Chapter 9: Council meeting

Tyrion: "Other sorts of wards...Personal wards against blades, iron, wooden shafts -- all of which require you carry none of that sort of thing yourself. You seem uncertain what to protect yourself against, so perhaps magical armor would be the most versatile. I assume you'd like to be inconspicuous, so how about something that makes your clothes into sufficient protection?

"My favorite offensive spell is The Gaping Pit. Very few things respond well to an unexpected fall. And amongst those who aren't phased by such things, I think your transport spells would serve you best.

"In the forest, you might also benefit from a spell which uses the woods around you to entangle your opponents. Either individually or targeting an area."

Tyrion: "...or....I could combine my favorite spell, The Gaping Pit, with my second favorite spell, Hands of Grasping Earth, to make a ring which takes the ground out from under their feet and cocoons them in it."

From the smile on his face, you get the impression that this device will get made someday, whether Justus requests it or not.

Justus: A personal ward would be good and nothing to difficult to use as offensive magic but something that could be used at both one foe and many would be good.