character advancement

From the foreboding Island:
Experience: 6 points (Illia, Euphemia, Angie, Pieru, Castor, Aurore)
Illia: 3
Pierus: 0
Castor: 1
Aurore: 2

Can I spend 5 of my xp on Infernal Lore, specialised in "abilities of demons"? I'm going to put the last point into Ignem.

Done and noted, though I didn't see your arts on your posted sheet.

Ooops! Arts have been added now, plus the point of warping and the right number of confidence points (started with 5, gained 3 and spent 1).

Pierus is somewhat limited in what he can advance, having only said one thing. I'll put 5 points towards Latin, and 1 in Area Lore (wherever we are) if I may, specialising in Landmarks.

For Aurore this will be Infernal Lore 1 (possessed people) and the remaining point into Guile. If that's ok with you

done and done

You inputed Guile 0 (1) but I already have it to 3.
This is more Guile 3 (31)

And this time the GM botches.

Any ideas for Castor? He was just standing around trying to look competent.

Alright Angie has Independent study so that should bump it to 9 xp right? She'll drop 4 points in Infernal Lore, and 5 in Area Lore: Wherever we are (auras) as well.
I've seen people varying on this, but to make sure: this is in place of the seasonal experience?


You are currently in winter with less than a month remaining, so this season there is no seasonal experience- it is sort of prelude adventures in terms of seasonal advancement.
Normally however, yes, it would be in place of seasonal advancement.
Also keep in mind that it is possible for a character to have more than one adventure in a season. They can also choose to forego adventure experience and take seasonal experience instead.

Thanks for the XP!

Does the Confidence award mean that Euphemia gets 3 Confidence Points?

Also, general game question, what relevance does the Confidence Score have to anything? Is it the max number of Confidence Points you can spend on a roll?

Also also, I spent Euphemia's 6 XP on Mentem.

yes, that is the meaning of the confidence score, and yes she gets 3 confidence points.
however you can only spend 5 exp on one thing from an adventure, so she can spend 5 on mentem and the other 1 has to go somewhere else.

Okay, so does getting new Confidence Points act like XP and increase the Confidence Score as well, or is increasing Confidence Score a separate thing?

Also, about...1 XP maybe? Can I do that, since she has wounded folks to cast Purification of the Festering Wounds on?

That certainly seems appropriate. Done and noted.

I should have gotten 2 points in Creo because fractions from the extras gained with Affinities are rounded up.

Also, I decreased my bonus with The Call to Slumber back to 11.

I track slightly differently, I track all points actually put into creo, then multiply by 1.5, then round up. By that calculation you have rounded up twice where I have rounded up once.

The rulebook states "Your Study Totals for one Hermetic Art are increased by one half, rounded up." That means that the amount of XP added is increased by one half and rounded up each time XP is gained, not that the total amount gained over one's entire career is increased by one half, rounded up.

Obviously, you're free to change it, but this is the kind of thing it would be good to be up front about and point out immediately after someone decides to take it.

I'm fine with it. It just kind of comes off like a nitpicky "attack," since the total effect is incredibly minimal, but still negative.

really it's just a function of how I set up tracking the advantage in spreadsheet.