Chapter 9: The Man with the Golden Scythe


It is early in the morning at Novus Mane, things are quiet with most of the magi away. Alessio awakens and is wondering the covenant , waiting to see if the magi who suppsoedly inhabit this place are ever going to return.
He becomes aware that another visitor is arriving at the covenant , a young man wearing a red cap and riding a most excellent horse has arrived and is talking to the peasents apparetnly seeking a magus to deliver important news , it seems to Alessio that this is not one of the more usual Redcap visits and that perhaps something unnusual is going on.

Alessio will tell one of the covenant folk to get Dragor, then will walk out to greet the visitor.

Salvate Sodales.

Can I help you...

Dragor haistilly comes down to meet with the Redcap.

Dragor recognises the Redcap as Pierre a red cap who has visited the covenant before on one of the regular runs of dropping off what little correspondance this covenant recieves . No red cap was expected until at least the end of next season as one has recently been here dropping off the post.
Pierre walks over to Dragor and Alessio. I come bearing an urgent request from Fengheld covenant in the Rhine, they report that one of their Junior mages called Conrad of Tremere has vanished while visiting this tribunal he was reportedly in this area when he vanished they ask that the magi of this area keep an eye out for him , his parens has offerred 10 pawns of Vis for anyone who can locate him. It seems that Fengheld has an arcane connection to Conrad but are unnable to locate him with it . They have provided a picture of him and aa description as well as paying us Redcaps to deliver the news urgently to covenants in the Normandy Tribunal
He hands over a vellum scroll which does indeed contain a picture and a decription of the missing magus


This aint normal. If he ain't stuck in a regio, then he's under supernatural influence. I'd say he's unlikely to surface.

Dragor is amazed at the artist's skill at drawing portraits :wink:, and will make this message a top priority.

Later on, he will invite Allesio inside to eat a real meal and sleep in a real bed, trying to butter him up.

Reginald has mysteriously disappeared, as he often does leaving a message with Betty to tell Alessio [color=red]Thanks for the help, I think I found the solution, will see you soon

Didnt realise Writh was back...he could have helped with the pirates!
Btw, what is Alessio's status in relation to the covenant at this point?

Anyway, Alessio with thank Betty for the messege.

He'll enjoy the food and board Dragor offers.

So then, high and mighty Fengheld want the entire Normandy Tribunal to go looking for their missing magus....that cannot be good. The arcane connection Pierre mentioned, I wonder if its still intact even, that would have been useful to know. Oh well.

Dragor, you must know these parts better that than me, what are thoughts for where a missing magus might be?

He was not back. :blush:
However the boat carrying the magi back from England just docked. And Wirth walked up to the arriving Redcap on his way to see his wife and Son. Roberto and the others are taking their baggage off the ship before walking up the hill. Iolar is probably in her rooms having flown in.
There has been no change in Alessio's status in fact this is the first time Wirth or the other magi have seen him.... (I expect him to get admitted to the covenant at a council session in the near future)

There are no nearby places where a magi could obviously get lost near the covenant , the only regio's you know about IIRC are the ones at the covenant and the ones at the Covenant of Shadows of the Past.
Dragor will quickly be able to find out that none of the covenfolk have seen anyone looking like this mage

Alessio will nod to Writh, then turn to Dragor

Dragor, prehaps you should introduce us?

[color=red]You are the guest. Custom dictates that you introduce yourself, announcing your presence and purpose of your visit. I am an autocrat not a herald.

Alessio will shake his head slightly...then turn backto Writh...

Good day sir. You speak like you know something of regios, you wouldn't happen to be one of the elusive magi of this covenant would you?

While Wirth and Alessio are making introductions the other magi arrive from the harbour having had chance to leave their luggage with the servants

Roberto is chatting away. [color=red]That last adventure was amazing! The epic dramatic climax, the sheer heroism, good triumphed over evil, I was awesom as usual. I'll tell you all about it sometime later :smiley:

Aelianus moves up to the covenant. Behind him is Diodorus fur brusher servant carrying a large cat on a pillow in front of her. The young woman is clearly struggling with the weight. She is both pleasing to the eye and dressed in a dress that must have cost a small fortune, at her belt there is a fur brush.

All of the returning magi have now encountered Alessio and the visiting Red Cap, Wirth is distracted by the arrival of Clara and their child

Alessio will turn from Writh then and nod slightly to the arriving (obvious) magi...

Salvate Sodales

Roberto looks at you with scrutiny. [color=red]
Eh? Who the hell are you?

No, wait, forgive my manners. I am Roberto Rodruigez of Flambeau, filius Joel Muniz, Knight of Seneca. Welcome to Novus Mane.
Now, what is your name and what might your business be?

Alessio will smile slightly

Nice to meet Roberto Rodruigez of House Flambeau. I am Alessio Calitori of House Jerbiton. As for my business, I arrived here a little time ago seeking the magi of Novus Mane, but found them absent.....for the most part.

I am a wandering magi, seeking a home. I have heard upon the road that your covenant may have room to spare for one such as myself?