Care for a tour of my studio to see if there is anything that interests you there?

[color=red]Yes indeed. Let us see what you have in there.

Along the way, he mentions some more about his societas, the Pillar of Hiram (they insist they are not a mystery cult, just a societas with mysteries). He also mentions that no one is ever invited to join. One must ask a current member about it. In other words, he is trying to subtley invite you to ask him about it.

Diodorus raises his head, blinks his eyes and then rest his head against his paws.

[color=red]It would be most interesting if you could tell me more about your soecitas. I could guess that there are several mysteries and I can understand if you can’t tell me anything but I would be most interested in hearing what you can tell me. Aelianus looks most interested and shows the magus to the studio.

Once in the studio Aelianus shows of any items and try to impress his guest.

What items do you have in there? He would not be interested in your wand so much, but if you still have that sylph (or a copy) he would be egar to make a deal for it.

Aelianus show his studio and currently it contains only a few items. There is the wooden sphere that illuminates his studio and the wand and the bowl. There are also a few replicas of his other items. They are not enchanted but give a sense of how they are constructed and what powers they carry. As Aelianus shows of his studio he hints that a new project is underway and will be entered in the competition at the tribunal.

OOC: Please reveal how many seasons of labour and how many vis Aelianus will earn.

I keep forgetting to look it up. I will do that tonight, I promise. He inquires about the wooden sphere, and is interested in purchasing it.

[color=red]The wooden spheres are only three vis a piece. They give excellent illumination. Aelianus picks down a sphere from the ceiling and hands it to the magus. [color=red]I can take any form of vis but Ignem vis would be preferable. Aelianus also provides with a box to store the sphere in and a document that states it’s authenticity.

He happens to have some Creo vis if that is acceptable. He has it stored in a ring, and can transfer it to another object with a simple spell.

Also, as promised and ever delayed...

This is the number crunching for the Hermetic Architecture project. The Townhouse (Size 7) is made out of Wood (x2), so each component needs to be opened with 14 pawns of vis, and he needs seven of them. What he has in mind is ornamental wooden shields with silver ornamentation hung on various walls of the interior. As a compound device, each requires exactly 14 pawns (8 for the shield (2 x 4), plus 6 for the silver ornamenting). As a Verditius magus, this is well within Aelianus’ capabilities (Magic Theory 4 (enchantment), and Craft-Woodworking 6). He doesn’t need Aelianus to open all of them, just two or three. He can handle the rest.

As for the fee, he is willing to pay the standard Verditius rates, but he also offers a trade. Just as Allianus is trying to build his reputation as a magic item merchant, the Tremere (I still forget the name I made up) is trying to earn a reputation as a magical architect. He charges similar rates for his enchantments, and would make an even trade for a Hermetic Architecture project on behalf of this covenant.

[color=red]We have to work out the details. I would like to do a few seasons work for you. However there are a few problems that we have to workout. I need vis for my craft so I must charge you for my services in vis. However I can take up and discuss our needs for Hermetic architecture at the next council meeting. I cannot alone make these kinds of decision. I know that you, just like me, tries to carve out a reputation for your self in your chosen craft. So I will do what I can for you. Is it possible for you to pay for my enchanting in vis if I say prepare three of your houses for enchantment? Aelianus awaits the magus response and as they speak Diodorus walks through the door looking for something to eat.