Chapter 9: Council meeting

I should be clear I have no problems with Tyrion or any other magus studying the Mentam Summae or any other book here. I believed he implied that by having the book with him he would be able to work greater magic and that I did not believe. If we travel we do not take valuable books with us to study for the reasons explained by Maga Tatiana

You seem to have taken my statements personally. I have no animus with you , however should you have decided to take offence and feud with me then that will be your problem

Your attitudes are most offensive. I withdraw my previous comment about having no issue with you. You are close to making me wish to use the skills God gave me. However as a fellow magus I will for now tolerate behavior I would not from one beyond the order . However I caution you to watch your words and attitude more carefully. I excuse and tolerate the pagan behaviour of my Sodali and pray that God will forgive them, I am sure that they tolerate my Christianity in the same way. However I will not tolerate deliberate mockery of God and his church from anyone member of the order or not
Mariella's voice is quite and calm. Those who know her better recognize that she is furious.
Leaving aside your approach to blasphemy I find your arguments incoherent and subject to change , after you are criticized you claim to have said something else. Enough you may use your vis and the vis any other mage of the covenant should choose to contribute as you wish however do not cause further strife within our community by attempting to disrupt the social order of the community

Turning to Justus
I am willing to accept Tatiana's suggestion that we consult with the mayor , (of the nearby town whose name escapes me) we will probably travel through there and could deliver the message. I suggest we consult with my Brother as well and see if he can recommend lay person he has dealt with. While we are travelling could you see if there is someone we could train from the covenant , then we can choose from among the available options when we return. As you Justus will not be accompanying the expedition are there any books you would like us to trade for on your behalf. Tatiana your knowledge of the fae could prove useful in the hunt particularly in helping me avoid conflict with any fae our target has taken shelter with, Ardeths abilities would also be useful but as she has enemies among the fae she may be of less use in diplomacy with them. I would also welcome your assistance Fumidus although of course I am unfamiliar with your talents. I would like to take with us a small number of Grogs and a couple of mundane servants who could deal with those mundanes we need to deal with and avoid the problems of Gift and faerie heritige in such matters.

Justus to Mariella: I am villing to trade copies of the books that I have written myself. I am looking for a few titles such as Felix Bulba’s Ex Bonisagus “Investigating the unknown – an introduction to a harmonizers perils a rewards” and other text on magical theory. If possible they will deal with the matter of researching non-hermetic magic to improve hermetic magic. It is a great idea to visit Kolberg and while you are there please send a trained medicus here to take a look at Horts.

Then Justus turns to Tyrion. Do you work in metal? I am looking for a ring with some useful effects to protect and defend me.

"It is not a specialty of mine, as with stone and glass, but I am versed in its mystical properties. Given your silver mines, it seems like an excellent skill to develop. Shall we discuss these matters in depth after the council?

"If we need books, then perhaps I should go, as I suspect I have the most familiarity with barter, and my house-fellows may be inclined to trade in locales where others may not. For myself, I would enjoy advanced books on Terram, or (if such a thing exists) a primer on using fae heritage to a magi's benefit*. Books on local history and lore, or the efforts of other magi to integrate external magics into hermetic theory, may benefit both Justus and the covenant as a whole."

Justus: We a very good silversmith here at the covenant so you could perhaps learn a few things from him. Take a look at the silverware in your lab and you will see the quality of work.

By this, Tyrion meant books on using Second Sight.

"Indeed, it was such lovely marvels which first suggested the idea to me. Once my lab is set up to my satisfaction, I will see about spending some time as his apprentice. I also need to see about acquiring forge companions to aide works in stone and glass, but I hardly think such matters warrant the council's time."

After the council meeting, Tyrion will discuss things with Justus in more depth. "Perhaps I could manage something suitable in a combination of silver, glass and gems? Are you set upon a ring, or might I tempt you into a phylactery? Amulets are harder to misplace than rings, in my experience. I can easily work a 4th magnitude effect of Corpus, Herbam, or Vim in but a single season. Of course, my specialty is Terram...I might be able to do slightly better in that regard. Or were you looking for something Greater?"

Justus: I thought about a ring as it is hard to drop if I have to run for my life in the forest. I intend to do some original research so I need a few utility spells that keep me safe. Something to defend myself from mundane or magical harm and allows me to fight of superior foes. Come up with a suggestion but I do not wish for an item that will get me into more trouble so noting too gaudy.

"Ah, I see. How about a ring which does the running for you? Rego Corpus, short 50-pace hops all day long? Or something that lets you teleport farther, but can only be used a certain number of times? Normally, I would charge 9 vis for this, but for my amicus, let us say 6, and an autographed copy of one of your books.

Tatiana heads to the armory to see if there is some light leather that might give her a little protection and then heads to meet with Mariella. "we do need to know more about this hunted woman and see if we can get into her lab to get an arcane connection to her."

That is why I intend to visit Irencilla before starting a hunt. I want an opportunity to check the lab and speak with their Sodali's although how much cooperation we will get is uncertain. I also want to find out the full details of the charges against this mage so we may work out their likely associations

"That and why he would chose to attack us and bring extra people into the hunt for him. Had he not attacked us, I probably would not have joined the march. He sounds insane and I worry about leaving Justus alone in the covenant." Tatiana says softly. "I will be collecting arcane connections as we travel so I can get back to the covenant quickly."

It seems likely to me that the attack on our covenant was inspired by Constantia . Which leaves us two obvious methods by which a hermetic mage may have been lead into attacking us, the first is that they where bribed or blackmailed by Constantia, the second is that they have some sort of tie to the faerie whose servants attacked us as a member of House Merinita

"If that is the case, she is either aiding a marched mage and sheltering him or hiring such and either way that would toss her into our hands to get a march on her." Tatiana doesn't seem so clear.

I may not have been clear, the second possibility that this marched mage had ties to the Faerie involved in the siege was meant as my best guess for a reason for them to be involved if the mage had no ties to Constantia

There is no 'may not have been clear' when I reread my sentence it does link everything to Contantia and Mariella is not quite that obsessed

Justus: I can transport myself very fast so I though more of something that blocks weapon and let me disable my foes. I don’t like to kill or harm people unless I must.

"Personal ward against blades?"

"Being Merinita, it would make a lot of sense that she had faerie contacts. I am not sure why she went after us, especially linked with Ardath's step-mother. too many people died of faerie and mundane because of this. Even if they were our enemies, I would have preferred to send them home than kill them all." The level of death that occurred really does bother Tatiana.

People and Faeries need to learn to have the proper respect for the Order of Hermes. If they had that respect they would not have come to their deaths here. Maybe the survivors have learnt the lesson

Mariella is completely unfazed by the killing.

Justus: Perhaps... Come up with a few suggestion of wards or other protection and then a offensive spell.