Chapter Three - Spring Council


Dusk falls gently upon Andorra. As the light of the sun drops below the horizon, the council chamber is filled with bright, warm light from no particular source. Now that dinner is over, the servants are busy cleaning the chamber and preparing it for the arrival of the magi.

The spring evening is warm and fresh as Inigo enters the council room, sitting down as the other magi wend their way into the room. He sits quietly, sipping his drink occasionally, a little lost in thought. His chair is tall and his bearing makes it clear that, when his leadership is applied, it is firm and final. Once the magi are comfortably seated and settled in, Inigo stands and speaks. His tanned face is kind but intense.

[color=red] Good evening, sodales, and welcome. It’s my great honor to host and preside over this meeting. I love our home, and I hope to continue to serve it. We have many magi among us, including, I believe some new faces and arrivals who are not here as often. He nods politely to the Redcap and to Decimus.

[color=red] I encourage you all to reintroduce yourselves, just to ensure we’re all on the same footing here. I am sure you all know me, but I’ll follow my own suggestion. I am Inigo Elazar, called Xalbador. He chuckles. [color=red]I suppose the Grandmaster has left me in charge.

[color=red]There are no great pressures facing us this season, and which just as well. As always, mundane affairs tend to themselves. I’ve heard it said that Grandmaster Antonio is planning an expedition around the dark side of the mountain. I'll likely be along, if possible. The only other issue I can think of is the upcoming Grand Tribunal. As is apparently usual, we need to keep the issue of Andorran sovereignty either in our favor or out of the public eye entirely - our independence is, after all, our strength.

What say the rest of you? Plans, proposals? Come, we are friends here. . Inigo sits back and waits for others to speak, mediating if necessary, listening carefully and respectfully.

Decimus tries to get attention so that he may speak. [color=red]I am Decimus Scribonious Lepidus Ex Mercere and until further notice responsible for the Mercere house here in the covenant. I have a few errand here in the council and the first is that I ask of the council to become a full member of the covenant.

Carmen looks bored :wink:

Lejla sits next to the Magical Mercere, and smiles to herself as she observes Marie who seems to be up to something.

Marie is sitting in her chair practising the latest lesson on intrigue she had in the morning. It was about quizzically raising an eyebrow. To an observer, it all probably looks all very strange, but that only adds to Marie's amusement. She remembers a bonmot byfrom the Analects of Tytalus: [color=red]Congressi comediae sunt. Well, time to let the games begin. As soon as the introductions are over, but before the debating starts, she creates a bell sound:

The doors open and two muscled grogs carry in a small table covered with a fine purple cloth of Arabic making.

She draws herself up to full height and announces:

(dramatic pause)

Which is to say that she is frustrated about her situation, not that she thinks Inigo is boring.

Marie's dramatic pause gets her attention though :slight_smile:

[color=green]Carmen: [color=red]Decimus, if you were to have full membership, then what of the Mercere Quarter? Where do your loyalties lie? Are you willing to relinquish that post and hand it over to another? If anyone should petition for full membership, it is me! I was raised up here! But, since I am here fulfilling an appointment as ambassador of the Antares, I don’t want to put you all in the position where you need to question my loyalty. You should know where my loyalties are anyway, but I don’t want to create suspicion by walking on both sides of the line.

(OOC: I have to end the pause so we can get this over before the debate starts)

The cloth levitates away and reveals...
...a number of books.

[color=red]...I want to present you each with a personal copy of the Analects of Tytalus, best vellum, bound in goat leather, four colors, only the best. Best of all the copies are glossed by one of OUR beloved friends, a knowledgeable archmagus - why, no one but Pietro himself!
I want to thank all the scribes of the covenant who secretly worked on this project to the exclusion of all others all season long. No, don't thank me, this is nothing uncommon among friends like us...

She beams as she hands, pardon, levitates out the copies.

[color=green]Carmen: [color=red]Wow, that's really nice of you! For our own personal libraries. right? I don't have one of those yet, but this is a nice start. Thatnk you :slight_smile:

Inigo looks vaguely annoyed, but quickly smoothes over his expression. [color=red] Sodalis, your affection is flattering and your gift is generous, but I’m hardly your amicus. I trust you’ll save that form of address for when it is appropriate, from now on?

[color=red]And this is proper.

[color=red]I see no reason immediate reason why not, but I wonder why, specifically. Surely your fellow Mercere keep you well supplied?

[color=green]Carmen: ([color=blue]quietly whispers to Marie) [color=red]Don't worry about that jerk. Gifts mean friendship. Men are socially retarded compared to we of the superior gender :wink:

Octavian remains characteristically silent and aloof through the initial proceedings. Occasionaly his unblinking eyes catch a flicker of light, reflecting back with a sinister green glow. When it comes time for him to introduce himself, he does so with a polite but distant demeanor. "I am Octavian of Tremere, Quaesitor of Iberia Tribunal."

The quaesitor softly interjects "If I may interrupt, if it is a matter of who would manage the resources of House Mercere, the decision falls upon its Prima. If it is a matter of the affairs of our missing sodales, standard inheritance rules apply as per the Code. If master Decimus wishes to pursue the latter he will have to address it at Tribunal. I strongly suggest to do so at Duresca for I will likely be assigned to investigate the validity of any claims." He inclines his head slightly towards Carmen. "Mistress Perez does have a valid point. Any suspicions of conflicting interests will only serve to undermine one's character rather than evaluation on one's own merit."

"It is quite commendable that mistress Noris considers us all amici and offers us her love and support in such a noteworthy and public sentiment." His voice changes ever so slightly. While he remains polite and sincere, there is a nagging impression of a facetious undertone. "While I certainly appreciate such a personal gift from our declared friend that mistress Noris, with the aid of our scribes, felt the need to share with us all, I must politely decline. It would ill appear for a quaesitor to accept such a gift."

He finally addresses Inigo. "I'm afraid I must respectfully disagree with master Inigo's assertion. Remaining independant of the local tribunals only serves to dilute the influence of the covenant and harbors distrust amongst our sodales outside Andorra. While it is true that my fellow quaesitores have ruled the regional tribunals cannot draw tribunal boundaries, they can implement and enforce residency amendments to the Peripheral Code."

[color=green]Carmen: [color=red]That is so rude Octavius! She is a covenant mate, and she has known you a long time! I demand you apologize to her and accept her Easter present!

Marie sighs:

[color=red]Well, kleiner Bruder, I know it is not your fault you are a Tremere. Be proud of your heritage.
Marie's eyes wander down her jest and glance at the sigil she wears around her neck.
[color=red]Tytalus the founder says it is impossible to teach wolves. I thought he was mistaken, but maybe he wasn't. I forgive you your uncouth manners, my friend

(OOC: "kleiner Bruder" was a German Cistercian way of addressing lay brethren. The title is spoken in German, so he won't know unless he's from around Hirsau/Maulbronn or another German Cistercian monastery)

(OOC; excellent social riposte!)

At the meeting, at one point while the men are filling the room with hot air, Carmen leans over to Marie and whispers her idea of the two of them working together on Viola's little mystery.

Marie nods thoughtfully.

Oh, and one more thing.

Suddenly there is a thunderous crash outside, like an explosion. There is much screaming and yelling. Someone bursts into the council chamber, adressing Inigo.
[color=red]Commander! We are under attack!

He nods his head apologetically to Carmen, closing his eyes halfway as if to shield her from his eyes. "Forgive me mistress Perez, it appears my comment was misleading as it was never my intent to offend. I would be honored to accept a gift from mistress Noris, however the gift was presented as one gifted by another." He turns to address Marie, opening his eyes fully, startling observers. His tone of voice remains soft with a hint of disappointment. "Analogies only paint caricatures in an attempt to reveal the truth. Although I am not as familiar with wolves as our sodales master Marcellus ex Flambeau, I will humour the thought as mistress Noris has been so kind to offer her forgiveness for any slight real or perceived in my words. The sheep led astray by a poor shepard often falls prey to the dangers of the world; including ..." he interrupts himself as the commotion of battle draws near."

[color=red]You have to excuse me soldaes but I think that it is good to look outside the door and see what happens there. Decimus raise from the council table and walks towards the door. As he approaches the door he casts, Shriek of the impeding shaft, Howl of the steel blade and the Wizards sidestep. Once the three spells are cast he tires to look out side and see what happens. If no window are in range he just opens the door a little bit.