Chapter 8: At the covenant


It is a warm spring afternoon, as a young man upon a poor horse slowly approaches the outer wall and gatehouse of Novus Mane. He is alone, and seems weary and carries almost nothing, not even a sword. He hails the gatehouse in the local language...

A guard stands at the gate. He hails you back. Then straighten out his back and ask. Traveller what is your errand here at Novus Mane?

Alessio bows his head silghtly and similes to himself. Slowly raising his head again, he makes himself more comfortable on his horse. Then in Latin he asks

Is there the chance you may speak Latin?

Dragor comes forward, telling the guard that he will talk with the stranger.
[color=red]State your name traveller, and your business.
He tries to make eye contact with the stranger :smiling_imp:

(OOC: I assume Dragor is speaking Latin)
Alessio bows slightly to this new comer.

I am Alessio Calitori of House Jerbition, and my business I will discuss once I know who you are sir?

As Alessio is not trying to avoid it, he will proably make eye contact, as most people do when they talk to people...

Alessio may find his horse somewhat difficult to control with Dragor close by, as he is an inexerpeinced rider...

Dragor does indeed speak Latin,
and once you make eye contact, he placed Entrancement on you!
Stress Die roll of 6 (
Pre +1, Entrancement 6+2 (interrogation),total = 10
Plus Penetration 3 (Entrancement), and I think I should have +3 for Piercing Gaze, but they don't allow me to do that.

In any case, I just now noticed you have a pretty good Mentem score. So the Entrancement has no chance of penetration your magic resistance. :frowning:

But Dragor continues anyway...
[color=red]I am Dragor Ivorovich! Steward and Companion of the magi of Novus Mane. I demand that you tell me who you are and what your business is.

Alessio bows once again, smiling ever so slightly....

As i have said already, I am Alessio Calitori of House Jerbition. But none the less, it is a pleasure to meet you Dragor Ivorovich. As steward and companion, I hope you may be able to assist me in my business. I seek an audience with the Magi of Novus Mane. I have a boon to ask of them.

Hmmm, Dragor mulls the situation over in his head. The magi are not present, but it may not be wise to dispense that information so freely...

[color=red]Very well, come in then. I will arrange for you to meet with one of the magi as soon as someone is available. In the meantime, I shall have the servents bring you supper.

What is this boon you would ask? I will need to inform the magi so that they know whether the matter is an urgent one.

Alessio dismounts his horse and leads it, following Dragor, keeping himslef between the two as best he can.

Thank you. The boon is a simple one really. I am seeking resisdence here.

[color=red]Very well. I will bring you to the guest quarters. When Master Alieanus is available, he will send for you.

(how do I stall this guy?)

Thank you, I appreciate this.

I am sorry that I could not send word ahead of my arrivial, but unfortunately circumstances of late made that such things diffficult.

And not to seem ungrateful, but may I ask how long your master might be?

[color=red]The master's time is valueable, and his schedual is known only to him. When he is ready, he shall send for you.

In the meantime, you are brought satisfying food and drink. You are enjoying yourself, contemplating getting some sleep, when there is a knock on the door.
It is Reginald Montclair, who introduces himself as a local sailor having just returned to town.

[color=green]Reginald: [color=red]I have an urgent matter that I need to speak with the magi about. As I understand, you are the only one who is present at the moment. You must be new. My name is Reginald, a local sailor, and I just returned to town. The others can vouch for me.

(OOC: What language is the sailor speaking, as i only speak Italian and Latin well, with Flemsih only at 1....)

He starts out with French, tries English and a little Flemish. Then he slips into Latin.
[color=red]I'm a grammar school dropout fom Cambridge. :smiley:

Alessio smiles slightly, and stands to greet the man.

A pleasure to meet you Reginald. My time is limited and I have need to speak to Dragor, but please, first speak of this urgent matter.

Alessio is somewhat suspicious of Reginald, but will hear him out before seeking out Dragor to conform the man's identity and to ask why he wasn't told that no other magi were at the covenant?

[color=red]Ugly Pete, he is still active. He wasn't destroyed after all, even though Aleianus and Havlard had ablated him and reduced him to ashes. It is the Sea Hag, I am sure of it. She is using her puppet monster to terrorize a small fishing village seven miles to the north of here. Can you help?

Alessio raises an eyebrow.

A Sea hag you say? And other magi thought they had dealt with this once already?

Come, let us find Dragor, I hope he can fill me in on the detail of past events, and you can tell him your tale. Then I shall see what I can do...

Alessio leads Reginald out of his room with confidence, then quickly realises he has no idea where Dragor would be...he calls to one of the servants, asking them where Dragor is.

No one seems to know. Last they say him, he was talking with Reginald and directing him to the guesthouse you are staying in. They are all familiar with Reginald though.

One fellow, a grog named Bob Backtalker, seems a little disoriented, speaking with a monotone voice


Reginald looks as if he is puzzled by Bob's strange mannerisms, but quickly brushes it off. [color=red]Speech impediment. He always talks that way.

Betty VanHalen is the wife of the drunkard (yet expert) sailor Johan VanHalen (who is off on a mission). Her place is where the rabble of this town like to congregate and drink.

Alessio turns to face Reginald , looking somewhat confused and raises his eyebrow once again.

A speech impediment you say?

(OOC: Is Alessio instead the Aegis atm?)