Chapter Three OOC: Not in Kansas anymore

Sorry this was quite a bit of pushing - the rest will be freer.

Please note that each character (and each item) has taken two single warping points due to strong magical effects.

Do we need to roll for Twilight?

Newb Question time! What are the roleplaying effects of gaining 2 warping points? Ie, do we feel it, can we measure it, etc?

You don't have to roll for twilight since it is two seperate warping points. You may though. (This shows I am not 100% sure myself).

As for roleplaying effects: You probably feel as if you shouldn't be here and lost/disconnected if you want to roleplay it.

Viscaria's roll.

You think so you are.
You know nothing about where (though the magic aura makes heaven/hell unlikely)? The magic realm? A regio? In Spain? Or is it a dream? An illusion? Maybe you are still in the hut? But then maybe you are a tree who dreams of being a magus?
The warping means that you have been subjected to 2 supernatural effects, powerful enough to slice through your parma.

Woo-hoo! Brings my total to 3.
Lies down on the train tracks because the warping points have ruined his new clothes that had a Finesse Ease Factor of 32 :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, your clothes only become visibly warped once they acquire 5 warping points.

Infernal Lore of 0 , Spont: ReVi , Summon the Lord of the Pit

And as long as my fine new clothes remain inviolate , i pledge my immortal soul to Hell.
I will maintain a facade of piety to further whatever vile tasks are asked of me
and swear by the First among The Fallen to never repent , thereby returning my soul to Gods Grace
to avoid my just and eternal damnation.



I find it very weird that there's no way for me to tell what magics have affected me without spending a season in study. Is that really true?

TWO separate spells? Not like my Parma is all that high to begin with,'d be nice to at least be able to determine the arts used on me.

When Helena says "aura of the 5th magnitude" does that mean Aura +5 or higher? or Aura +25?

Assume Magic Aura 5 until I tell you sth different.

Both of the effects are obvious. You can determine the Arts for yourself.

EDIT: I'm not trying to be wise, I am just trying to give you a chance to find sth out that can be found out by thinking about it for a while (trying not to spoil the :bulb: effect).

To be clear, I am asking about the mechanical and setting aspects of these questions, not asking you to hand these answers to me on a silver platter.

From your response, I gather that when a magus talks about auras, the "magnitude" they speak of translates to a game mechanic of "plus (magnitude)."

Likewise, I do not understand what game mechanics I would use to determine the Arts -- is that InVi, or In(Form) for each form? The guidelines are all "detect" and not "discern" for InVi.

I don't know why the word magnitude was used with aura.

You'd use InVi to determine arts magically.

Touching one of the trees.
InHe spont , level 10
Base 04 : Learn all mundane properties of a plant , +01 Touch , +01 Size
In 0 , He 10 , Sta 0 , Aura 05 , SD 07
(0+10+0+05+07)/02 = 11

Note to the ST:
December 18 is Eponas Feast Day , if any Visions are to strike the character.
It was not yet Christmas in game , iirc.

I believe he said we're meeting in mid-to-late January.

Guess i better ask how long until Spring then , so i can know when the Cyclic Magic bonus kicks in.

Useful link: calendar

Well, the weather is summer (and your magic feels strong and summerlike - you get the bonus).
What happened to spring? Well, you'll find out...

The tree is mundane, yet you do not know the name (and the name the spell gives you tells you nothing - more details about the tree after I slept).

Hearing the beginnings of a potential squawking crisis , a hasty spont to
Soothe the Ruffled Feathers , ReAn 20
Base 04: Calm an animal , +02 Voice , +02 Sun

Re 10 , An 04 , Sta 0 , Aura 05 , Cyclic Magic +03 , SD 09
(10+04+0+05+03+09)/02 = 15(rd)
So , with Chaotic Magic this will go wildly out of control in some unpredictable way.

Not that i am planning to cast this , as that would be attacking one of my fellow Sod_Ales. :astonished:

My understanding is that Magnitude is just the in play term to describe the aura or regio strength, so an infernal aura 10 would be described as 10th magnitude, (however an infernal aura 10 is the gate to hell so you'd probably guess you were in a bad place :smiley:)

I cast Sense the Magical power and got back "Strong Aura". From my understanding a strong aura is anything above 5.

That's all.

The tree you examined has leaves with a hairy underside and is tall. It is in bloom (white). It is mundane.

Cygna appears roughly in the middle of the cave (with the ned of the sliced bedsheet rope still in her hand. It's limestone.

So , just a stage prop , with no useful mundane properties such as edible fruit or medicinal value or even making some nice herbal tea.
While the character is primarily a craft mage , learning about plants is something that might have benefit.
If it is just a tree and not relevant to advancing the story or just timewasting to ask about , no worries.