Chapter 9: The hunt for Priscus Ex Merinita

Any preparations before travelling to Irencilla? Bring every magi except Justus for the most fun.

The magi makes their journey to the northern Bohemian forest wherer Irencilla is located. None of you have any idea on what to expect but the covenant looks just as you excpected a covenant ruled by Merinita magi to look like. Some of you might see a grand castle guarded by stout fae knight where other see a more mundane structure guarded by covenfolk not to dissimilar to your own. As Justus has sent word that you are coming your are expected at meet inside the covenant perimeter (this is a wall or a similar feature to you) and Iacob Ex Merinita is the one who is expecting you. He appears to be a tall man in his thirties, quite handsome and dressed in a deep green scholars robe. Everyone of you knows that he is a master of mentem magic and leader of the elder guild. Welcome to Irencilla fellow magi of the Order, he speaks as you come into range. We have quarter prepared for you and in the evening you are welcome to our dining hall where you will meet the other magi.

Assuming Mariella or Justus doesn't object to Tyrion's Underground Jewish Railroad plan, he'll leave Venito (the Grizzled Jewish Veteran) in Kolberg to start looking for Jews willing to relocate into the regios that had been found in previous chapters. He'll also be keeping an eye out for potential forge-companions, and any other skilled laborers that the others suggest.

Tyrion'll take his two grogs and new apprentice-grog with him to Irencilla.

Tangent: since it seems unlikely that we'll find a glass-working forge-companion for Tyrion, maybe he could teach the trade to the baker's daughter?

Tyrion sees Irencilla as a giant dwarven stronghold, bigger and more grand than any he has seen before.

Mariella does not have any particular preparations for the journey. Her magic is already ready and she thinks mundane preparations are largely worthless against a competent mage.
I really don't know what Mariella would expect a Merinita covenant to look like,

Thank you for your Hospitality , Iacob.
Mariella is happy that the mages of Irencilla are being polite , as it is not clear what the opinion of the mages of Irencila was concerning the renegade she had thought that the welcome could have been much more difficult. Off course they could still be uncooperative but at least they are being civil

To Tatiana, the walls are thick hedges with stone pillars to reinforce and the buildings are varied and different to reflect flavor of whoever lives in that specific section. She almost expects a She smiles and almost feels at home. "I thank you for your welcome. I just wish this visit was purely social as this place is beautiful and speaks to the heart of my father's court."

The guest quarters are up to your expectations and Iacob introduce you to your personal servant that will tend on your while you are staying at the covenant. The servants appearance does as with every else looks as you are expecting. Iacob leaves you at your quarters so that you may unpack and refresh before the dinning hall. The quest quarters are four rooms (one for each of you) and they are connected to a common hall. From the common hall there is a door to a small garden that is surrounded by a two paces tall wall and filled with exotic flowers (this looks like a cave with crystals to Tyrion) and there is another door that goes to the rest of the covenant. Your servant stands next to the door and is trying to be at service if you call upon it but otherwise acts like a piece of the scenery. In the common area there is a statue that emits both fresh air and heat so that the guest quarters are well ventilated and warm. From the ceiling there are a myriad of candle flames that floats around and gives the room good light at any time of day. There is some chairs, tables and other furniture of good quality. On a table there is a tray with dried meat, bread and fruit and in one of the shelf’s there is an assortment of board games.

At dinner time your servant takes you to the dining hall and by that time you have noticed that it does not speak to you unless spoken to.

The dining hall is even more spectacular than the rest of the covenant and around the table (where there are just enough seats for every magi). Iacob takes it as his task to introduce everyone and present at the table are:
• Iacob Ex Merinita
• Handri Ex Merinita, primus
• Ioannec Acer Ex Merinita
• Vinaria Ex Merinita
• Glesig Ex Merinita
• Gravis Ex Bonisagus
• Richenda Spinosa Ex Flambeau

Tatiana is happy to meet everyone and as the introductions are made, she notes the names so that after she sits down, she can focus on seeing if she can remember anything about them. It does occur to her that the marched one might not have been from Irencilla but some other covenant. Still she will enjoy the company.

OOC This is a simple roll since I am trying to just remember what I know about these people. There is no real stress to it as it is a welcoming dinner.
Order of hermes Lore: int 3+ooh lore 1 (+1 magi specialty) + roll 10=15

Mariella respectfully greets the assembled magi , as this is a social occasion she does not plan on raising the business of her visit until after the meal. She will make small talk until after the meal which is something she is not particularly good at

Just realised I don't have order of hermes lore , having code of Hermes instead so no roll on that

Same here! Unless some of these Merinita are politically active, or have had an effect on The Code, he's never heard of them before. That seems inaccurate for a peregrinator, I should have caught that. ~shrug~ Ah, well.

Tyrion makes sure to spend some time talking to each magi in turn for at least a few minutes, curious to know about their current projects and future aspirations. He's using Charm to make a good impression, but he's very genuine in his interest -- he finds the things that other people choose to do with The Gift a fascinating topic. During these conversations, he is always quick to compare the Irencilla wizard's project with something similar he heard about that someone else is doing, but he never seems to remember who was doing the project, only what the project was and how they were approaching it.

(And thus, I roleplay a high MT and no OoHLore)

Presence +1, Charm (magi) 2+1 = 4+ stress die
[table][tr][td]Iacob Ex Merinita[/td]
[td][10, 6] = 4, no botch[/td][/tr][tr][td]Handri Ex Merinita, primus[/td]
[td]8 = 12[/td][/tr][tr][td]Ioannec Acer Ex Merinita[/td]
[td]2 = 6[/td][/tr][tr][td]Vinaria Ex Merinita[/td]
[td]2= 6[/td][/tr][tr][td]Glesig Ex Merinita[/td]
[td][1, 1, 8 = 32] = 36[/td][/tr][tr][td]Gravis Ex Bonisagus[/td]
[td]7= 11[/td][/tr][tr][td]Richenda Spinosa Ex Flambeau[/td]
[td]4= 8[/td][/tr][/table]

(I assume this is Pre and not Com, since it is Charm. But since Tyrion is talking, it might be Com, in which case all those numbers get a +5 instead of a +4)

Tatiana will figure out the most public known information that stands on the pages of GotF p. 105-107, if you don’t have the book then I can write something’s for you.

The dinner goes very well and Glesig and Tyrion get on very well. The spend the better part of the dinner and night talking about the finer points of terram magic, Gravis does also partake and is both cheerful and most skilled in magic theory. The magi of the covenant are very welcoming and good hosts. The dinner lasts until the early hours and Iacob promises to meet with the magi the following day to speak of the reasons behind their visit. I leave to you to deside if the cats the following morning stomp and make loud noises.

At noon Iacob meets with you in a small chamber where he usually receives visitors outside his sanctum.

[Just read the GotF pages mentioned (first time opening up the book), and yowza! That was the perfect Irencilla maga to make such a good roll with! What does the leaf next to each wizard mean? Gravis is the only one that's different.]

During dinner, Tyrion will also confide in Glesig and Gravis about his interest in his part-fae/part-hermetic birth. Though he has vague memories of learning the dwarven arts, his childhood underground and some small idea about who his father might be, he has practically no information at all about who his mother might be, and wonders if she was a Hermetic wizard, maybe even a Merinita, since the father was fae.

Tyrion tries to take charge of the encounter, still feeling a need to earn the respect of his new covenmates, and mindful of the relatively poor first impression he made on Iacob.

"Our most heartfelt thanks for the time you give to us, Magister Iacob. We have come to seek your aid in unraveling a mystery, as your knowledge of matters both fae and Hermetic exceed our own. Our covenant has just been the subject of the most perplexing series of events, and what little evidence we have seems to point to a member of your House and Guild."

Tyrion pauses there, to see how Iacob responds -- he isn't sure what Iacob's relationship to Priscus is, or how he feels about the wizard being Marched, and so he is taking small steps forward. Rather than obfuscating this confusion, he attempts to harness it -- the very delicacy of his approach showing that he values a relationship with Iacob and Irencilla much more strongly than he desires this information.

By degrees, and taking his lead from Iacob, Tyrion reveals:

  • the story of the siege, and later discovery of Priscus's involvement. Do we even know for sure that Priscus was the one? Why would he want to attack us?

  • the various forces supernatural and mundane that were involved. What was his relationship with them?

  • How we came to learn that it was Priscus, and how confused we were to discover that he'd been marched before we'd had a chance to verify his identity. [OOC: I'm not even sure if this is an accurate summary]

  • Our desire to pursue Priscus, solve the riddle of his assault upon us, and seek justice for his crimes.*

  • Again, taking cues from Iacob on what sort of tone we should approach that with.

Assuming this conversation goes well, we'll ask to let Mariella and Tatiana examine his sanctum, while Tyrion negotiates a book trade "to further cement our brotherly bond during this awkward moment."

Tatiana enjoys the dinner and wonders about the residents of the place, always willing to learn more about her father's heritage. She talks about the order in Novgorod and the her own tradition in exchange for anything the mages here share with her. She definately would if given chance discuss religion with Iocob considering that her tradition is a fae worshipping religion.

Come the next day, Tatiana will let Amul speak first. She is more than willing to sit back and listen intially.

the symbols in the books relates to their guild in the Rhine tribunal

Are any of the Caricatures present at dinner?

We don't know that Priscus was involved. We don't know for certain he was from this covenant (only house where this is domus Magnus). We don't know why he would want to attack us? We don't know the relationships of the three forces attacking us: only that there were humans with a mage among them, faerie knights and goblin king and his army. We are only going on assumption that it might be Priscus when the announcement of his march was made.

OOC: ~reads further~ Ah, thanks! Now I wish I'd taken Guild Training virtue. It always upset me that there were no cross-House political factions in ArM!

(Emphasis mine) Max has said that Priscus lived in Irencilla. I don't think we have answers to the rest of those questions, though. Presumably, we have all talked about such matters during the journey here, at least long enough that Tyrion has a strong idea of what your questions are, and so he can verbalize them in a way that addresses your concerns, using his social skill rolls. Tyrion is certainly willing to talk the subject to death, as he is deeply frustrated by the number of unanswered questions.

Iacob listen to the tale that Tyrion has and he speaks and it is abvious that he is not happy about the situation. We heard about the march against Priscus. I can’t believe it… He lived here for about 10 years, and he came to us after spending a few years wandering the tribunal. Iacob smile as if he is thinking about the time when he was a perigrinatores, wandering the tribunal. His smiles disappear as he starts to speak again. He sealed his sanctum when he left and he did leave a few seasons ago with nothing more than a note that told us that he would return. I can’t say why he did assault you as I don’t know but the past few years he has been a different man than the one who came to us all those years ago.

Tyrion nods, wondering once again if his own life as a peregrinator has ended, or if Ad Fons is just another stop along his journey.

"By your words, can we then stand relieved to know that Irencilla itself carries no grievance against us? And you say he was different. Different how? In my own life, I have found that my personality is strongly affected by the company I keep. Did Priscus have new associates, friends, correspondents?

"I, too, was surprised by the news of this march, and am not even certain what he was marched for. Do you know by whose verdict the sentence was executed?" (For that matter, do we know who told us Priscus was involved?)

An idea comes to Tyrion at that moment. "Wait, give me a moment, let me think this through....If Priscus was indeed the one who instigated the attack on Ad Fons, then the last known contacts of his are among the fae, among the courts that attacked us alongside him. Do we know what principles among the fae our attacker worked with? Could the magi of Irencilla help us understand why Lord Jumis came to our aid against these rivals? Help us, perhaps, even to speak with those courts and affirm his identity, his purpose, and possibly his current refuge?"

These last questions are directed as much to Tyrion's covenmates as to Iacob.

(Do we know if the Goblin King or any of the other faerie nobles survived Jumis's Protector?)

After this discussion progresses for some way, Tyrion brings up the subject once more, with delicacy and firmness. "By the laws of the Order, once Renounced, Priscus lost the right to a sanctum. May we, who seek to unravel mysteries, examine his sanctum before some bunch of glory seeking Fl--" (A quick glance at Mariella) " -- glory-seeking Tytalus or Quaesitore ransacks his room indiscriminately?"

" I am aware that Priscus has not faced a full tribunal therefore it is my intent to bring him back alive so he can face hermetic justice, I consider this to be the honorable thing to do. However as he has been legally marched I am perfectly willing to kill if he will not surrender it would be useful if you can provide any information I may be able to use to secure a surrender. I would also like to secure an arcane connection, if your covenant has one to him or I can find one by searching his sanctum

Fumidus hasn't spoken much, but observes and nods in the right places. He doesn't want the covenant to speak with more than one voice.

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Tyrion winces when Mariella speaks, but says nothing, waiting for Iacob to respond.

Iacob replies. Our covenant has never ever held any grudge against the members of Ad Fons and as I know it some magical investigation specialist from Durenmar determined that his sigill where found near your covenant in the magical residue. So I think that it where sufficient for a march by the tribunal. As for friends and allies he should have a fae caricature here in the vicinity of the covenant and perhaps it can help. I also knew that he left the covenant from time to time to visit some friends and that he kept writing to magi at some other covenants here in the tribunal. I can’t really tell you what deals he made or who his friends where as Priscus where a secretive man but perhaps our redcap knows. He will be here in a week or two and you are welcome to stay. As for his sanctum it is free to enter as the law dictates. I can show you where it lies if you wish to take a look at it.

Tyrion: "That is most generous of you. Perhaps, while my companions investigate the sanctum, you and I might occupy ourselves with some discussion of how our two covenants might strengthen their relationship? Trade in books, perhaps?"