Chapter House of Sa Dragonera

If the strong aura covers your entire quarter does that mean it is in the mundane world as well? If so what is the discrepancy between the mundane aura and the region? If not what does that portion mean?

If you have a yard that is par of your quarter, then yes. And yes to the exterior of the building. This is just the Aura and not yet the Regio. Thus, in theory, it should be of a lower Aura level than your lab.

So what would be the aura of the lab/regio and the mundane area respectively? Which is aura 3?

I think Marko is giving us some flexibility here. Your lab will definitely by Aura 3 (which is the highest the aura can be). It would probably make sense to then have the sanctum (outside the lab) be Aura 2, and then your quarter that is outside the Regio be Aura 1.

Although you could probably have the part of your quarter outside the Regio be Aura 1, and then the entire Regio (consisting of your Sanctum and Lab) be aura 3.

That makes sense.

Yes, yes indeed :smiley:

My plan is for Pere's townhouse to have an aura of 1 and the townhouse mirrored in the regio to have an aura of 3. I wasn't drawing a distinction between his lab space and his sanctum.

You could have the exterior with a Magic Aura of one, the interior regio with a magic aura of two, and another regio layer with an aura of three and on this layer the interior is different. Where there is but a storeroom on one layer, a lab exists on the next.
Just a possibility.
Be as simple or complex as you feel fits you best.

It was suggested over in Chapter IV that Guiverna, upon her acceptance into Sa Dragonera, be moved into the Watchtower.

Would I be correct in assuming that would be Lucas's old haunts (pun intended)?

If so, would she basically be taking the manor house on the mundane level (which, I think, has an Aura of 1) as-is and converting the rooms to whatever but leaving them physically the same, and then having the temple and adjacent(?) lab in the regio, which is Aura 3?

Or am I missing something? (It's been a while since I skimmed the Sa Dragonera stuff, and tbh I wasn't paying a lot of attention to it when it was being developed.)

Yes, tke Ucas's old spot. Everyone else stay in their current spot. Vocis has a possible recruit for the Manor in Palma Mallorca

Oo...that's one way to insult Frederika. Promise her something you didn't give her an option to refuse, and then bring in someone from outside the covenant to do it instead :laughing:

Sorry. I just figured it would be a good way to fit the new Tremere in and NPC Vocis has a plan :smiley:

I may complain mightily! Or fume. Or even take it out unfairly on Thomas. This won't stand~! :wink:

Hey, I'm losing a very nice home in Majorca in this deal. Where will Lucas and his family go on vacation now? :slight_smile:

He'll have to arrange to get a small cottage by the sea or a townhouse in Parma. Having lived in Majorca for a while, he'll want to go back.

I'm sure I will have rooms enough for company! #it'smyhousedammnit

Hah! By all means! Anything for a good story eh? :smiley:

Hmmm...seeing as how Lucas's place would be (a) way too big for just her, unless she put a boyfriend in every room, and (b) he has a use for the lab there for like the next five years; and Fredericka, it seems, is moving into Pere's old place (or already has), and I don't see any other vacant property already plotted out..

I think I'll build Guiverna's quarter from scratch. Spend a season exploring the island and finding a place to claim. She doesn't have any Second Sight or enough InVi to be able to spont a spell to find an Aura (let alone a Regio). So, if we have any grogs or Companions that have Second Sight or something that can help her that she can borrow for a few weeks...

She will bring this all up at a dinner or meeting when she's first admitted to the Covenant. She doesn't want to dispossess anyone (that's a good way to get off on the wrong foot).

A quick check of the wiki finds a few characters with Second Sight, but I'm not sure if any of them are still around (typical Clan members, whatever they are; Lux; Greg, an infant Perdut boy; Purity, the Wolf of Purifying Flame and Cecio's Familiar; Sophia, Solomon's Familiar; Micaela, Gerard, Magara the Old, Maria the Wise Woman, and Selim ibn Ahmed). Although Felicia does grant Second Sight, if she'd be willing to do so for until Guiverna finds a Regio. If not...maybe one of the sailors or criminals or fighters would be able to help her.

If that's okay, I'll start statting her quarter and lab this afternoon.

Considering she would be effectively loaning you a point of might for an indeterminate amount of time, she would probably be willing to do that for 1 pawns of vis per season, or give it to you permanently for 5 pawns.

Horus has Second Sight. And since Lucas is studying a summa the season that Guiverna arrives, he'd be happy to let his familiar go gallivanting across Sa Dragonera looking for a regio. Horus also can fly, has Eyes of the Eagle, has Wilderness Sense, and can mentally contact Lucas if you run into trouble. So he's the full package. And I'd love to get him some Area Lore: Sa Dragonera. Oh, and he's male and he can take human form. But I'm not gonna ask. What happens in Sa Dragonera stays in Sa Dragonera.

When I was looking into statting up lab stuff, Marko mentioned that he'd need to look over the Sa Dragonera rules and such again to make sure they're up to scratch. Not sure if that's been done yet.