Chapter 8: At the covenant

Laughung gently and shaking his head

And I thought I was implusive. A useful spell would be Lungs of the Fish, but I've never studied it and casting it on a whim will be

Alessio gets more serious as he tries to think of a way to reach the sunken temple...

A qesution Reginald. Does this Sea Hag dwell within the Sunken Temple?

[color=red]No, in the temple resides a powerful spirit, one that claims to be the Roman Godess Nehelenia. It is my guess that she will provide the key to defeating the sea hag.

Erm...who said anything about "defeating" a sea hag, I was planning on having a conversation with her to find out why she is sending her undead husand to be out killing people...violence is not my way. But, as we are here, prehaps this spirit can shed some light on the sea hag none the less. What was the name of this spirit, Nehelenia?

Alessio will stand up in the small boat (at least try) and speak with a loud voice (in latin)

Nehelenia, my name is Alessio Calitori, and I would ask of an audience with you.

slaps forehead
Then mutters to Bob & George (the two sailors)...
[color=red][size=65]This will never work. The man is spineless.[/size]
Then he turns to you...
[color=red]Look, you don't seem to understand. The hag is evil, and evil things need to be destroyed to prevent them from harming innocents. Pete never married the Hag, that's why she cursed him. He is killing innocent people. Your misguided pacifism will only bring more death, and the blood will be on your hands. If I had time, I would have waited for the other magi to return and showed them my discovery. But each night that passes another innocent life is murdered. Do you understand?
The spirit lives under the sea, that is where you have to go to speak with her. But if you would rather try to "talk things out" with the Sea Hag, then I'll take you to Skull Rock right now and drop you off. I am sure the Hag will be pleased to add you to her collection of damned souls.

I mean, are you freaking serious?!?
Maybe we should just go home. This obviously isn't going to work.

Shakes head a little more seriously this time

The story you told me was one of a 'women' hurt by her only chance of happeniess, and she took vengence for that betrayal. Yes, that is evil, but to consider marriage in the beginning is not. Unless your now going to tell me that she was forcing him to marry her in the first? This world is more complicated than merely good and evil, black and white.

And merely going to down to the temple to speak with this spirit? That is no simple matter neither. No only do i need magics to allow me to breath, but also to swim with enough skill to swim between these jagged rocks down to the temple, and then to 'talk' with a spirit while underwater. Now, commiuncating may or may not be a problem, but if this spirit claims to be a Roman Goddess and has enough power to back that claim up, no magics of mine will allow mental commincation unless the spirit it willling and I certainly wouldn't be.

So, meeting her at the surface is a far easier task all round. You know the area or prehaps a little of the myths of this Roman Goddess? Know any means of making offering to her, prehaps she would then grant us an audience?

And if we cannot gain an audience, unless that 'magic ring' of yours has yet more marvelous powers within, I do suggest with go straight to this Skull Rock and see what can be done...

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Reginald flips through the book of charts and lore. Then he looks around the bay, and points out a spire of rock some two hundred yards distant, jutting a few feet above the water.
[color=red]There! According to the text, there should be a spire of rock called "Sea Dog's Chapel". Here, look at this entry...


Here is a cool link for reference

So anyway,

Reginald carefully manuvers the ship through the rocks and gets you up close to the spire...

[color=red]Try calling from here :smiley:

Alessio nods and again stands up.

My name is Alessio Calitori, and I seek an audience with the Sea Dog!

He then grips the side of the boat tightly, as the realistion that a beast is about to jump onto this little boat...

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No worries :slight_smile:

That's it? No offering of vis or bloody sacrifice? Geeze...

A sleek and beautiful greayhound leaps up out of the sea, landing squarly on all fours upon the bow of the ship. Shaking itself dry, you see that it is an imaculately groomed and pristine specimin.

It stands looking at you, seeming to smile...

Alessio takes a moment to regain his balance, then bows gracefully...

Thank You for granting us an audience.

Alessio waits a few moments to see if the Sea Dog can speak...

The dog looks at you with on eye half closed, then speaks

[color=red]Man of Land, I greet you and welcome you to the Temple

Thank you.

I am in need of help. I have come seeking guidance from the Nehalenia.

I am on a quest to prevent innocents suffering at the hands of an undead thing and its master,the Sea Hag.

[color=red]Take my paw mortal, and follow me.

Alessio will nod and take the paw.....

For some reason, you are unable to take the dog's paw. The hound looks confused, but everytime it is like two magnets of the same polarity, pusigh the hand or paw away. An intelligent magus, you realize that your Parma Magica is interfering with something he is trying to do...

Alessio will look somewhat frustrated at his own foolishness, then concentrate to lower his parma...

You grasp the dogs paw and he leaps off of the deck and plunges into the sea, taking you with him. You remain totally dry, and you find that you are able to breath and move freely, and your perceptions are uninhibited by water.

[color=red]I shall take you to meet my mistress, Princess Nhoba of the Sunken Sea!

Perhaps you wonder at the meaning. For how can a sea be sunk under the sea? But as you approach the bottom, you realize that he is taking you through a regio. You notice the collapsed ruins of an old roman building on the sea floor. But as you move towards it, it sort of stays in place. That is, it grows no bigger and you don't get closer. Instead, as you approach the building begins to take a more clarified and restored shape. You can now see it is an old Roman temple of some sort. Once it comes into its full magnificence, entering the "top" layer of the regio, you then get closer and finally arrive. As you look up, the sea seems endless, appearing many times further than your short journey would lead you to think. It is indeed a sunken sea.

A starfish walks past you and waves hello to the Sea Dog. You see a mermaid swim past in the distance. There are two guards out in front of the temple. They are octopi. Each octopus stands on four legs, carries a shield, spear, and sword in hands, and the eighth hand is free to salute the Sea Dog.

Truely impressive. Please, lead on.

Alessio is geniuely impressed.

Lite and pretty, the princess sits on a seashell throne. She smiles in delight when she sees, you, so rarely does she recieve visitors.

[color=red]Man of Land! Greetings and welcome to my kingdom :smiley: